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The House Band is a three-member British band, playing music derived from all the celtic lands, England and further afield.
Ged Foley - vocals, guitar, northumbrian pipes
From County Durham in England, Ged grew up in the regions strong mix of English and celtic folk music, and learned the local Northumbrian pipes (a quiet, bellows-blown instrument, similar to the Irish uilleann pipes). He started on the folk scene touring with Jez Lowe before joining the Battlefield Band for several years and then founding the House Band with Chris Parkinson. His singing repretoire includes traditional English songs and adaptations from modern songsters (Richard Thompson, Elvis Costello, to name two).
Chris Parkinson - accordion, harmonica, melodeon, keyboards
The rich sound of Chris' melodeon and accordion playing is the core of the band. He has spent time as a session musician and prior to co- founding the House band was a member of the English folk group, Yorkshire Relish.
John Skelton - flute, bombarde, whistle, bodhran
John came to the House Band in 1986, after the first album, from a background in Irish music. He played for six years in Shegui, with John Coakley (Boys of the Lough) and Sean Keane (Arcady), where he picked up Breton influences and the Bombarde. He's also known as the joker of the band, taking care of the patter between songs in concert.
Roger Wilson
The newest member of the band, on guitar, fiddle and vocals.


      The House Band    Topic 12TS439
      Pacific           Topic 12TS445
      Groundwork                             Green Linnet 1132
      Word of Mouth     Topic 12TS451        Green Linnet 3045
      Stonetown         Harbourtown HAR019   Green Linnet 3060
      Rockall           ???                  Green Linnet
      Another Setting?                       Green Linnet
Groundwork is a compilation of tracks from the first two albums. Stonetown won the British Music Retailers Assocation 'Best Folk Album' award. The first three albums are on LP only (the others are CD/cassette) and may be out of print.

CD Universe sells most of their albums online.

Individual Work

Ged Foley / Battlefield Band:
      Home is where the van is               Flying Fish 250
      There's a buzz                         Temple 10, 2007
      The story so far                       Flying Fish 274

Ged Foley with Mark Richards, Sandol Astrausky
      Rock in the Mountain                   Barking Dog BD792

Chris Parkinson
      Parky                                  Tees Beat PMC313
      Out of his Tree                        Pan Records PAN147

John Skelton, with Ged Foley and Chris Parkinson
      One at a time                          Pan Records, PAN146


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