A tremendously popular and long-lived Irish group that started out playing jazz-tinged traditional music, and more recently gained widespread fame with more new-agey sounds (Last of the Mohicans, Harry's Game, Robin of Sherwood...). The group is all of the same family, closely related to Enya.


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A Clannad Discography

This file is a compilation of discographies by Don Grimm <> (March 28th, 1994) and Jim McCauley <>. Most of the detailed information is Don's and the notes on each album are from Jim. Other contributors include Kevin Guy Woods, Armand Simonis, Michael Robinson and Gerard Manning.

Short Discography


1973      Clannad                                           Album
1974      Clannad 2                                         Album
1976      Dulaman                                           Album
1979      Clannad in Concert                                Live Album
197?      Ring of Gold                                      Live Album
1980      Crann Ull                                         Album
1982      Fuaim                                             Album
1983      Magical Ring                                      Album
1984      Legend                                            Album
1985      Macalla                                           Album
1988      Sirius                                            Album
1989      The Angel and the Soldier Boy                     Soundtrack
1989      PastPresent                                       Compilation
1989      Atlantic Realm                                    Soundtrack
1989      In a Lifetime                                     CD Single
1989      Theme from Harry's Game                           CD Single
1989      Hourglass/Theme from Harry's Game                 CD Single
1989      The Hunter                                        CD Single
1990      Anam                                              Album
1990      In Fortune's Hand                                 CD Single
1990      Why Worry?                                        CD Single
1992      The Collection                                    Compilation
1992      Themes                                            Compilation
1992      Theme From Harry's Game                           CD Single
1993      Banba                                             Album
1993      Mystery Game                                      CD Single

1996      Lore

Maire Brennan

1992      Maire                                             Album
1992      Jealous Heart                                     CD Single
1992      Against the Wind                                  CD Single


1986      Sirius - Promo                                    Promo
1991      Paul Young - "From Time to Time"                  Album 
1991      Clannad & Paul Young - "Both Sides Now"           CD Single
1992      Patriot Games                                     Soundtrack
1992      Trisan - A Womad Production For Real World        Album
1993      The Last of the Mohicans'                         Soundtrack
1993      Jameson - Irish Whiskey - Promo                   Promo


19??      Pop Classic                                       Compilation

Long Discography

1973      Clannad

          Maire Brennan (Harp, Vocals)
          Paul Brennan (Flute, Bongos, Guitar, Vocals)
          Ciaran Brennan (Double Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals)
          Noel Duggan (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
          Padraig Duggan (Guitar, Mandola, Vocals)

          John Wadham (Drums)
          Grainne McMonagle (Tin Whistle)

           4:50 Nil Se Ina La
           2:55 Thios Chois Na Tra Domh
           3:50 Brian Boru's March
           4:30 Siobhan Ni Dhaibhir
           2:10 An Mhaighdean Mhara
           2:00 Liza
           4:03 An tOilean Ur
           3:03 Mrs. McDermott
           2:40 The Pretty Maid
           3:00 An Phairc
           1:40 Harvest Home Hornpipe
           3:45 Morning Dew

                I have heard this was also released on LP as "The Pretty Maid"
                in 1982, same catalog number (Philips).

                Produced by John Cunan at Eamonn Andrews Studios

                LP Philips 6392013 (Ireland)
                LP Boot Records ITB 4016 (Canada)

		I believe that this is their first album; I found
		this in Canada in summer 1974.  Copyright is 1973.
		Very early and a bit raw; the band's heart is on
		its sleeve here.[JMC]

	[Rumour has it that the master tapes of this album were lost, but it has been
	remastered and rereased in 1997, by Royal Records - GM]

          Track info:

