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Here are brief profiles and discographies of some of the more popular celtic musicians and groups of today and the recent past. The list is far from complete - please get in touch if you would like to add information on these or any other musicians. Too much to take at once? Try the regional sublistings:

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Heather Alexander
Calfornian singer and fiddler.
Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin
Acclaimed Irish concertina player and ethnomusicologist based in San Francisco.
Tremendously popular traditional group from Co. Donegal in Ireland.
Energetic new Irish traditional/celtic trio.
Anao Atao
Top family traditional group from Cornwall.
L'Ange Vert
Breton celtic rock group, based in Paris.
Electric, eclectic, celtic-based music, from Berkeley.
An Ríl
Irish traditional music in ... Hawaii!
Irish instrumental/choral group specialising in medieval celtic music.
Irish traditional group founded by Johnny McDonagh.
Irish/Danish trad group based in Copenhagen.
Atlantic Shore
Gaelic group based in Sebastopol, North California.
Bangers and Mash
'Non-profit' group playing Irish folk.
Battlefield Band
Official site of one of Scotland's most popular long-running traditional groups. See also this fan site.
Begley &Cooney
Furious traditional dance music from a dynamic Australian/Kerry duo.
Gerry O'Beirne
Irish guitarist, from Patrick St. and the Sharon Shannon band.
Benachally Ceilidh Band
Scottish ceilidh band with impressive lineup.
Black '47
Top Irish-American celtic rock group.
Black Irish Band
Irish, Italian and American music mix from the Gold Country of California.
Fiona Blackburn
Canadian celtic singer with a classical touch.
Sweden's best (and only?) traditional celtic band.
All-round Irish trad group from Michigan.
Luka Bloom
Irish folk singer and baby brother of Christy Moore.
Eric Bogle
The legendary Scottish folk singer, now living in Australia.
Bogside Zukes
Celtic/pub/rock music, and a, well, unique name, from Peoria, Illinois.
Bolingey Troyl Band & Dancers
Cornish and other traditional music and dance.
The Borderers
Celtic Rock from Adelaide, Australia.
Bothy Band
One of the greatest ever Irish trad groups, from the seventies.
Boys of the Lough
Long-running group with members from many celtic regions.
Mary Black
From trad. to pop, one of Ireland's top vocalists: Sites by Carolyn Andre and Mark van Setten and Andreas Wilkes.
Frances Black
Mary's baby sister also has her discography here.
Brakin' Tradition
Nova Scotian band playing innovative celtic and maritime music.
Dan Ar Braz
Famed Breton celtic guitarist.
Australian Scottish-celtic-rock; see sites at athenet.net and cyberramp.net for the low-down.
Maureen &Brendan Browne
With a combined age of 25 these two young All-Ireland champions have their own Web page and a promising future.
Buddy O'Reilly Band
No sign of Buddy, but this this group keep the Irish music flag flying all around Atlanta.
Buttons, Strings and Cora O'Donovan
Trad Irish band from Hamburg, Germany.
Kevin Burke
One of Ireland's greatest fiddlers, and member of many legendary groups.
Douglas John Cameron
Balladeer from Ontario, with an Irish-Canadian inspired album 'Tangleheart'.
John Allan Cameron
The "Godfather" of Canadian East Coast music.
Paddy Canny
Analysis of the playing of this seminal East Clare fiddler (by Bernie Stocks).
A highly successful popular Scottish group playing modern arrangements of trad music.
Turlough O'Carolan
Irish composer and harpist of the eighteenth century, his music is extremely popular today: pages by Art Edelstein, Lesley Nelson and this Italian one.
Peadar O Ceannabháin
Sean-nós singer from Connemara, Ireland.
Celtic Cross
High-energy celtic-based group from Lancaster, England.
Celtic Fiddle Festival
Trio of fiddlers from Ireland (Kevin Burke), Scotland (Johnny Cunningham) and Britanny (Christian Lemaitre).
Celtic Offspring
Traditional Irish/Scottish quartet from Ontario
Celtic Thunder
Irish-American group from Washington, DC.
Innovative Scottish traditional group.
Cherish the Ladies
New York-based Irish trad/ceili group.
Discography and links for this most famous of Irish traditional groups.
