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Peter Cassidy

Planxty recordings

  1. Planxty (1972)
  2. Three drunken maidens/? (1972) [single]
  3. The cliffs of doneen/? (1972) [single]
  4. The well below the valley (1973)
  5. Cold blow and the rainy night (1974)
  6. The Planxty collection (?)
  7. After the break (1979)
  8. The woman I loved so well (1980)
  9. Words & music (1982)
  10. Aris (?)
  11. Timedance/Nancy spain (?) [12" single]

Planxty (1972)

Three drunken maidens/? (1972) [single]


The cliffs of doneen/? (1972) [single]


The well below the valley (1973)

(*) Songs 4 and 10 are completely different songs with the same title.

Cold blow and the rainy night (1974)

The Planxty collection (?)

(*) The backcover story on "The Planxty collection" is in the miscellaneous section.

After the break (1979)

The woman I loved so well (1980)

Words & music (1982)

Aris (?)

Polydor (LP/C); compilation album

Timedance/Nancy spain (?) [12" single]