          Nil Se Ina La 4:50
          Collected from a woman in Creeslongh, Co. Donegal who had heard the
          song on Tory Island off the Donegal Coast, telling the tale of a
          drinking nomad.
          Thios Chois Na Tra Domh 2:55
          Translated this title means down by the blank strand, the songs
          origin is a controversial one and relates of a seaside graveyard
          and is a lament by a lone man who discovers his comrades are
          interred there. He bids farewell to his friends, both past and
          Brian Boru's March 3:50
          A tune composed in commemoration of the Battle of Clontarf which
          occured in 1014 and in which the Irish repelled the Vikings and in
          so doing lost their gallant leader Brian Boru. The tempo of the tune
          traces the victory and eventual discovery of the slain leader.
          Siobhan Ni Dhaibhir 4:30
          The age old story of a complicated relationship between a young man
          and a woman. The song is based on the western seaboard and concludes
          at Erris Head in Co. Mayo.
          An Mhaighdean Mhara 2:10
          Meaning the sea maiden or mermaid, who marries a mere mortal. The
          husband knowing his wife cannot return to the sea without a cloak
          she wore as a mermiad, he hides it but he is left lamenting her
          when one of their offspring discovers it and his wife returns to
          the open sea from whence she came.
          Liza 2:00
          A group composition penned by Padraig and Paul for the Slogadh 70
          competition, telling the story of an ilash girl who roamed from
          man to man not finding solace till she returns to her first love.
          An tOilean Ur 4:03
          In bygone days America was given this name by Irish emigrants, The
          New Island, the song relates to a land new in the eyes of the young
          man who has deserted his homeland and his parents, and is mystified
          by the changes and new found freedoms. Yet eventually  
          sets in and the young man returns to his homeland and to his real
          Mrs. McDermott 3:03
          A tune by the famed harpist O'Carolan who dedicated many of his
          compositions to females both regal and otherwise.
          The Pretty Maid 2:40
          A translation of an Irish tune depicting the chance meeting a
          young man with a singing milk maid; the youth falls quite madly in
          love with the fair maiden's voice and her beauty; he proceeds to
          make his advances yet she feels quite inadequate towards him as
          does the young man until he states he would bestow on her all he
          An Phaire 3:00
          An anti-pollution song written by Michael Hanly for the National
          Song Contest '73, in which 'A Field' as is the title of the song,
          has been exploited by land developers and has lost its former

          Harvest Home 1:40
          The group interpretation of a traditional hornpipe played on the
          Morning Dew 3:45
          A composition by Bonnie Dobson and Tim Rose recorded by innumerable
          artists yet given the Clannad treatment.

1974      Clannad 2  

          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Ciaran O Braonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Noel O Dugain
          Padraig O Dugain

           3:14 An Gabhar Ban
           2:49 Eleanor Plunkett
           5:46 Coinleach Ghlas An Fhomair
           1:51 Rince Philib a'Cheoil
           5:41 By Chance it Was
           3:16 Rince Briotanach
           5:38 Dheanainn Sugradh
           2:33 Gaoth Barra Na dTonn
           2:49 Teidhir Abhaile Riu
           2:21 Fairly Shot of Her
           6:11 Chuaigh Me Na Rosann

                CD Shanachie 79007 (USA)
                LP Gael Linn 41 (IR)

		The Shanachie copyright is 1979, but I think that this
		is a reissue of an earlier recording that precedes
		"Clannad in Concert."  "Eleanor Plunkett," a tune from
		the prolific Turlough O Carolan, features lovely harp
		and flute work.  Two dances, the bright "Rince Philib
		a'Cheoil" and the more rhythmically complex "Rince
		Briotanach" (from Brittany) offer differing delights.
		The work song "Dheanainn Sugradh" gets a generally
		traditional sound -- until the band inserts a wildly
		bluesy break.  "Teidhir Abhaile Riu" is a charming
		setting for the tale af a girl's refusal to obey her
		parents and marry close to home.  Listen for
		accompaniment on wire-strung harp and guitar by Triona
		Ni Domhnaill and her brother Micheal on "Chuaigh me na
		Rosann," as well as Triona's one-verse duet with Maire. [JMC]

