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Christy Moore recordings

  1. Paddy on the road (1969)
  2. Prosperous (1972)
  3. Christy Moore (1975?)
  4. Whatever tickles your fancy (1975)
  5. Christy Moore Folk Collection (1973 - 1978)
  6. The iron behind the velvet (1978)
  7. Live in Dublin (1979)
  8. Christy Moore and Friends (1981)
  9. The time has come (1983)
  10. State music/May morning dew (1984) [single]
  11. Ride on (1984)
  12. The spirit of freedom (1985)
  13. Ordinary man (1985)
  14. Unfinished revolution (1987)
  15. Christy Moore (1988)
  16. Voyage (1989)
  17. The Christy Moore collection (1981-91, rel. 1991)
  18. Smoke and strong whiskey (1991)
  19. King Puck (1993)
  20. Christy Moore - Live At the Point (1994)
  21. Graffiti Tongue(1996)
  22. Nice 'n easy (?)

Paddy on the road (1969)

Prosperous (1972)

(*) "lamb" should be "lámh". It is, however, printed on both the cover and the LP label as "lamb". Probably a typo from the typographer...[KH]

Christy Moore (Also known as "The Black Album") (1975?)

Whatever tickles your fancy (1975)

The Christy Moore Folk Collection (1973 - 1978, 3 tapes)

The iron behind the velvet (1978)

Live in Dublin (1979)

Christy Moore and Friends (1981 - from the RTE TV series)

The time has come (1983)

State music/May morning dew (1984) [single]

Ride on (1984)

The spirit of freedom (1985)

(*) No recordings on this album appear anywhere else, some songs were re-recorded for Ride On

Ordinary man (1985)

There are apparently two versions of this album. On one version, the song "They Never Came Home" is replaced with "Another Song is Born" - the former being a song about the Stardust disco fire of the early 1980s. Apparently, the song had to be replaced due to the threat of libel action over Christy's reference to padlocked fire exits. Does anyone know any more about this?

Unfinished revolution (1987)

Christy Moore (1988)

Voyage (1989)

The Christy Moore collection (1981-91, rel. 1991)

Smoke and strong whiskey (1991)

King Puck (1993)

Christy Moore - Live At the Point (1994)

Graffiti Tongue (1996)

Nice 'n easy (?)

Polydor (LP/C)