Christy Moore
Famed Irish folk singer, this discography covers his solo work as well as full coverage of Planxty and Moving Hearts
New Midwest group featuring All-Ireland champions Paddy O'Brien and Michael Cooney, with Pat Egan.
Claddagh Ring
Kansas area Scottish and Irish music (and plenty of Blarney!)
High-energy Texan Scottish/celtic band.
Clan na Gael
Celtic, folk and beyond...based out of northern Nevada.
Clancy, O'Connell & Clancy
New trio of the legendary Liam Clancy with son Dó and Robbie O'Connell.
Discography of Irish traditional group by Don Grimm and Jim McCauley, as well as a file with some lyrics and translations.
There are also two other Clannad sites, one in Mexico and another in the US.
Jennifer Clarke Skromeda
Scottish and celtic singer and instrumentalist, from Winnipeg, Canada.
Julia Clifford
Study of the playing of the widely respected Sliabh Luachra fiddler (by Bernie Stocks).
Robbie O'Connell
Irish folksinger/songwriter based in US, nephew of the famed Clancy brothers.
Rita Connolly
Irish singer best known for her work on Granuaile, and other Shaun Davey pieces.
Sinead O'Connor
Controversial Irish pop singer, with some traditional leanings; see also this site.
The Corbies
Mostly-Swedish site for this Scottish-influenced band.
The Corries
Discography of the Scottish folk duo.
The Corrs
Tremendously popular Irish family traditional/pop group with sites by Daniel, Reneyo Lusica, and Atlantic Records.
an excellent and rising Irish traditional group.
A Dutch traditional duo.
Jimmy Crowley
Inimitable and long-famed folk singer from Cork, Ireland.
Brian Cullen
Irish folk singer based in Nagoya, Japan.
L. E. McCullough
Innovative and seminal whistle player, based in Indiana.
Phil Cunningham
Scottish ace piano accordionist, Silly Wizard member and brother of Johnny.
Cusan Tan
Welsh traditional/folk duo.
Irish trio from the south of England
Celtic Rock Australian band.
Darby O'Gill
"Rollickin' Celtic Music" from Oregon
Hauntingly beautiful sound from a young Irish group.
De Dannan
One of the top Irish traditional groups, since the 1970s.
Delaney's Donkey
'punkish influenced' trad duo/quartet from Blackpool, England.
Deoch an Dorais
Sound like a traditional folk/trad Irish-style band from Münster, Germany.
Trad Irish band from Hanover, Germany.
Fan site for the Sligo-based Irish traditional group.
Dewar & McLean
Scottish, Irish and original music in Northern California and Nevada, now defunct.
Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin
Bi-lingual site for this Irish singer and songwriter.
Dialoud Ar Menez
Breton group (in French).
Distant Oaks
San Francisco Bay Area band playing early and celtic music, often at the same time!
Quite possibly the Czech Republic's finest celtic band.
Connie Dover
Celtic soloist with a crystalline voice from Missouri.
The legendary ballad group from Dublin.
Australian pop celtic group.
The Electrics
Self-described Scottish Celtic Christian Rockers.
Try Dave Allum and Peter Pehrson's excellent Enya archive.
Fianna Rua
Five-piece celtic band from Lexington, Kentucky.
Four Men and a Dog
Energetic and irreverent folk group from Northern Ireland.
Four Shillings Short
Truly eclectic, and fun celtic band from Palo Alto, California.
Furry Village
Newish rock/traditional group from Galway, in Ireland.
Acoustic/electric folk and celtic group from Wellington, New Zealand.
Gan Ainm
Australian band based in Canberra. Website requires Shockwave.
Dick Gaughan
Discography of the Scottish folk singer.
Roger Graham
Singer of Scottish, Irish and American folk songs, based in south-central US.
Great Big Sea
Newfoundland celtic folk/rock quartet with a rising reputation and a classy website.
Chris Grotewohl
Ace banjo player from the Kansas City area.
Douglas Gunn
Recorder player, composer, and much else: a specialist in Baroque music with a great twist on the music of O'Carolan.
Hair of the Dog
Dutch group whose name and website implies many cultural connections with beer...
Martin Hayes
Biography & discography of the Clare fiddle player.
Julie Henigan
Irish and American folk singer and DAGDAD guitarist from Missouri.
The Hibernians
Irish trad, from Rhein Main area of Germany.
Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir

Hothouse Flowers
Discography of the Irish rock/trad group fronted by Liam O'Maonlai. See also the Flowers' website, courtesy of Sean McDermott, and another website.
The Horslips
Info on the late great founders of celtic rock, by Martin Feeney and Paul Cusack.
The House Band
English traditional/celtic group.
Irish music from French musicians, based in Genoble.
One of several groups by this name, this one is a trio from Virginia.
The Irish Weavers
Ballad/Comedy group from Cork.
Andy Irvine
Veteran of Planxty, Patrick Street and many other groupings.
Ashley McIsaac
Young firebrand rock fiddler from Cape Breton.
Jacky Tar
Wellington (New Zealand) based celtic-rock outfit.
James's Gate
Swedish group named, seemingly, after the Guinness brewery....
Breton fest-noz group (in French only).
Morgana Keast
Celtic Harpist and teacher.
Paddy Keenan[NEW]
The reknowned piper from the Bothy Band and Moving Hearts.
Kees Ouwejan en Makkers
Folk/celtic foursome from Leiden.
Trad meets the dance scene... Highly popular young Irish band.
KilBride Brothers
Traditional Welsh and celtic music from a Cardiff-based family trio.
King Laoghaire
Another Swedish-based group, with a very nice website.
Kips Bay
Rock, pop, trad and 'Celtic Americana' from this top-rated East Coast group.
Knodel & Valencia
Celtic Harping and song duo from Northern California.
Loreena McKennitt
Canadian singer/composer with a blend of celtic, Middle Eastern and world beat influences.
Breton dance music and song, from Québec.
Kyle-na-no (Coill na gCnó)
Italian celtic band based in Asti.
Roger Landes
Top American bouzoukist, member of Scartaglen and now playing with Connie Dover.
Dougie MacLean
Scottish folk singer-songwriter.
Les EV
Breton celtic rock group from Nantes.
Llan de Cubel
Asturian (Spanish) folk group with celtic influences.
Donal Lunny
A major force in Irish music, from his days with Planxty to his recent work as producer.
Madra Rua
Energetic Irish/celtic band based in Wales.
Tommy Makem
A legendary founder of the Irish folk revival, and still performing.
The Makem Brothers
Sons of Tommy Makem put a new shine on the legend.
Josephine Marsh
Accordion player from Ennis, Co. Clare.
MacCrimmon's Revenge
Experimental celtic music from Halfax, Nova Scotia.
Michael McGoldrick
Award-winning wind player from Manchester, of Irish extraction.
Susan McKeown & the Chanting House
New York-based, acoustic rock with traditional tinge.
Melbourne Welsh Male Voice Choir

Middlewich Paddies
An Irish group, in the Dubliner's mould, based in Cheshire.
Celtic group from the Galician region of Spain.
Will Millar
Irish folk singer and founder of The Irish Rovers, now based in the US.
Aine Minogue
one of the best of Irish harpists, with New Age/worldbeat leanings, now based in New England.
El McMeen
Celtic fingerstyle guitarist, from New Jersey.
The Mollys
Wild Celtic and Mexican music, from Tucson, Arizona.
Mick Moloney
Philadelphia based folklorist, singer, and instrumentalist.
Connecticut group self billed as 'celtotradrad/irishacoustic punk', whatever that is!
Neili go Deazz
Innovative Irish flute/bodhran/song duo.
New Celeste
Jazz-tinged celtic from Scotland.
The New Road
Atlanta's finest, celtically speaking!
Celtic-derived contemporary group, made up of Tríona and Mícheál Ó'Dómhnaill, Johnny Cunningham and Brian Dunning.
Energetic Cork-based Irish trad group.
Old Blind Dogs
Scottish quartet playing driving trad-based music.
180 & the letter G
Milwaukee-area traditional band featuring celtic internaut Dan Beimborn.
The Paperboys
Vancouver based "celtic bluegrass stompin' pop".
Niamh Parsons and the Loose Connections
Arcady's talented singer and her own band: trad with some pop leanings.
New Breton/Irish group.
Pipe on the Hob
Popular Irish trad group from the New York city area.
Pluck and Squeeze
Four-part ceilidh group from Cardiff, Wales.
The Pogues
The late, the great, the band that brought punk and Irish music together in an inexplicable but tremendously successful sound. Web sites, created by and Devan MacFarlane and pogues.com. There is also a Shane McGowan biography and fan club.
The Poozies
Eclectic Scottish foursome, playing everything from harps to accordions. A good fan site, and an official site.
The Porridge Men
New young ceili band from Scotland.
The Promise
Melbourne based and ....promising?
The Pub Scouts
Chico, California-based group, playing Scottish and Irish trad.
The Pure Drop
Yorkshire (England) -based band playing "a fusion of traditional Irish and contemporary styles".
The Rankin Family
Very popular Canadian band from Cape Breton, with celtic roots and recent leanings toward country music. See also this 'unofficial' site.
Paddy Reilly
Famed Irish balladeer.
The artist known as Ray...has released a new celtesque Jethro Tull tribute album.
Paddy Reilly
Famed Irish balladeer.
The Rising Pints
Nagoya, Japan-based band playing trad and modern Irish music.
Robin Huw Bowen
The top player of the Welsh triple harp.
Claire Roche
Singer/Harpist from Dublin with a flair for Yeats poetry.
Rock, Salt & Nails
Contemporary folk group from the Scottish Shetland Islands, courtesy of Graham Collins.
Anne Roos
Verstatile celtic harpist from Tahoe, California.
Modern and traditional celtic music, from Melbourne, Australia.
Scottish folk/rock/trad group with a haunting, 'epic' sound.
Acoustic celtic/trad quartet from Wichita, Kansas.
Linda Rutherford &Celtic Fire
Pop celtic music from upstate New York.
Tommy Sands
Singer and songwriter from Northern Ireland, member of the Sands family.
The Sawdoctors
Raucous Irish folky group with a touch (only!) of traditional.
Scatter the Mud[NEW]
All-round celtic group from Calgary.
Seven Nations[NEW]
Top American celtic-rock band.
Shake the Dice
Ceilidh Band from the Northwest of England.
Sharon Shannon
The young and extremely popular accordion player.
Part-time Dutch Irish group.
Belgian/Irish trad. group.
John Sherman
Fine fingerstyle guitarist playing in a celtic mode.
Fancy but not very informative site for one of Scotland's top celtic/rock groups.
Soïg Sibéril
One of the best-known of Breton guitarists.
Scottish harp duo of Patsy Seddon &Mary MacMaster.
Silly Wizard
One of the greatest of the Scots folk revival groups.
Smithfield Fair [NEW]
Lively Scottish-American band based around Lousiana.
Squeeze of Scotch
Scottish-influenced celtic group from Saskatchewan, Canada.
Standing Stones
San Francisco based celtic duo with an extensive and educational website.
Stark Raven
Jazz-tinged celtic music from Ohio.
Stockton's Wing
Energetic Irish traditional/pop band.
Progressive celtic group from Salt Lake City.
Brenda Stubbert
Cape Breton (Canada) fiddler.
Micheál Ó Súilleabháin
Musician and enthnomusicologist best known for his modern piano arrangement of Irish tunes.
Mairéid Sullivan
Traditional and original Irish singing, with a contemprary/classical twist.
Suffering Gaels
Energetic Irish trad group from the Seattle area.
Sweeney's Men
The groundbreaking Irish instrumental group of the late sixties.
Young Scottish traditional duo.
Tannahill Weavers
Short discography of this Scottish ensemble.
Tara's Thistle
Gaelic music duo playing around New England.
Celtic rock group based in Northern California.
Tory Voodoo
Florida-based duo with an individual style of celtic/acoustic music.
Tri Yann (in French)
Long-running Breton folk rock group.
Eamon O'Tuama
New-York based Irish singer-songwriter with a rockish twist.
Tuatha De Dannan
Italian group, specialising in early celtic music (1400-1800).
Two O'Clock Courage
'AmeriCeltic' music from Austin, Texas.
Folk/rock group lead by Mike Scott.
Elisa Welch
California-based singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, with a rather funny page....
Freddie White
Inimitable folk singer from Cork, now resident in the US.
WindyMills Ceilidh Band
Northumbrian dance band.
Quick Takes
An omnibus file with information on 30 groups and musicians for which there is not yet enough information to merit individual files.
Vincenzo Zitello
Italian Celtic Harpist.

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