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* What is Ceolas?

Ceolas is the number one information service for celtic music on the internet. We are an independent, voluntary organisation, dedicated to promoting celtic music by supplying information on all aspects of the genre through the internet.

We source information from official bodies, commercial interests, other individuals on the net and our own researches. By 'filtering' commercially-supplied information, we hope to avoid the bias and advertising hyperbole seen in many web services.

Information is published on our website and anonymous FTP site (celtic.stanford.edu); regional calendars of events are also available by email. We also contribute regularly to the Irtrad-L mailing list and the rec.music.celtic newsgroup, and our tour schedules are published in over a dozen Irish-American and Scottish-American newspapers.

As of Nov 1997, Ceolas provided information to over 40,000 users per month, and is the most popular and well-regarded celtic music site on the net.

* More information

(these numbers are somewhat out of date; I will update them when I get a chance, but for now we are concentrating our energies on updating and expanding the service, rather than paying attention to how well we're doing!)

* Feedback

The primary goal of Ceolas is to help you explore and learn about celtic music. We need your feedback to do this well. Are there any errors, omissions, broken links here? Was anthing confusing or unclear? Can you think of a better way of presenting any of the information? And most of all, if you have information you would like to share, please join the dozens of Ceolas contributors, to make this service better. With over a thousand readers every day, and many areas yet to be written up, your contribution could be a welcome resource for hundreds of readers!

You can also be a great help by spreading the word on Ceolas. Many artists, agents, record companies and other potential providers of information don't realise the popularity of the internet or of Ceolas and can't be bothered to supply information. Help to convince them otherwise if you meet them!

* What does the name Ceolas mean?

Ceolas is a combination of the Irish/Scots Gaelic words Ceol (music) and Eolas (knowledge). The C is pronounced like a K, as in Celtic (but not the soft C of the Boston Celtics or Glasgow Celtic!); here's a quick audio clip.

* Contacting Ceolas

snail-mail: Ceolas
            844 Fremont St.   email: via Feedback form
            Menlo Park        phone  +1-650-326-0680
            CA 94025          fax    +1-650-858-0170

* Awards

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