This is a program from Michael Methfessel which converts tunes in abc format directly to postscript, which can be printed or viewed on screen (see software). The program is written in C and must be compiled before it can run: instructions are provided, and should be fairly straightforward for Unix machines; if anyone can compile it for DOS/Windows or Mac, please let me know, and I'll post the instructions or binaries here.

The abc2ps package is available from Michael's own site in Germany.
Please read Michael's introduction first.

Current Release: 1.3.1 (June 1998)
See Changes for new features.

abc2ps on different computers

abc2ps was originally written for Unix; compilation instructions are included in the package, instructions for specific platforms are available here.

Wil Macaulay has released a Macintosh version of abc2ps 1.2, which you can get here (343kb BinHex file). Thanks Wil!

Windows 95
See Erik Mrozek's site

Michael has released a execultable version for DOS.

Windows NT
Peter Harris successfully compiled abc2ps using MSVC++ 4.1. He gives the the following report:

To get rid of all the compiler warnings I changed all the floats in the source to doubles and explicitly type cast a handful of variables but otherwise it compiled without a hitch.
Also compiles under MS Visual C++ compiler (version 4.0), which generates several warnings, but still works.
(Courtesy of Peter Osborne)

N.B. If you get abc2ps to work on any machine other than those listed above, please email me to say how it compiled, even if it was just by exactly following the instructions!

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