Discography: Alan Stivell

Version 2.1.1

Last revised August 22, 1994
By Jim Chokey. Please send all additions, corrections, and suggestions to him at jchokey@leland.stanford.edu

In compiling this discography, I have been aided by a number of people who have supplied me with information that I did not have and who have referred me to sources that have been very helpful. I'd like to give a special thanks to Anselm Blumer, Linda Cunningham, Yves Denneuli, Karen Gloria, Ulrich Grepel, Doug Johnston, Gerard Manning, Paul Murphy, Rafal Pisula, Klaus Rabbertz, Erich Schraer, and Jorma Snellman for taking the time and effort to help me out with this.

CD Universe sells many of his albums online at a pretty good price, with RealAudio sound samples for several.

Discography Organization

  1. Early recordings
  2. The mid-sixties
  3. Singles and EP's
  4. Albums
  5. Stivell compilations
  6. Multi-artist compilations containing Stivell songs
  7. Stivell appearances on other artists' recordings
  8. Miscellaneous (videos, books, etc.)

1: Early Recordings

Stivell recorded these six items when he still used his original name, Alan Cochevelou. I have very little information about these recordings, and would appreciate hearing anything that you can tell me about them. These records are now quite rare. To the best of my knowledge, this early material has never been re-released on any subsequent albums or compilations.
---  [A collection of Gaelic music], a 45 rpm EP, recorded and released by 
        Mouez Breiz in the late fifties (either 1958 or 1959).  Stivell was 
        fifteen years old when he recorded this.

        Mouez Breiz 4597 [the only known release; vinyl]

---  [a 45 rpm single released by Andree Le Gouil, a Breton chanteuse].  
        Stivell recorded a total four singles with Le Gouil.  I do not know 
        whether he was involved in writing/arranging anything on these 45's or 
        whether he simply accompanied her on harp.  In fact, I do not even 
        know whether Stivell's name is even mentioned on the record labels
        and sleeves. These were recorded and released sometime between 
        1959 and 1964, but I do not have any specific information.  I am not
        certain, but I believe that all four of these singles were released by 
        Mouez Breiz]
---  [the second of Stivell's 45 rpm singles with Le Gouil]. 

---  [the third of Stivell's 45 rpm singles with Le Gouil].

---  [the fourth and last of Stivell's 45 rpm singles with Le Gouil].

---  _Telenn Geltiek_ [A collection of songs for Celtic harp], a 10" (25 cm) 
        33 rpm recording released by  Mouez Breiz in [1964?].

        Mouez Breiz 3344  [the only release; vinyl only]

2: The Mid-Sixties

I do not know of any recordings that Stivell made between the collection of songs for the harp mentioned above and 1968, when he released his first song with a major label. In _Racines Interdites_, Stivell tells of a Celtic folk band he created with drummer Yann French in 1965. They played at various festou-noz ("night-festivals" which involve bonfires, music, dancing, and heavy drinking) in and around Paris, but apparently did not make any recordings. Starting in 1966, Stivell began to frequent the American "hootenanies" (as he calls them) in Paris and became acquainted with [and played with?] American musicians like G. Allwright, J. Wright, R. Mason, and S. Waring. (I've never heard of any of these folks but Stivell suggests that they became fairly well-known in the seventies. Any information on them would be welcomed.) He also started singing in public for the first time in 1966 [1967?] and changed his last name to Stivell (Breton for "spring" or "source"). However, he does not appear to have made any recordings until 1968.

3: Singles & EPs

After a brief six-month deal with Barclay Records, during which no recordings were made, Stivell signed a seven year contract with Phonogram. His first record, a four-song EP, appeared on their Fontana label in the summer of 1968. Between 1969 and 1972, he released five singles, all of them on the Fontana label. Several years later, he released another single ("Naw breton 'ba' prizon") on the Keltia III label. Some of the material on Stivell's 45's has not re-appeared anywhere else. In those instances where I know that a song has appeared elsewhere, I have tried to indicate it where. (If anyone knows of any additional singles by Stivell, please let me know about them.)
---  "Flower Power", "Le Bourreau", "La ou va le vent", and "Les vaniteux"; 
        a 45 rpm EP released by Fontana in the summer of 1968.  This was 
        Stivell's first release on a major label as well as the first music 
        he recorded using the name "Stivell."   The record sleeve says of 
        Stivell: "His songs evoke the sea, the winds, and flowers; he brings 
        to France what the hippies brought to America, a breath of enthusiasm 
        touched with melancholy.") I do not believe these songs have ever
        appeared anywhere else.
        Fontana 460244 ME. [the only release; vinyl only]

