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Last updated : 16th January 1997


Why is this page here? Well, many people have contacted me about the discography and said, "Why not build a Christy Moore webpage"? The need was there, so I got to it! It's not official - Christy doesn't endorse it, but I don't suppose he'd mind ...... Anyways - if it introduces more people to the wonderful music of Christy Moore, then I'm happy.

Many thanks go to Derk Ederveen for compiling the original discography. Derk - if you're out there, email me!

This is a mirrored copy of Pete's site for American users. The original Irish site is at and may be more up-to-date than this copy.


The Christy Moore Discography, 1969 - 1996
The Planxty Discography, 1972 - 1983
The Moving Hearts Discography, 1981 - 1986


The House Down on Carne (Ballad of Nuke Power), written by my wife's uncle.
The Christy Moore Songbook ISBN 0 86322 063 0, 1984.

  Brandon Book Publishers, Cooleen, Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland
  Brandon Book Publishers, 51 Washington Street, Dover, New Hampshire 03820, USA

Backcover story on "The Planxty Collection", written by Colin Irwin.
Cover notes from "Christy Moore - Live at the Point", 1994.
Interview with Christy from the Irish Post. Christy gives track details of Graffiti Tongue.


Not much here at the moment. Here's a list of venues that I'm certain about:

Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland. 16th January 1997 - 18th January 1997.
St. David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales. 15th March 1997.
Colston Hall, Bristol, UK. 17th March 1997 - 18th March 1997.
Palace Theatre, Manchester, UK. 21st March 1997 - 22nd March 1997.

If anyone knows of more dates coming up, please email me!!


This grew out of the original discography, compiled by Derk Ederveen. Since Derk has been without net access, the discography has been looked after by myself and Gerry Mulvenna. The following people were the original contributors to the Christy Moore Discography.

Thanks go to Huw Parry for the latest updates ......
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