Profile: Celtic Thunder

Celtic Thunder are a well-known Irish American band based around the Washington, D.C. area. Their music has both self-composed numbers, and Irish and Irish-American ballads and dance music, played with great unity, the result of a grouping that has been around in one form or another since 1977.

Current Lineup

Laura Murphy      vocals
Jesse Winch       harmonica, bodhran, guitar, piano
Terry Winch       accordion, tenor banjo, vocals
Regan Wick        "hard shoes" (stepdancing), piano, synthesizer
Patrick Ourceau   fiddle 
Linda Hickman     flute, whistles
Dave Abe          fiddle (frequent guest artist)


1981   Celtic Thunder            Green Linnet 1029
1988   The Light of Other Days   Green Linnet 1086 (Indie award winner)
1995   Hard New York Days        Rego/Kells

CD Universe sells many of their albums online at a pretty good price.

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