---  "Crepuscule sur la rade" and "Ballade pour un matin de pluie", a 45 rpm 
        released by Fontana in [1969?].  In _Racines Interdites_, Stivell says
        of this and the previous disk: "They passed pretty much unnoticed
        and I do not regret it."  Stivell was so disappointed with these two 
        records and with the hippie image that Polygram was imposing upon
        him that he tried to get out of his contract.  He did not succeed, 
        although he did manage to negotiate more control over his music
        and his image.  Once again, I do not believe either of these songs
        has appeared elsewhere.

        Fontana 260156 MF [one release, vinyl only]

---  "Broceliande" and "Son ar chistr", a 45 rpm released in July of 1970.
        Both songs appear on _Reflets_, Stivell's first album. "Broceliande" 
        appears on  the Alan Stivell compilation released as part of Polygram 
        France's Master Serie (described below) as well as on several other 
        compilations.  A new version of "Son ar chistr" appears on the album 
        Fontana [number unknown]

---  "The Wind of Keltia" and "Pop Plinn", 45 rpm. This was released in 1972,
        shortly after _A l'Olympia_ was recorded.  Studio versions of these 
        tunes appear on the above-mentioned Master Serie disk and on
        other compilations.  There are also live versions of both songs on 
        Stivell's album _A l'Olympia_.

        Fontana 6010 050

---  "Tha Mi Sgith" and "Suite sud-armoricaine", 45 rpm, [1972?].  A studio 
        version of "Suite sud-armoricaine" appears on the Master Serie 
        disk and on other compilations.  Live versions of both songs appear 
        on _A l'Olympia_.

        Fontana 6010 067

---"Tri Martolod" and "The King of the Fairies", 45 rpm, [1972?]   A studio 
        version of "Tri Mortolod" can be found on the Master Serie disk and 
        on other compilations. A studio version of "King of the Fairies"
        appears on the _"Grands succes"_ compilation, and a new version of
        the song appears on _Again_. Live versions of both tunes appear on _A 

        Fontana 6010 076

---  "Naw breton 'ba' prizon" and [another song whose title I do not know], 
        a 45 rpm from 1977. "Naw breton 'ba' prizon" appears on the album 
        _Raok Dilestra (Avant d'accoster)_, the title of which is sometimes 
        translated as _Before Landing_.

        Keltia III 6042 850.

4: Albums

All of the recordings listed in this section are full-length original albums by Stivell. (Compilation albums are listed in a later section.) I have not bothered to include speeds and sizes for vinyl releases; all vinyl recordings from this section should be 33 rpm with a size of 12" (30 cm). Many of these albums have been released in different countries on different labels under different publisher's numbers in different formats-- and sometimes under translated or altered titles. I have list all known releases of each album that I know of (along with the different titles, labels, and numbers,) but I know that I don't have them all. Please let me know if you know of any releases not mentioned on this list.

Albums are listed in chronological order according to the date of original release. The name listed at the beginning of each entry is the name under which the album was initially released. For those albums which have been released under different or translated titles,, I have mentioned these titles in brackets after the original name.

---  _Reflets_ [Also called _Reflections_].   Stivell's first full-length 
        album.  It was originally released by Fontana in December, 1970.  It 
        contains the following ten songs: "Reflets," "Suite des Montagnes," 
        "Marig ar Pollanton," "Broceliande," "Son ar Chistr," "Sally Free and 
        Easy," "Suite Irlandaise," "Silvestrig," Tenval an Deiz," and "Je 
        suis ne au milieu de la mer."

        Fontana 6312 011 [original French release]
        Fontana 6399 008 [British release of 1973, titled _Reflections_]

        Current Availablility: Presumably available in France on CD and
                cassette.  Not available in the U.S or in Canada. In Germany,
                the album appears in its entirity on the 2-CD compilation
                _Renaissance of the Celtic Harp_ (described in the section
                on compilations.)  