1976      Dulaman

          Maire Ni Bhraonain (Harp, Vocals)
          Ciaran O Braonain (Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Piano)
          Pol O Braonain (Flute, Whistle, Guitar, Bongos, Vocals)
          Noel O Dugain (Guitar, Vocals)
          Padraig O Dugain (Mandola, Guitar, Vocals)
          Nicky Ryan (Vocals)

           4:30 Dulaman
           4:05 Cumha Eoghain Rua Ui Neill
           4:09 Two Sisters
           5:09 Eirigh Suas a Stoirin
           3:05 The Galtee Hunt
           4:09 Eirigh Is Cuir Ort Do Chuid Eadaigh Coiriu
           5:47 Siuil a Run
           2:40 Mo Mhaire
           1:22 dTigeas a Damhsa
           3:09 a) Cucanandy   
                b) The Jug of Brown Ale
                CD Shanachie 79008 (USA)
                CD Intercord 860 065 (Germany)
                LP Gael Linn 58 (IR)

		The band really hits its stride with this album.
		The rollicking "Two Sisters" is a delightful study
		in sibling rivalry -- makes me wonder about
		Maire and Eithne.  Maire's voice is in full
		flower on "Eirigh suas a Stoirin."  Everything comes
		together perfectly on "Eirigh is cuir ort do chuid
		Eadaigh Coiriu" -- the instrumental break is the
		epitome of the band's style.  Clannad's take on "Siuil
		a Run" is vastly different and deeper than the shallow
		passes that American folkies made at this Gaelic
		classic in the early 1960s.  The acappella dance
		"dTigeas a Damhsa" is chidhood personified in song.

1979      Clannad in Concert

          Maire Ni Bhraonain (Harp, Vocals)
          Ciaran O Braonain (Double Bass, Guitar, Vocals)
          Pol O Braonain (Flute, Whistle, Guitar, Bongoes, Vocals)
          Padraig O Dugain (Mandola, Guitar, Harmonica, Bongoes, Vocals)
          Noel O Dugain (Guitar, Harmonium)

           3:00 Bhean a Ti
           3:20 Fairies Hornpipe off to California
           4:45 Neansai Mhile Gra
           1:08 Mhaire Bruineall
           3:42 Planxty Burke
           2:10 An GioBog
           4:36 Down by the Sally Gardens
          10:20 Nil Se'n La

                CD Shanachie 79030 (USA)
                CD Shanachie CD-16407 (Germany)
		LP Ogham BLB 5001

		Recordings from the band's tour of Switzerland in
		1978.  William Butler Yeats would have been pleased
		with the rendition of his "Down by the Sally Gardens."
		The jazz/rock breaks in "Ni'l Sen La" must be heard
		to be believed.  Nicky Ryan produced, engineered
		and edited. [JMC]

197?      Ring of Gold

          Maire Ni Bhraonain (Harp, Vocals)
          Pol O Braonain (Flute, Whistle, Guitar, Bongos, Vocals)
          Ciaran O Braonain (Double Bass, Guitar, Vocals)
          Padraig O Dugain (Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals)
          Noel O Dugain (Guitar, Vocals)

           3:35 An Gabhar Ban (The White Goat)
           4:05 Mrs. McDermott
           2:44 Rince Philib A'Cheoil
           4:29 Down by the Sally Gardens
           3:46 Teidhir Abhaile Riu
           3:15 Eleanor Plunkett
           1:48 D Tigeas A'Damhsa
           4:57 Eirigh Is Cuir Ort
           8:48 Do Chuid Eadaigh
                Nil Se'n La

                CD Celtic Music CM CD 034 (Germany)

1980      Crann Ull

          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Ciaran O Braonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Padraig O Dugain
          Noel O Dugain

