What's New on Ceolas and other celtic sites: Feb-Dec 1995


* New musician's home pages include Tempest, The Mollys, Poteen, Ceili House Band and Mary Jane Lammond.
* Brodie Lockard has put together a very nice page on fiddler extraordinaire Martin Hayes.
* The New Road are a new Irish/Scottish band from Atlanta, Georgia, with a nice Web page.
* Art Edelstein has written a book about the great Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan, and has put some excerpts up on his web page.
* Richard Darsie has extended his TuneWeb to create Tune of the Week with a new tunes in gif format, plus background information, every week.


* ScotsWeb looks like a new marketing site for companies involved in Scottish folk music. It's a bit graphics-heavy for such a slow link, but promises lot of new material soon.
* Top Scottish band Capercaillie have their own promotional pages now. As with ScotsWeb, lots of slow graphics, so you may wish to turn off automatic graphics loading.
* New York's punk/rock/trad band Black '47 not only have their own Web page, they even have their own internet domain.
* Griffin Music, makers of Hammered Dulcimers are now on the Web, with dulcimer information galore.
* Chris Ricker has a collection of fiddle tunes popular in Canada, in abc format.
* An updated profile of Sweeney's Men, the groundbreaking instrumental group of the late sixties, by Jeff Rice.


* The North Texas Irish Festival, one of the biggest Irish music festivals in the world now has it's own Web site.
* Yet another Pogues website.
* New Scottish music sites for folk singer and songwriter Dougie McLean and pop/folk group Runrig.
* Other groups with new home pages include Connemara, from Newfoundland, Claddagh Ring, from Wichita, Kansas, and Chicago-area Celtic Rock Band Celtic Aire.
* Noel Fahy has a discography of his favorite 100 Irish CDs on the Web.
* Drew Ivan has written a handy guide to drawing celtic knotwork.
* The Fianna Rua homepage has moved, and its author, Liam Hart has started an (currently) small archive of Irish songs, with words and abc notation.
* New collections of abc tunes from Kevin Derrane, and arrangements by Paddy O'Brien (in abc and postscript formats) are available from the tunes page.
* George's Music in British Columbia, Canada specialises in acoustic and celtic instruments, and has their catalog online.
* The Irish Weavers are a folk/cabaret group from Cork. Beware of slow link and heavy graphics in this page!
* House of Musical Traditions a shop/mail order business in Maryland, USA. Their Web pages have catalog information and bits and pieces about various instruments, recordings and local concerts.


* Clarke one of the original brands of tin whistle, now has a page on the net.
* The Scottish group Old Blind Dogs now have a fairly comprehensive Web site maintained by Brodie Lockard.
* The Irish World Music Centre at University of Limerick, the re-incarnation of Micheal O Suilleabhain's famed traditional music program at University College Cork, is now on the Web.
* New Anglo Concertina site, by David Glenn, with fancy graphics, fingering and all kinds of other goodies.
* Jim Vint has created abc2win a new Windows programs that transforms abc notation to regular staff notation, and displays and prints it. To go along with it, Bernie Stocks has contributed a collection of 99 lesser-known Irish traditional tunes in abc format.
* Distant Oaks of North California now have a Web site with a bunch of information and some cuts from their debut album.
* University of Massachusetts are having their annual Eisteddfod at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Sep 22-24.
* Laura Risk & Athena Tergis are the makings of a fiddle duo based in Northern California. Their home page has sound clips from their album as well as the usual other info.
* Fianna Rua is a 5-piece celtic group from Kentucky. This page has some basic information and promises pictures and sound clips soon.
* Tory Voodoo is a Florida-based vocal/guitar duo playing celtic/folk music with everything from electric to Hawaiian influences. This promo site has a biography, reviews and sound clips.
* Results of the 1995 Fleadh Ceoil, the largest festival/competition in Irish traditional music, courtesy of David James.
* Loreena McKennitt FAQ in Web format.


* The TuneIndex has been updated and now indexes over 35,000 tunes in about 200 published sources.
* Dan Beimborn now has a classified used instrument sales page going on the Web.
* Web page for Susan McKeown/Chanting House.
* An embryonic listing of places to hear celtic music around the world. Contributions welcome!
* A truly beautiful new website for the Irish group Clannad, by John Whatmough.
* Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, the main organisation for Irish traditional musicians, now has a Web site.
* Sony Music have a Web page for Davy Spillane's album, A Place Among the Stones.
* Heather Alexander, the Californian celtic singer and fiddler, late of Phoenyx, now has her own comprehensive Web site.
* New tune page, bringing together information on tune collections and software at Ceolas and elsewhere.
* All-Ireland champions, Karen and Kevin Devane have their own Web page with an audio sample of Karen's playing.


* A guide to the music of Brittany.
* A searchable index of trad tunebooks, with over 30,000 entries, courtesy of James Stewart.
* Guide to the instruments used in celtic music.
* New Pogues Web site.
* All bagpipe.tex tunes now available in postscript format.
* New Web sites for the Chieftains and young Irish players Maureen and Brendan Browne.
* All bagpipe.tex tunes now available in postscript format.


* The first edition of a list of bagpipe teachers around the world.
* Updated discographies for the Corries, Dubliners and Dick Gaughan.
* Many new bagpipe tunes in postscript (ps) format in /pub/tunes/tunes.bagpipe.tex. [Note: postscript files were deleted on July 1998, to save space]
* Profiles of the Bothy Band, Four Men and a Dog and Micheal O Suilleabhain.


* Review and Sound Samples of Narada's two celtic music sampler albums.
* Our tour schedules are now available as individual files for each artist.
* Major update to the list of Internet Sources for celtic music.
* Update to the sessions list.
* New collection of 85 abc-formatted tunes from John Walsh in sessionTunesII.abc
* List of musical festivals in Ireland for 1995.


* Updates to the radio, session and magazine listings.
* A Discography of Scottish singer Dick Gaughan.
* A guide to some celtic music resources in Spain.
* A sample sheet of old and new images of celtic art (~50kb).
* Over a dozen new tunes in Peter Rayner's collections of abc tunes.
* A Harmonica Discography, from Rick Gagne.


* A report on the Celtic Connection megafestival in Edinburgh, by Candy Schwartz and one on the San Francisco celtic music festival by Gerard Manning.
* Not quite musical, but in the US, President Clinton has declared March to be Irish-American heritage month. Here's his proclamation.
* Get a calendar of celtic music events for your state delivered for free by email every month, or check out the current listings for each state.
* Craig Cockburn, longtime contributor to rec.music.celtic is throwing his voice out on the netwaves! Here is a 450kb sound file of Craig singing a song which he introduces in Gallic, in au, wave or aiff formats.
* Program for the 1995 convention of Comhaltas Ceolteoiri Eireann in New York at the end of April.
* Guide to making your own tin whistle.
* A package of files that let you view and print tunes in abc notation on a Windows PC without using TeX, from Alan Ng.
* A new release (1.4) of abc2mtex.
* The collection of bagpipe.tex tunes are being gradually converted into postscript format by Walt Slac - look for the .ps files in this directory.
* David James has written a guide to accompanying Irish traditional music.
* Also new versions of the radio programs listing and the Christy Moore discography.


* An anonymous contribution of monochrome celtic art designs.
* Updated Corries discography.
* Updated sessions list

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