---  _Renaissance de l'harpe celtique_ [Also called _Renaissance of the Celtic 
        Harp_], released by Fontana in 1971.  It includes five songs: "Ys", "
        Marv  pontkellec", "Ap huw and Pnellyn", "Eliz izu" and "Gaeltacht". 
        Fontana 6325 302 [original French release]
        Philips 6414 406 [British release (w/ translated title) of 1973]
        Rounder 3067 [American release of 1982]
        Philips 51 [British cassete/vinyl of 1983, re-released in 1990]
        Philips 818007-2 [British CD release of 1990]

        Current Availability:  Presumably available in France on CD and 
                cassette.  Available in the U.S. from Rounder on CD and 
                cassette.  Available in Canada.   Availalable in Germany
                on the 2-CD compilation called _Renaissance of the
                Celtic Harp_.  Availalable in the UK on CD, cassette, and
                vinyl from Philips.

--- _A l'Olympia_ [Also called _At the Olympia_ and _Olympia Concert_] was 
        Stivell's first live album.  It was released by Fontana in 1972.  It 
        includes thirteen songs: "The Wind of Keltia," "An Dro". "The Trees 
        They Grow High," "An Alarc'h,"  "An Durzhunel," "Telenn Gwoad," 
        "The Foggy Dew," "Pop-Plinn," "Thai Mi Sgith," "King of the Faeries," 
        "Tri Mortolod," "Kost Ar C'hoad," and "Suite Sud-armoricaine."  

        Fontana 6399 005 [orginal French release]
        Fontana 6325 321 [???]
        Disques Dreyfus 834-289-2 [French CD release of 1988]

        Current Availability: Available in France on CD and cassette from
                Disques Dreyfus. Not available in the U.S or in Candada.

---  _Chemins de terre_ [Also called _From Celtic Roots_], Fontana, 1974.  It 
        includes  eleven songs: "Susy MacGuire," "Ian Morrison Reel," "She 
        Moved Through the Fair," "Can y Melinydd," "Oidhche Mhait," "An 
        Dro Nevez," "Maro Ma Mestrez," "Brezhoneg' Raok," "An Hani A 
        Garan," "Metig," and "Kimiad."

        Fontana 6325 304 [original French release]
        Fontana 9279 038 [Italian vinyl release, part of the "Sucesso" series]
        Fontana 7259 038 [Italian cassette release, part of the "Sucesso 
        Current Availability: Presumably available in France on CD and 
                cassette.  Not available in U.S or in Canada.  Available in
                Germany as part of the 2-CD compilation _Renaissance of the
                Celtic Harp_.
---  _E Langonned_. This album was first released in 1974.  It takes its 
        name from the town of Langonned in Brittany, where Stivell moved 
        in order to "enroot himself [s'enraciner] in a Celtic culture."  
        (He had previously lived in Paris, where he had grown up.)  It 
        includes the following songs: "E Parrez Langonned," Gavotten Pourled,"
        "Planedenn,"  "Ne Bado Ket Atao," "Bwthyn fy Nain," "Ffarwel i 
        Aberyswtyth," "Briste Leathair Pheadair/Mairseal a' Chearc,""Dans 
        Fisel/Gavotten ar Menez/An Sagart Cheolnhar," Bal Fisel," "Deus Ganin 
        Me D'am Bro," "Jenovefa," "Sagart o Donaill," "Diougan Gwenc'hlan," 
        "Ar Voraerion," "Faili Faili Oro," and "Oye Vie."

        Fontana 6325 332 [original French release]
        Fontana 6299 008 [???]

        Current Availability: Presumably available in France on CD and 
                cassette.  Not available in the U.S or in Canada. 

---  _E Dulenn_ [_Also called _A Dublin_ and  _Alan Stivell Live In 
        Dublin_].  This was Stivell's second live album.  It was first 
        released  under the Keltia III label in 1975, the first of Stivell's 
        albums to appear on that label.  It contains eleven songs:  "Spered 
        Hollvedel (Espirit universel)," "Delivrance (Enez al loch)," "Ha 
        Kompren't Vin Erfin (Est-ce qu'on me comprendra enfin)," "Tenwal Eo'r
        Bed (Le monde est sombre)," "Digor Eo An Hent (Le chemin est ouvert)," 
        "Debhair An Rinceoir (Debair le danseur)," "Pachpi Kozh (Vieux 
        Pachpi)/Pachpi New' (Pachpi nouveau)," "Laridenn/Mairseal O'Neil," 
        "Ton-Bale Pourled (an dro)/Hanter Dro," "Bal Ha Dans Plinn'," and 
        "An Droiou."    