           3:28 Ar a ghabhail 'n a 'chuain damh
           4:17 The Last Rose of Summer
           2:36 Cruscin Lan
           2:34 Bacach Shile Andai
           3:49 La Coimhthioch fan dtuath (A Strange Day in the Countryside)
           3:46 Crann Ull
           2:41 Gathering Mushrooms
           4:17 Bunan Bui
           4:13 Planxty Browne

                CD/LP Tara 3007 (Ireland)
                CD Intercord 860 153 (Germany)

		The shortest of the albums, but the sweetest, I think.
		Maire is in full command of a beautiful and mature
		voice.  "The Last Rose of Summer" is just perfect.
		"La Coimhthioch fan dtuath" reminds me of Marty Balin's
		lyrical pieces (like "Comin' Back to Me" on
		"Surrealistic Pillow") in Jefferson Airplane's heyday.
		The title tune and "Gathering Mushrooms" let Maire
		show off her upper register, and she weaves a magic
		spell over the sparse accompaniment to the ballad
		"Bunan Bui."  Still more lovely harping on a well-known
		O Carolan tune, "Planxty Browne." [JMC]

1982      Fuaim

          Maire Ni Bhraonain (Harp, Vocals)
          Eithne Ni Bhraonain (Enya) (Keyboards, Vocals)
          Ciaran O Braonain (Double Bass, Guitar, Synthesiser, Piano,
                             Mandolin, Vocals)
          Pol O Braonain (Flute, Guitar, Tin Whistle, Vocals)
          Padraig O Dugain (Mandola, Mouth Organ, Vocals)
          Noel O Dugain (Guitar, Vocals)
           2:56 Na Buachailli Alainn
           4:17 Mheall Si Lena Glorthai Me
           2:38 Bruach Na Carraige Baine
           0:45 La Brea Fan Dtuath
           3:06 An Tull
           2:45 Strayed Away
           6:11 Ni La Na Gaoithe La Na Scoilb?
           3:28 Lish Young Buy-a-Broom
           1:42 Mhorag's Na Horo Gheallaidh
           4:08 The Green Fields of Gaothdobhair
           2:53 Buaireadh An Phosta

                CD Tara 3008 (Ireland)
                CD Cooking VL COOKCD-035 (UK)
                CD Cooking VL COOKCD-035 (Germany)

		If you think you might want to explore Clannad's
		music, start with this album.  It's beautiful stuff,
		all of it.  Enya fans will be interested in the ways
		she makes her presence felt here.  She provides a
		lighter tone to the backing vocal work, and her
		keyboarding shows up on several tunes, especially the
		hypnotic "Mhorag 's no horo Gheallaidh."  Her only solo
		is a light and rather girlish double-tracked vocal on
		"An tUll" -- she certainly sounds different now.  The
		other tunes are just great.  "Mheall si lena glorthai
		me" sounds a bit stolid until an insanely great blues
		guitar break brings out the intended irony.  Ciaran's
		guitar is featured on the brief "La brea fan dtuath,"
		which seems to be influenced by John Fahey and Leo
		Kottke.  "Ni la na gaoithe la na scoilb?" and
		the dramatic "Buaireadh An Phosta" show strong jazz
		influences.  The three English-language offerings are
		interpreted wonderfully by Maire: an emigrant song,
		"Strayed Away," is sorrow incarnate over a country
		blues backdrop; "Lish Young Buy-a-Broom" is a fanciful
		traveling-saleswoman joke; and "The Green Fields of
		Gaothdobhair" is a reverent homage to her family's home.

