Celtic musicians: Europe


Belgian/Irish trad. group.

France / Brittany

L'Ange Vert
Breton celtic rock group, based in Paris.
Celtic Fiddle Festival
Trio of fiddlers from Ireland (Kevin Burke), Scotland (Johnny Cunningham) and Britanny (Christian Lemaitre).
Dan Ar Braz
Famed Breton celtic guitarist.
Dialoud Ar Menez
Breton group (in French).
Les EV
Another Breton celtic rock group, from Nantes.
Irish music from French musicians, based in Genoble.
Breton fest-noz group (in French only).
New Breton/Irish group.
Soïg Sibéril
One of the best-known of Breton guitarists.
Alan Stivell
Discography of Breton celtic/new age musician, by Jim Chokey.
Tri Yann (in French)
Long-running Breton folk rock group.

See also the extensive listings of Breton musicians at Celtic'Sons and the Breton section of Folksy Links.


Deoch an Dorais
Sound like a traditional folk/trad Irish-style band from Münster.
Trad Irish band from Hanover.
Buttons, Strings and Cora O'Donovan
More Irish trad, from Hamburg.
The Hibernians
More Irish trad, from Rhein Main area.


Bangers and Mash
'Non-profit' group playing Irish folk.
A Dutch traditional duo.
Hair of the Dog
whose name and website implies many cultural connections with beer...
Part-time Dutch Irish group.
Kees Ouwejan en Makkers
Folk/celtic foursome from Leiden.


Irish/Danish trad group based in Copenhagen.


Celtic group from the Galician region of Spain.
More Galician Groups
Courtesy of Manuel Carro
Llan de Cubel
Asturian folk group with celtic influences.
Celtas Cortos
Celtic/Pop group.
Folksy Links
Long listing of folk musicians in Galicia, some with celtic influences.


Kyle-na-no (Coill na gCnó)
Italian celtic band.
Tuatha De Dannan
Another Italian group, specialising in early celtic music (1400-1800).
Vincenzo Zitello
Celtic Harpist.


Swedish traditional celtic band.
James's Gate
Swedish group named, seemingly, after the Guinness brewery....
King Laoghaire
Another Swedish-based group, with a very nice website.
The Corbies
Mostly-Swedish site for this Scottish-influenced band.
Mountain Dew
Irish Traditional Music, mixed with rock, pop and original work.

Eastern Europe

Quite possibly the Czech Republic's finest celtic band.
From Poland, have several albums to their credit, and I'd tell you more if I read Polish. If you're there, also check out the Comhlan celtic dance group in Cracow.

Quick Takes
An omnibus file with information on 30 groups and musicians for which there is not yet enough information to merit individual files.

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