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Here is a Chieftains discography that I've put together from several sources, not all of which quite agree with one another! Please tell me of any additions or corrections. Thanks to Mark Fischer who supplied some of this listing, and to Jeff Doty and Craig Lawrence for other Chieftains-associated albums. For more information, see the Chieftains Web site, run by Jeremy Skinner. Please note that this page has not been updated since 1998, so is a little dated.
Gerard Manning
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1996   Santiago                           RCA Victor 09026-68602-2, BMG
199?   Film Cuts                          RCA Victor 09026-68438-2
1995   The Long Black Veil                RCA Victor 09026-62702-2
       (w/ Sting, Mick Jagger, Sinead O'Connor, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler,
       Ry Cooder, Marianne Faithfull, Tom Jones, and The Rolling Stones!)
1993   The Celtic Harp                    RCA 61490
1992   The Magic of the Chieftains        Music Club MCCD 048
1992   An Irish Evening: Live at the      RCA 60916
       Grand Opera House, Belfast
       (w/ Roger Daltry, Nanci Griffith)
1992   Best of the Chieftains             CBS 48693
1992   Another Country                    RCA 60939
       (w/ various Nashville guests)      
1991   Reel Music: The Film Scores        RCA 60412
1991   The Bells of Dublin                RCA 60824
       (w/ many guests)
1989   Collection                         Knight 220
1989   Chieftains Celebration             RCA 7858
       (w/ Van Morrison, Nanci Griffith)     
1988   The Tailor of Gloucester           WD-0710 (narrated by Meryl Streep)
1988   Irish Heartbeat (w/ Van Morrison)  MER 834 496.2, Polydor 834496
1987   Celtic Wedding                     RD 86358, RCA 6358
1985   The Chieftains in China            CC 42, SHA 79050
1986   Ballad of the Irish Horse          CCF 15, SHA 79051
1984   The Grey Fox (Soundtrack)          DRG 9515
1982   Year of the French (Soundtrack)    CC36, SHA 79036
1981   Cotton-Eyed Joe (#10)              CC 33, SHA 79019
1979   Boil the Breakfast Early (#9)      CC 30, CBS 36401
1978   Chieftains 8                       CC 29, CBS 35726
1977   Un Taxi Mauve (Soundtrack)         Vogue VO 15003 (Canada)
1977   The Chieftains Live                CC 21, SHA 79027, ILPS 9501
1977   Chieftains 7                       CC 24, CBS 35612
1976   Bonaparte's Retreat (#6)           CC 20, SHA 79026
1976   Barry Lyndon (Soundtrack)          Warner Bros. K56189
       (one track, also on Chieftains 4?)
1975   Chieftains 5                       CC 16, SHA 79025, ILPS 9432
1974   Chieftains 4                       CC 14, SHA 79024, ILPS 9380
1971   Chieftains 3                       CC 10, SHA 79023, ILPS 9379
1969   Chieftains 2                       CC 07, SHA 79022, ILPS 9365
1963   Chieftains (1)                     CC 02, SHA 79021, ILPS 9364, CBS 35612

Sean O'Riada, Sean O' Se, Ceoltoiri Cualann
19??   ding dong                          Gael Linn CEF  016

With James Galway
1987   In Ireland                         RD 85798, RCA 5798
1990   Over the Sea to Skye               RD 60424, RCA 60424  

1992   An Irish Evening...                RCA
1992   Another Country                    RCA 61437
1991   The Bells of Dublin                BMG
1989   Portrait of Ireland                Tapestry Video 082 266-3 (UK: CFM 2266)
       ('Danny Boy', 'Carrickfergus', 'When you and I were young, Maggie' by
       Chieftains + James Galway, 4 more tracks by Galway and 7 by Enya)
1987   In Ireland                         RCA 60751
1985   The Chieftans in China             SHA 204

Albums by members of the Chieftains (preliminary listing)

Derek Bell
1989   Derek Bell's Musical Ireland       CC35, SHA 79042
1988?  The Ugly Duckling                  WD 0705 (narrated by Cher, Derek Bell on harp/cello)
1975   Carolan's Receipt (the Music of    CC18, SHA 79013
       Carolan, v.1)
1981   Carolan's Favourite (the Music of  CC28, SHA 79020
       Carolan, v.2)
1981   Derek Bell Plays Eight Different   CC54, CC51?
       Instruments with Himself
       Ancient Music for the Irish Harp   CC59
1984   From Sinding to Swing              Ogham Records BLB5008
1996   The Mystic Harp                    Clarity Sound & Light
1997   A Celtic Evening With Derek Bell   Clarity Sound & Light

Paddy Moloney, Matt Molloy, Derek Bell
1996    Collection   (guest appearance on album by The Rankin Family).

Sean Keane
1975   Gusty's Frolics                    CC17
       Jig it in Style                    CCF25

Sean Keane and Matt Molloy
       The Fire Aflame (w/ Liam O' Flynn) CCF30
       Contentment is Wealth              SIF 1058

Castle Ceili Band, with Sean Keane and Michael Tubridy
1973   The Castle Ceili Band              Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CL5

Michael Tubridy
1979   The Eagle's Whistles               CC27

Kevin Conneff
1998   30 Years A-Graying (Dubliners)     Baycourt/Vertigo 514 770-2
(contributes bodhran work to this retrospective album)
1988   The Week Before Easter             Claddagh Records CCF23CD
(7 live, 7 studio tracks, songs and instumentals featuring his bodhran) 
1978   Prosperous (Christy Moore et al)   Trailer LER 3035, Tara 1001, Tara 2008

Paddy Moloney and Sean Potts
1974   Tin Whistles                       CC15, SHA 79033

Paddy Moloney contributes to:
1971   The Drones and Chanters            CC11
       - Irish Pipering
       Ebody & Ivory (Paul Mc Cartney)    EMI R6054 (Rainclouds, side 2)
1975   Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield)           Virgin VIL 12043
1982   Five Miles Out (Mike Oldfield)     Virgin VIL 222
       Solfafria (Miladoiro)              CBS S26395
       I Can't Stand Still (Don Henley)   Asylum 52365

Matt Molloy (also as part of Planxty
and the Bothy Band)
1992   Music at Matt Molloy's             Real World/WOMAD/Caroline CAROL 2324-2
       (Matt Molloy and friends)
1984?  Matt Molloy with Donal Lunny       SIF 3008
1988   The Heathery Breeze                SHA 79064
1987?  Stony Steps                        CCF 18, SIF 3041
       Molloy/Peoples/Brady               SIF 3018
       Music at Matt Molloys              Real World 2324
1976   Matt Molloy                        Mulligan LUN004

Ceolteoiri Cualann
This group, organised by Sean O'Riada, was in many ways the forerunner of
the Chieftains. It included O'Riada, Paddy Moloney, Martin Fay, Sean Keane,
Michael Tubridy, Peadar Mercier and Sean Potts.
     Reacaireacht and Riadaigh            Gael Linn CEF 010
     The Playboy of the Western World     Gael Linn CEF 012
     O Riada sa Gaiety                    Gael Linn CEF 027
     O Riada                              Gael Linn CEF 032

CC, CCF = Ceirnini Claddagh (Claddagh Records)
SHA = Shanachie Records (US rerelease)
SIF = Green Linnet
RD = probably European release of RCA
ILPS = Island Records
WD, WH = Windham Hill
MER = Mercury Records

Copyright (c) 1994-1997 Ceolas.

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