1983      Magical Ring

          Pol O'Dugain
          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Noel O Dugain
          Ciaran O Braonain

          James Delaney (Special Guest)
          Charlie Morgan (Drums)
          Frank Ricotti (Percussionist)
          Alan Dunn (Accordian)
          Ed Deane (Electric Guitar Solo)

           2:30 Theme from Harry's Game
           3:51 Tower Hill
           2:20 Seachran Charn tSiail
           3:44 Passing Time
           5:57 Coinleach Glas An Fhomhair
           4:23 I See Red
           3:13 Ta Me Mo Shui
           4:03 Newgrange
           2:40 The Fairy Queen
           3:16 Thios Fa'n Chosta

                CD/LP Tara 3010 (Ireland)
		CD RCA PD70003 (UK)
                CD RCA ND-71473 (Germany)
                CD RCA BVCP-5028 (Japan)

		A slicker sound here, deep in the reverb.  On "Tower
		Hill," counter-rhythms play tag with one another.
		Maire's rendition of "Conleach Glas an Fhomhair" on
		the earlier "Clannad 2" is lovely, but contrast it
		with her later version here -- it's like tasting a
		favorite vintage again after letting it	mature a few
		years.  "The Fairy Queen" is a traditional harper's
		tune, beautifully realized by Maire with supporting
		flute from Pol.  Maire's wild-tinged vocal on "Thios
		Fa'n Chosta" is embedded in solid rock from the rest
		of the band. [JMC]

1984      Legend

          Maire Brennan (Lead Vocal, Harp)
          Paul Brennan (Guitar, Flute, Tin Whistle, Keyboards, Vocals)
          Ciaran O Braonain (Double Bass, Synthesisers, Guitar, Vocals)
          Pat Duggan (Mandola, Guitar, Vocals)
          Noel Duggan (Guitar, Vocals)

          James Delaney (Keyboards)
          Paul Moran (Drums)
          Pat Farrell (Electric Guitar)
          Frank Ricotti (Percussionist)

           2:48 Robin (The Hooded Man)
           3:32 Now is Here
           5:08 Herne
           3:28 Together We
           1:59 Darkmere
           3:10 Strange Land
           5:08 Scarlet Inside
           3:20 Lady Marian
           1:01 Battles
           2:59 Ancient Forest

                CD RCA PD70188 (UK)
                CD RCA ND-71703 (UK)
                CD RCA ND-71703 (Germany)
		LP RCA AFL1-5084 (USA)

		Sound track music for "Robin of Sherwood," a
		television series.  Those of you who live near Silicon
		Valley may have seen the series on KTEH, a local PBS
		station.  Not my favorite Clannad work, but pleasant
		enough to listen to. [JMC]

1985      Macalla

          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Ciaran O Braonain
          Padraig O Dugain
          Noel O Dugain
          Bono (Additional vocals on In a Lifetime)
          Mel Collins (Sax)
          Anton Drennan (Electric Guitar)
          Danny Cummings (Percussion)
          Steve Nye (Keyboards)

           2:06 Caislean Oir
           4:41 The Wild Cry
           3:29 Closer to Your Heart
           3:08 In a Lifetime
           4:51 Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)
           3:53 Indoor
           3:08 Buachill On Eirne
           4:15 Blackstairs
           2:42 Journey's End
           4:58 Northern Skyline

                CD RCA PD70894 (UK)
                CD RCA PD70894 (Germany)
                CD RCA 8063-2 (USA)
                CD RCA PCD1-8063 (Canada)

		Don't be put off by the cover shot, which has Maire
		doing some kind of takeoff on Edvard Munch's "The Scream."
		MTV watchers may remember the video of "In a Lifetime,"
		my least-favorite cut on the album.  "Almost Seems (Too
		Late to Turn)" and the two Gaelic songs, "Caislean Oir"
		and "Buachaill On Eirne," are particularly fine. [JMC]

1988      Sirius

          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Ciaran O Braonain
          Padraig O Dugain
          Noel O Dugain

          Steve Perry (Harmony Vocals on White Fool)
          Bruce Hornsby (Accordian, Vocals, Piano on Second Nature;
                         Harmony Voice, Piano on Something to Believe In)
          Mel Collins (Sax)
          Many Others...

           3:53 In Search of a Heart
           3:20 Second Nature
           4:39 Turning Tide
           4:46 Skellig
           3:53 Stepping Stone
           4:38 White Fool
           4:46 Something to Believe In
           3:32 Live and Learn
           3:25 Many Roads
           5:33 Sirius

                CD RCA 6846-2 (USA)
                CD RCA PD-71513 (Canada)
                CD RCA PD-71513 (UK)
                CD RCA PD-71513 (Germany)
                CD RCA R32P-1136 (Japan)

		Strong performances all around with a tighter sound
		than on "Macalla."  Guest work by Bruce Hornsby and
		J. D. Souther.  The band's politics are up front
		in "White Fool" and the title song, and "Live and
		Learn" honestly rocks. [JMC]

1989      The Angel and the Soldier Boy

          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Ciaran O Braonain
          Padraig O Dugain
          Noel O Dugain

          25:00 Music from The Angle and the Soldier Boy 

                a) A Dream in the Night
                b) The Pirates
                c) The Soldier Boy
                d) The Angel
                e) The Flies
                f) The Spider
                g) The Cat
                h) The Jolly Roger
                i) Into the Picture
                j) Pirates Merrymaking
                k) Finding the Key
                l) Pirates on the Island
                m) Sea and Storm
                n) The Love Theme
                o) The Chase
                p) The Toys
                q) The Rescue
                r) Back to the Book
                s) A Dream in the Night (Instrumental)
          25:00 Music from The Angle and the Soldier Boy 
                (Narrated by Tom Conti)
                CD RCA PD 74328 (UK)

1989      PastPresent

          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Ciaran O Braonain
          Padraig O Dugain
          Noel O Dugain
           2:26 Theme from Harry's Game
           3:28 Closer to Your Heart
           4:48 Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)
           4:53 The Hunter
           3:19 Lady Marian
           5:34 Sirius
           5:56 Coinleach Glas An Fhomair
           3:19 Second Nature
           4:00 World of Difference
           3:07 In a Lifetime
           2:49 Robin (The Hooded Man)
           4:44 Something to Believe In
           4:02 Newgrange
           3:07 Buachaill An Eirne
           4:37 White Fool
           3:52 Stepping Stone

                CD RCA 9912-2 (USA)
                CD RCA 74074 (Canada)
                CD RCA 74074 (UK)
                CD RCA 74074 (Germany)

1989      Atlantic Realm
          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Ciaran O Braonain
          Padraig O Dugain
          Noel O Dugain

           3:47 Atlantic Realm
           3:04 Predator
           3:09 Moving Thru
           1:15 The Berbers
           2:03 Signs of Life
           3:05 In Flight
           3:30 Ocean of Light
           1:51 Drifting
           3:16 Under Neptune's Cape
           3:19 Voyager
           1:10 Primeval Sun
           2:41 Child of the Sea
           1:19 The Kirk Pride

                CD BBC CD 727 (UK)

1989      In a Lifetime

           3:02 In a Lifetime
           4:36 Something to Believe In
           2:06 Caislean Oir
           4:41 The Wild Cry
           3:25 Atlantic Realm

                CD5 RCA PD 42874 (UK)
                CD5 RCA PD 42874 (Germany)

1989      Theme From Harry's Game

           2:25 Theme From Harry's Game (P.Brennan)
           3:50 Hourglass (P.Brennan)

                CD5 RCA/BMG - PD43075

1989      Hourglass/Theme from Harry's Game

          Maire Ni Bhraonain
          Pol O Braonain
          Ciaran O Braonain
          Padraig O Dugain
          Noel O Dugain
           4:22 Hourglass
           2:30 Theme from Harry's Game
           4:03 World of Difference
           2:43 Journey's End

                CD5 RCA PD 43076 (UK)

1989      The Hunter

           4:08 The Hunter
           4:27 Skellig
           4:38 Turning Tide
           3:25 Atlantic Realm

