What's New on Ceolas and other celtic music sites: 1996 archive


* Bernard Chenery has released ABCplay, a Windows player for ABC files.

* The seasonal Pick of the Month is Celtic Spirit from Narada Records, a luscious treat of of Christmas and other celtic spiritual music music from Aoife Ni Fhearraigh, Connie Dover, Billy Jackson and others...

* Richard Robinson's Tunebook is now in it's fourth edition, bigger and better than ever, with both picture (.gif) files of tunes and abc versions.

* The December edition of Claddagh Record's newsletter of new celtic releases is available.

* Erick Fal'cher has updated his French language celtic music site at Ceolas.


* CelticMusic.Com is a new ezine/celtic music site hosted by celtophile Dan Beimborn. Looks very promising!

* The november edition of Claddagh Record's newsletter of new celtic releases is available.

* Brad Hurley's Ceolas Flute guide is updated with a new section of interviews.

* New musician pages:


* Texan readers should check out the Austin Celtic Music Network and Celtic Texas Homepage for the local low-down.

* The Irish Traditional Music Archive is now online.

* The October edition of Claddagh Record's newsletter of new celtic releases is available.

* Fans of the Irish traditional/early music group Anúna now have their own club.

* A new release from fiddler Theo Paige; the site has background and sound clips.

* A new 'official' site for Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann in Ireland with information on branches around the world.

* Richard Jordan has several dozen celtic dance tunes in midi format.

* New music software: ab2ps (converter from abc format to postscript) is upgraded to version 1.2.2 and a Macintosh verson (0.5) of abc2midi (abc to MIDI converter) program is now available.

* Playford's Dancing Master, a tune collection from 1651 is now available in abc format, thanks to Michael Robinson.

* New musician pages:


* Viva Voce is Harry Bradshaw's Irish record label, "devoted to the reissue of recordings made by Irish traditional performers during the opening decades of this century".

* A new collection of tunes in bagpipe.tex format and a home page for bagpipe.tex.

* Update to the fiddle bibliography by Richard Mende.

* Read an interview with top Irish fiddler Martin Hayes, reproduced by kind permission of Fiddler magazine. This is a great piece, with a lot of insight into Martin's playing, and about the state and future of traditional music.

* The Donegal fiddling style is the subject of Larry Sanger's new site.

* Maggie's Music now has a Web catalog featuring latest releases, upcoming events, artist biographies, and sound samples. Artists include: Bonnie Rideout, Karen Ashbrook, Al Petteway, Robin Bullock, Sue Richards, Ceoltoiri, Maggie Sansone, and Ensemble Galilei.

* Flute-maker Chris Wilkes has a home page with some information on his flutes.

* New musician pages:


* After many long months of preparation, we are proud to annouce the trial edition of the IrishNet directory, a searchable database of Irish resources, organizations and businesses in America. Check it out and let us know what you think!

* The Irish Music Store is the first fully-fledged Web music store specializing in Irish music, with about 2,000 titles available and a special-order service for other items.

* The August issue of the Claddagh Records' new releases newsletter is out.

* New promo pages:


* Pick of the Month is Celtic Treasure, a great collection of Carolan tunes from traditional and non-so-traditional musicians.

* For some light relief, try a hilarious piece by Bill Black on The Regulars Discuss Traditional Singing.

* Lyrics of Clannad's more traditional songs, with translations, in table format.

* Finally! Macintosh users have an easy way to view and print tunes written in abc format: Wil Macaulay has released his Macintosh version of abc2ps (abc to postscript converter).

* Empty your heart of its mortal dream isn't an injunction you hear every day, but it is the title of Distant Oaks' new (second) CD. The site has .au and .wav sound samples.

* Version 1.2 of Micheal Methfessel's abc2ps program for converting abc-format tunes to postscript is now available.

* Henrik Norbeck's is expanding his abc-format tune collection to one thousand tunes.

* A new page for ambient/celtic group Nightnoise

* The July issue of the New Releases newsletter from Claddagh is out, with new CDs from Arcady, Four Men & a Dog, Altan and more.

* New promo pages:


* Lyrics to many Scottish songs, courtesy of Ken McGirr.

* Midi <-> abc converters programs by James Allwright to convert from Midi to abc and abc to Midi. Available as C source code or as binaries for PCs.

* The June issue of Claddagh Records' new releases is out.

