The TuneIndex: Changes

This is the latest edition of the index of tunes.
This version has added tunes to bring the total up to about 55,238 entries.

One important change has been made. Each tune is preceded by an entry number. This has become necessary because a) a number of people have made inquiries or offered corrections for entries and it this is easier to do if the particular entry can be uniquely identified, b) the software used (notably Alpha4) has a mysterious tendency to duplicate entries so unique numbers make checking for this problem easier, and c)I am beginning to acquire some additional information such as melody lines in abc2mtex format which some day may be merged with this information, a process facilitated by unique identifiers. The index actually began with such entry numbers which were later dropped. The (very few) people who have copies of this original version will find that the new numbers are different.

There are a couple of known problems with the current version: 1. There is some confusion among the various versions of Ross's collection for the pipes.
2. There is some confusion about one of Logan's pipe books.
3. There may be duplicate entries for the Piper's delight.
4. The case of the entries is inconsistent. I have consistently tried to keep with an orthodox title usage. Some contributed information is all in capitols and Pekaar's contributions are in dbase's title case, in which, all words are capitalized. Undoubtedly, there are other problems. If you notice any please draw them to my attention. Time does not permit exhaustive proof reading.

If you are publishing a book which you would like to have included please send me the book or the information in dbase or spreadsheet form (DOS only). I will be happy to add your information to this index.

If you have any additional information, suggestions, additions, corrections, of questions please contact me at I only check this account weekly, so be patient.

I will be moving soon, but I can always receive snail mail at:

	James Stewart
	1913 Winchester
	Champaign, Illinois 61821

The TuneIndex

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