                CD5 RCA PD 42610 (UK)
                CD5 RCA PD 42610 (Germany)

1990      Anam

          Maire Brennan (Vocals, Harp)
          Ciaran O Braonain (Vocals, Double Bass, Electric Bass, Guitar,
          Padraig Duggan (Mandola, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar)
          Noel Duggan (Guitar)

          Bono (Additional vocals on "In a Lifetime")
          Mel Collins (Saxophones)
          Paul Moran (Drums, Percussion)
          Ian Parker (Keyboards)
          Anton Drennan (Electric Guitar, Dobro)
          Bridin Brennan (Harmony Vocals)
          Vinnie Kilduff (Wooden Whistle (Bansari))

           3:58 Ri Na Cruinne
          *3:08 In a Lifetime
           4:00 Anam
           3:52 In Fortune's Hand
           3:51 The Poison Glen
           2:04 Wilderness
          *2:30 Theme from Harry's Game
           4:25 Why Worry
           4:18 Uirchill An Chreagain
           4:54 Love and Affection
           3:52 You're the One
           2:42 Dobhar

                CD RCA PD 74762 (UK)
                CD RCA PD 74762 (Germany)
                CD RCA BVCP-26 (Japan)
                CD Atlantic 782409-2 (USA) (1992)

                * Atlantic release only. 

1990      In Fortune's Hand

           3:55 In Fortune's Hand
           2:38 Dobhar
           2:36 An Mhaigdean Mhara

                CD5 RCA 43972 (UK)

1990      Why Worry?

           4:24 Why Worry? (C.Brennan)
           2:51 Gaothbearra (Trad.Arr. Clannad)*
           2:05 Wilderness (C.Brennan)

                * recorded live at Royal Albert Hall, London

                CD5 RCA 44372 (UK)

1992      The Collection

                Theme from Harry's Game
                Closer to Your Heart
                Lady Marian
                Mhorag's Na Horo Gheallaidh
                Nil Se'n La
                Caislean Oir
                In a Lifetime
                Now is Here
                Na Buachailli Alainn
                Down by the Sally Gardens
                Robin (The Hooded Man)

                CD KTel CD215

1992      Themes

                Both Sides Now
                Robin (The Hooded Man)
                Ri Na Cruinne
                Ancient Forest
                Atlantic Realm
                Theme from Harry's Game
                A Dream in the Night
                Lady Marian
                The Pirates/The Soldier Boy

                CD KTel KCD355

1992      Theme From Harry's Game

           2:29 Theme From Harry's Game
           2:48 Robin (The Hooded Man)

                CD5 RCA 7432111812-2 (UK)

1993      Banba

          Maire Brennan (Vocals, Harp)
          Ciaran Brennann (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Mandolin)
          Noel Duggan (Guitar)
          Padraig Duggan (Guitar, Mandolin)

          Anto Drennan (Guitars)
          John Donnelly (Drums, Programming)
          Mel Collins (Saxophone, Alto Flute)
          Ian Parker (Keyboards)
          Frankie Kennedy (Flute, Whistle)
          Bridin Brennan (Vocals)
          Denis Woods (Keyboards, Synth Programming)

           5:20 Na Laethe Bhi'
           3:27 Banba O'ir
           4:11 There For You
           4:24 Mystery Game
           4:05 Struggle
           5:16 I Will Find You (Theme from The Last of the Mohicans')
           4:26 Soul Searcher
           4:22 Ca De' Sin Do'n Te' Sin
           4:19 The Other Side
           4:12 Sunset Dreams
           3:11 A Gentle Place

                CD RCA 74321 13961 2 (UK)

1993      Mystery Game

           4:24 Mystery Game
           2:08 Do Na Dlo Sv (from the Last of the Mohicans)
           4:24 Mystery Game (instrumental)

                all tracks by Ciaran Brennan

                CD5 RCA/BMG 74321 14987 2

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