        Keltia III 9101 850 [original French release]
        CBS 82976 [???]
        Fontana 9299547 [called _In Dublin_, possibly a British release]
        Disques Dreyfus 833-275-2 [French CD release of 1988]   
        Disques Dreyfus FDM 36192-2 [Canadian CD release]

        Current Availability: Available in France and Canada on CD and 
                cassette from Disques Dreyfus.  Not available domestically
                in the U.S.

---  _Trema'n inis (Vers l'ile)_ was released by Keltia III in 1976. The seven
        songs on this album are all based on poems by contemporary Breton 
        poets; the lyrics are taken from their poetry: "Stok ouzh an enez (En
        vue de l'ile)", "Hommes liges des talus en transe-- morceaux choisis",
        "Rinnen XX (Arcane XX)" "An Eur-se zo ken tost d'ar peurbad (Cette
        heure si pres de l'eternel)", "Negro Song", "E-tal ar groaz (Face a la
        croix)", and "Ar chas donv'yelo da ouez (Les chiens redeviendront 

        Keltia III 9101 851 [original French release]
        CBS 82977 [???]
        Disques Dreyfus 191 069-2 [current CD release]

        Current availability:  Available in France on CD and cassette from 
                Disques Dreyfus.  Not available in the U.S or Canada.

---  _Raok dilestra (Avant d'accoster)_ [Also called _Before Landing_].  This
        record was released by Keltia III in 1977.  A concept album about the 
        history of Brittany, it contains sixteen songs: "Ar Gelted Kozh (The 
        Ancient Celts)," "Ar Vritoned Ba'inis-Breizh (The Bretons in 
        Britain)," "Britons Exile to Armorica," "Rouantelezh Vreizh (The 
        Breton Kingdom)," Dugelezh Vreizh - The Breton Duchy," "The Union 
        Pact," "Emsawadegou (Revolts)," "The French Revolution and The 
        Nineteenth Century," "Twentieth Century-- Part One,"  "Eil Lodenn 
        An Ugent Wed Kantwed (Twentieth Century-- Part Two),"Da Ewan (To Ewan 
        My Son)," "Marw Ewid E Fobl  (Dead For His People)," "Gwrizad Diffenet 
        (Forbidden Roots)," "Naw Breton 'Ba' Prizon (Nine Bretons In Prison),"
        "Tamm-Kreiz New (New Middle Part)," and "Plinn-Slogan."

        Keltia III 9101 852 [original French release]
        Fontana 9286 999 [British release titled _Before Landing_].
        CBS 83520 [???]
        Keltia III 191 068-2 [1992 British CD release, titled _Before Landing]

        Current availability:  Presumably available in France on CD and 
                cassette.  Available in the UK on the above-mentioned
                CD by Keltia III. Not available in the U.S. or in Canada.

---  _Un Dewezh barzh ger (Journee a la maison)_ [also called _A Home-
        coming_] was released by Keltia III in 1978.  It contains ten songs: 
        "Trinquons nos verres," Ar wezenn awalou," "Henchou kuzh," "Tambud 
        Kemper," "Warlec'h koan," "An tri marrak," "'Tal an tan," "An nighean 
        dubh," "Slan Chearbhallain (O'Carolan's Farewell)," and "Insi 

        Keltia III/CBS 8834 316-2 [CD release of 1988]

        Rounder 3062 [American Available in France on CD and cassette 
                from Disques Dreyfus.  Available in the U.S. on CD and
                cassette from Rounder.  Not available in Canada.

---  _International Tour (Tro or Bed)_. [Also called _3rd Live International 
        Tour_].  Stivell's third live album was released in 1979 and contains 
        the gollowing ten songs: "Ar c'hoant dimezin," "Rouantelezh Vreizh,"
        Dugelezh Vreizh," "Stok ouzh an enez," "Hommes liges des talus en
        transe," "We Shall Surive," "Cailin og deas," "O'Carolan's Farewell/
        The Musical Priest," An nighean dubh," and "Fest-hypnoz."

        Keltia III/CBS 83505 [initial French release]
        Metronome 0060.200 [initial German release]
        Attic LATF-5007 [initial Canadian release]

        Current availability:  Presumably  available in France on CD and
                cassette.  Not available in the U.S or in Canada..

---  _Symphonie celitque (Tir na nog)_ [Also called _Celtic Symphony_], re-
        leased in 1980 by Keltia III.  The symphony, which is as much rock and
        folk as it is classical, has three movements-- or as Stivell calls 
        them, three "circles."  The vinyl release has 2 LPs.  I'm not sure, 
        but I believe the cassette release has 2 cassettes as well. 

        Keltia III/CBS 88487 [initial French release]
        Rounder CD 11523 [American CD release of 1986]
        Rounder 3088/89 [American vinyl/cassette release, 2 LPs, 1986]
        Disques Dreyfus 833 125-2 [French CD release of 1988]

        Currently availability:  Available in France on CD and cassette from
                Disques Dreyfus.  Available in the U.S. on CD and cassette 
                from Rounder. Not available in Canada.

--- _Legende_ was first recorded in 1983.  It was re-released in 1989 under a
        different label--  although both releases were done under the 
        auspices of Keltia III.  It contains four songs that Stivell recorded 
        for Monique Enckel's movie _Si J'avais 1000 ans_, " as well as "Eirog 
        Shineiden," "Immram Brain (The Voyage of Bran)," and a long  multi-
        part composition called "La venue des peuples 'dieux' (Teacht na 
        dTuatha de') [The Coming of the Gods]." 

        Celtic Music [number unknown] [original 1983 release]
        Celtic Music CMCD 022 [CD release of 1988]      
        Disc AZ 104752 [1989 release]

        Current Availability: Available in France and the UK on CD and
                cassette.  There is no domestic release in the U.S., but it 
                is commonly found as an import.  Not available in Canada.

-- _Terre des vivantes_ is a recording that I know very little about.  It
        is a recording by Stivell, apparently made in the early 80's, but
        which is undated.  It contains the following songs: "Terre des 
        vivantes," "Rentrer en Bretagne," "Beg ar van," "M.J.," "'Raog mont 
        d'ar skol (Rock Monday School)" "Androides (parts 1,2 and 3),"
        "Ideas," "Androides (part 4)," "Hidden through the Hills," "Cameronian
         rant," "Q celts fiesta," and "L'ere du versau."  If anyone knows
        anything more about the date or the avaialability of this recording,
        please let me know.     
        Disc AZ  AZ/3 C373  [French cassette version, year unknown]

        Current Availability:  ???

---  _Harpes du nouvel age_ was released by Keltia III in [1986?].  It contains
        two extended pieces which are extended "medleys" of traditional
        music, new age, and experimental sounds: "Musique sacree" and
        "Rory Dall's Love Tune."  This was the first Stivell album to be 
        initially released on CD.

        Keltia III [???] [initial French release on CD, vinyl, and cassette]
        Rounder 3094 [initial and current American release]

        Current availability:  Presumably available in France on CD and
                cassette.  Available in the U.S. on CD and cassette from 
                Rounder.  Not available in Canada.

---  _The Mist of Avalon_ was released in 1991 under the Keltia III label.  The
        album contains sixteen songs about the Arthurian legends: "La Dame 
        du Lac," "Morgan," "Camaalot (Hymn I), "Guenievre," "Le Chant de 
        Taliesin," "La Blessure d'Arthur," "Le Val sans Retour," "Balenton,"
        "Olwen," "Quest ," "An Advod," "Horses on the Hills," "Strink ar 
        Graal," "From Avallac'h," "Gaelic Tribes Gathering,"  and "The Return 
        (Hymn II)."

        Disques Dreyfus 191 010-4, PY 581 [French cassette release]

        Current Availability:  Available in France as a CD and cassette from
                Disques Dreyfus.  Not available in the U.S or Canada.  

--- _Again_ was released under the Keltia III by Disques Dreyfus in 1993.  It
        contains new versions of 17 Stivell favorites: "Suite sudarmoricaine,"
        "An dro/Tha mi sgith," "Ar an garraig/Telenn Wad," "The Foggy Dew,"
        "Suzy MacGuire," "Suite irlandaise," "Spered hollvedel," "Son ar 
        chistr," "Marv ma mestrez," "Kimiad," "Suite des montagnes," "Metig,"
        "Pop-Plinn," "Ba-ha-dans-plinn," "O'Neil's March/The King of the
        Faeries," "Ian Morrison Reel," and "Tri mortolod."  Stivell has 
        enlisted the aid a number of guest musicians on this disk, including 
        Kate Bush and Shane McGowan.

