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*December newsletter from Claddagh Records.

* New Musician sites:


* has extensive links for traditional music and dance in Ireland.

* Amber Music is a small Newfoundland record company, dealing with Figgy Duff, Emile Benoit and other Newfoundland traditional musicians.

* Dacent Folk is a picture gallery of many famous and anonymous Irish traditional musicians put together by Jim Maginn

* The Session is a stylish new site featuring a new tune (in gif or abc formats) and some notes every week.

* The Flow is a new site for flute players, concentrating of different styles of play.

* The Shamrock Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a local events page.

* Claddagh Records' montly newsletter for November.

* Kevin McCarthy has a new website with reviews of celtic and folk music CDs.

* There are several new songs included in the Ceolas Clannad lyrics pages.

* Concertina.Net has extensive information and reviews on the Anglo Concertina and Irish music.

* New Musician sites:


* Over the past few months, the Irish Times has featured interviews with musicians Martin Hayes, Donal Lunny, and John Spillane (Cork folk singer from Nomos), a feature on Comhaltas Ceolteoiri Eireann head Labhrás Ó Murchú, and a report on the summer school held in honour of Mrs. Lizzy Crotty, the Co. Clare concertina player.

* abc tune-of-the-month has a new tune every month in abc format, from Jerry Holland and Brenda Stubbert.

* CelticEvents.Com lists celtic music happenings in the Colorado region.

*A personal analysis of the fiddle playing of seminal fiddlers Paddy Canny, Julia Clifford, Franie Gavin and Tommy Peoples, by Bernie Stocks.

* New Musician sites:

*New Festival Announcements:


* Appalachian celtic links galore at the Celtic Republic of Appalachia site.

* August edition of the Claddagh new releases newsletter..

*New Musician sites:


* Celtic Music in Waterloo/Kitchener area of Canada.

* Claddagh's July newsletter.

* Site covering Galician music, (in Spanish).

*New Festival Announcements:

*New Musician sites:


* Ceol Zone contains some recordings and MIDIs of Co. Leitrim style music by Brian O Callaghan

* Irish Times report on the London Fleadh, one of the biggest celtic music events of the year.

* Tulloch Gorm is a reference site for Scottish and Cape Breton traditional music.

New musician pages:

* New Festival Announcements:


* Celtic'Sons is a Breton music site with extensive listings for Breton musicians and a gig calendar.

* The Irish Times has a nice review of acclaimed Irish traditional band Dervish.

* Hugh O'Conor has written an interesting online essay on Music and Verse in the Irish Tradition.

* The 'Scottish Jedi' (!) site has MIDI versions of 60 traditional Scotish tunes.

* New musician pages:

* New Festival Announcements:


* A collection of about 50 lyrics to Irish songs, some as Gaelige, from Darryl Pierce.

* Version 2.1 of the Fiddler's Companion, Andrew Kuntz's mammoth listing of over 35,000 published fiddle tunes.

*Now even albums have their own websites! I'm not considering covering all of them here, but The Bridges of Cape Breton County(s), is a particularly nice one, featuring the fiddle playing of many of the greats of Cape Breton music.

* A site by 'Niklas and Hasse' has a few dozen Irish tunes with both midi and staff notation displayed.

* New musician pages:

* New Festival Announcements:


* Irish Music magazine has a nifty website, with details for each issue,some online-only articles, tourdates, links and more.

* Folkworld is an online bilingual magazine (English and German) covering folk and trad music in mainland Europe mostly: CD and concert reviews, news and gossip, and an extensive links section.

* The website at has a decent collection of lyrics and MIDI files for Scottish, Irish and Welsh tunes, amongst others; more MIDI tunes in a traditional collection from Robert Blakeley

* The monthly Claddagh newsletter is out; Clannad fans check out the rescue and reissue of their first album ever!.

* Festival Pages:

* New musician pages:


* The monthly Claddagh newsletter has resumed.

* Brad Hurley's expanded flute guide has moved to a new home.

* New musician pages:

* New festival pages:

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