Very brief introduction

Capercaillie ("Kap-ir-Kay-Lee", named after a large Grouse) are without a doubt one of the most popular of Scottish traditional groups. Karen Matheson's singing has been widely acclaimed, both for traditional songs and some of their more pop-influenced recent work. Many comparisons have been made between Capercaillie and Clannad both for their overall style and their ventures from traditional to more modern sounds. The band has been around since the early eighties, and have recorded with Green Linnet and Survival Records.

Brief Discography

1995  To The Moon          SURCD 019, GL 3117  (Review)  
1994  Capercaillie         SURCD 018           (Review)         
1993  Secret People        SURCD 017, GL 3104   
1993? The Blood is Strong  SURCD 014
      (compilation of TV themes)
1992  Get Out              SURCD 016, GL 3110   
      (remixes and live tracks) 
1991  Delirium             SURCD 015, GL 3108  (Lyrics)
1989  Sidewaulk            GL 1094
1984  Crosswinds           GL 1077
1984  Cascade              Etive Records  ERLP 333

Also seen in:
1995  Rob Roy Soundtrack   CDVMM18


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