        Disques Dreyfus 518 393-2 [French CD release]
        Mercury 518393 [German CD release[

        Current availability: Available in France and Germany on CD and 
                cassette.  Not available in the U.S or Canada.

5: Stivell Compilations

(listed in a vaguely alphabetical order]
---   _Alan Stivell_, part of the "Gravure universelle/Enregistrements
        originaux" series released by Impact records in 1982.  It contains the 
        following eleven songs: "Maro Ma Mestrez," "Marig ar Pollanton,"
        "Ian Morrison Reel, " Tenval An Diez," "An Hani A Garan," "Suite 
        Irlandaise," "Suzy MacGuire," "Brezhoneg' Raok," "Metig, " Eliz Iza,"
        and"Marv Pontkalleg."

        Impact 6886 168 [French vinyl release]

        Current Availability: Unknown

---  _Alan Stivell_, part of the "Master Serie" series released by Poly-
        ram France in 1991.  It contains the following  sixteen songs:
        "Ian Morrison Reel," "Tri Mortolod," "Susy MacGuire," "Reflets,"
        Pop Plinn," "She Moved Through the Fair," Can y Melynydd,"
        "The Wind of Keltia," "Suite Sudarmoricaine," "Suite des Montagnes,"
        "Ys," "Eliz Iza," "Broceliande," "Marig Ar Pollanton," "Brezhoneg' 
        Raok," and "Suite Irlandaise"

        Polygram 846 648-2 [French CD release]

        Current Availabilty: Available in France on CD and cassette from
        Polygram.  There is no domestic release in the U.S. or in Canada,
        but it is regularly available as an import. 

---  _Celtic Rock_ was released by Vertigo records in 1976 and apparently
        contains most of the same songs as the "Master Serie" compilation. 
        I do not have a song list for this. 

        Vertigo 6325 251 [???]

        Current Availability:  Unknown

--- _"Grands Succes"_ is a two record set released by Fontana.  The songs 
        contained on the album were all released betwen 1970 and 1974,
        but there is no date on the album itself.  The album contains twenty-
        three songs: "Ian Morrisson Reel," "Tri Martolod," "Susy MacGuire," 
        "Reflets," "Sally Free and Easy," "The King of the Fairies," "Pop 
        Plinn," "She Moved Through the Fair," "Can Y Melinydd," "The 
        Wind of Keltia," "Je Suis Ne' au Milieu de la Mer," "Suite 
        Sudarmoricaine," "Suite des Montagnes," "Ys," "Eliz Iza," "An Dro 
        Nevez," "Metig," "Broceliande," "Marig ar Pollanton," "Brezhoneg' 
        Raok," "Bal Fisel," "Ne Bado Ket Atao," and "Suite Irlandaise."

        Fontana 6680 004 [a French release]

        Current Availability:  Unknown

---  _Le Disque d'or d'Alan Stivell_ was released by Fontana in [1974?]  I
        presume it is a compilation, but I have no information about it
        other than it's title and its number.

        Fontana 6325 352 [a French release]
        Current Availability: Unknown

---  _Renaissance of the Celtic Harp_ is a 2-CD set from Fontana. It contains 
        Stivell's first three albums: _Reflets_, _Renaissance of the Celtic 
        Harp_, and _Chemins de Terre_.   I believe this is a German-only 
        Fontana 834845/834846 [a German 2-CD release]

        Current Availability:  Available on CD (and presumably cassette) in
                Germany from Fontana.  Not available anywhere else. 

---  _Suzy MacGuire_ was released by Impact in 1978.  It may be the same 
        collection of songs as on the"Gravure universelle/Enregistrements
        originaux" compilation mentioned above, but I have not seen a song
        list for it.  

        Impact 6886 122 [???]

        Current Availability:  Unknown

6: Compilations that contain one or more Stivell songs

---  _A New Age in Music-- Sampler_, was released by Polygram Canada in
        1986.  It contains an excerpt of "Gaeltacht" from _Renaissance de
        l'harpe celtique_.  It also includes music by Kitaro, John Themis, 
        Johannes Schmoelling, Michael Rother, Rick Wakeman, Tom Newman, 
        Claire Hamill, Durutti Column, Tim Cross, Stephen Caudel and 
        Dashiell Rae.

        Polygram Canada 830 459-1/830 459-4

7: Appearances by Stivell on other artist's recordings

Stivell has worked with a large number of other musicians and has appeared on recordings made by many people other than himself. Here are the few guest appearances by Stivell that I know about. I know that he's done more, so if you know of any others, please pass them along to me.
(listed in alphabetical order, by the name of the artist)
---   Bagad Bleimor, _Bagad Bleimor_, Kelitia Musique, KMCD 12, M307, 
        released in 1990, but originally recorded under the auspices of
        Keltia III in 1974.  Bagad Bleimor is a drum and bombarde en-
        semble that plays traditional Breton and Irish folk songs. ("Bagad," 
        by the way, is Breton for "pipe band.") According to the liner notes, 
        Stivell was a leading member of the group during the seventies, 
        when this was recorded.  He also produced the record.  The album
        contains a version of "Eliz Iza" (a folk song that Stivell recorded
        on _Renaissance of the Celtic harp_) as well as a song called
        "Sonerian Bleimor," whose authorship is credited to Alan Cochevelou,
        which is, of course, Alan Stivell's original name.  I do not know
        whether this might be a very early song of Stivell's or whether he 
        decided, for whatever reason, to briefly return to using his original
        name.  (I think the former is much more likeley.)

---   Kate Bush, _The Sensual World_, Columbia CK 44164, released in 1989.
        Stivell plays harp and sings backing vocals on "Between a Man and
        a Woman."  

---   Andree Le Gouil, [four singles].  Because these were recorded so early
        in Stivell's career and are extremely rare, these were discussed above
        in the section on Early Recordings.

8: Miscellaneous

There are two Stivell-related items that are not records, but are important enough to warrant being mentioned on this discography. If anyone knows of any other items that should be included here, please let me know about them.

The first is a video that Stivell released called _Alan Stivell in Concert_. It was released by Shanachie on their Ramblin' line of videos sometime in the 1980's. It's an hour-long performance with just Stivell and a guitarist (who also picks up the occasional percussion instrument.) The performance appears to have been from the early eighties, although the song selection and the style is much more traditional than the stuff Stivell was writing at that time. The video includes "Son ar Chistr," "Silvestrig," "Ys," "The King of the Fairies," "The Foggy Dew," "Stok Ouz an Enez," "Tri Martolod," parts 1 and 2 of "Gaeltacht" and a few other songs. I do not know anything about its current availability. I have heard about another videotape that consists of an interview with Stivell, interspersed with live versions of various songs. (When I get more details on that, I'll update the discography.)

The second is a book called _Racines interdites_. (The English translation of the title would be _Forbidden Roots_). The book is a set of interviews with Stivell that were conducted by Jacques Erwan and Marc Legras in 1978. Only one third of the book actually deals with music at all-- and only one chapter is devoted to Stivell's own music. More than anything else, the book is a "catechism" of Breton culture. A good part of it consists of Stivell's detailed answers to very basic questions about the Breton language, Breton history, and even Breton geography-- questions like "Are there many different dialects of the Breton language?" and "From what age do the menhirs date?" Still, the chapters on Stivell's music can be quite enlightening. The book also contains the lyrics for 17 of Stivell's songs in the back: "Gwriziad difennet," "Reflets," "Broceliande," "The Wind of Keltia," "Je suis ne au milieu de la mer," "An alarc'h," "The Foggy Dew," "Pardon Spezed," "Brezhoneg' raok," "Delivrance," "Digor eo an hent," "Hommes liges des talus en transes," "Ar Gelted kozh," "Rouantelezh Vreizh," "Dugelezh Vreizh," "Emsawadegou," "Fin an naontegwed katwed," "Eil lodenn an ugentwed kantwed," "Da Ewan," and "Naw Breton 'ba' prizon." All songs whose lyrics are in English or in Breton are accompanied by translations into French. _Racines interdites_ was published as part of the "Musiques et Musiciens" series published by Editions Jean-Claude Lattes in 1979, and in bibliographical catalogues, Stivell is listed as the author. There have not been any translations.

        --  Jim C.

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