* New promo pages:


* Review and sound samples of Meitheal a great new album of trad. dance tunes by Seamus Begley & Steve Cooney.

* Ceolas is happy to announce an online, searchable edition of The Fiddler's Companion by Andrew Kuntz, a new annotated index of over 20,000 fiddle tunes.

* New promo pages:


* Pick of the Month this month goes to The Coming of Spring, a bright and cheerful solo album by Cliff Moses on hammered dulcimer.

* The 1996 listings of music festivals in Ireland is now available.

* Erick Falc'her has set up some Web pages on Irish traditional music, including a bibliography, an introductory discography and several French articles from his upcoming thesis.

* The Ceolas tour schedules sevice has been revamped, with a new page listing tour schedules for each artist, a new format for the state-by-state listings, and daily updates to the database.

* Gary Newman has a new listing of celtic music events in Alaska.

* New Promo pages (Canada month!):


* To kick of the month, we have the first Pick of the Month, which will be a monthly review of a new album release, including sound samples from the album. The Pick this month is Celtic Voices from Narada records, a compilation from singers Mary McLaughlin, Connie Dover, Mairéid Sullivan and Emma Christian.

* Iona Records one of the main Scottish traditional record companies is now online.

* George's Music is now selling (fairly cheaply) fonts that show different notes in tabulature format, for tin whistle or harmonica.

* It's finally here! The long awaited MacABC gives Mac users the ability to typeset and print tunes in abc format.

* Rob Minchin has a page or two on those legendary folkies, the Dubliners.

* A Ceolas profile on Kevin Burke one of Ireland's greatest fiddlers and member of many groups, from the Bothy Band and Patrick Street to his own group, Open House.

* More abc goodies! Michael Methfessel has written abc2ps, a C program that converts directly from abc format to postscript, for printing. No Mac or PC versions yet, but it's easy to compile on a Unix machine.

* Celts in DC is a listing of celtic music and dance happenings in the Washington, DC area.

* A new (hypertext) edition of the Ceolas flute guide by Brad Hurley.

* Michael Moll's folk pages (English and German) cover celtic as well as folk music in Germany.

* Dan Beimborn has a quick note on bouzoukist (!) Roger Landes.

* New Promo pages:


* Ceilis for Guelph organises Ceili's (Irish traditional dances) in Guelph, Ontario.

* Bernie Stocks has written book 2 of his abc-format collection of lesser-known traditional tunes, with a postscript version for those who just wish to print it out. European users may get it faster from Bernie's tunes page.

* Bill McKenty's tin whistle site (good!)

* Olivier Salaun's site for Breton Music has lyrics for Irish and Breton tunes, instrument information and many other links.

* Thirty Below/Trente Sous Zero has all the low-down on folk and celtic music in Quebec.

* More links for English folk happenings, this time in Leicestershire.

* The Highland Pipes and Drums band from North Carolina have a Web page with some audio clips.

* The Colorado Folk Harp Society are online (and graphics-heavy!).

* County Mayo are an Irish ballad group based in Pennsylvania.

* Manuel Carro has a site devoted to the Galician bagpipe, or gaita.

* The Celtic Klezmer Concert is a newly released recording featuring bands and artists from the D.C. area.

* The Cornish Media Archive has music and much more from Cornwall, a celtic region in the southwest of England.

* Celtic Music Scribe extraordinaire Steve Winnick has a site with his articles from Dirty Linen and Sing Out, on Cherish the Ladies, Mick Moloney Tommy Sands and more.

* Pages in Spanish on celtic/Spanish folk group Celtas Cortos

* A fan site for the Saw Doctors, a rousing folk/pop/trad/whatever Irish group.

* A new summer school (Jul/Aug) in traditional music in Cape Breton, the Ceilidh Trail School of Music, with an impressive list of instructors from Ireland, Scotland and America. Close by will be the Irish Week by the Sea, in Beach Meadows, Nova Scotia.

* Promo pages for


* A guide to celtic and other folk sessions in Buckinghamshire and environs, England, and another for Sussex.

* Two new collections of celtic tunes in MIDI format, courtesy of Brian Hicks and Aine Sheridan.

* Dan Beimborn does it again, with a new Cittern Website.

* David Daye's Bagpipe site, covering Scottish and Uilleann pipes.

* A New list of places to hear traditional music in Ireland.

* New promo pages for: