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Irish Music

Monthly covering Irish traditional music in it's various incarnations. Very robust articles, and a good eye for digging below the surface. Probably the best publication on the Irish side of celtic music.
Subscription Details
Cost for 1 year/12 issue subscription

Subscription address

Irish Music Magazine         US Distributors
11 Clare St.                      Ossian USA
Dublin 2                          118 Beck Road
Ireland                           Louden, NH 03301
ph. +353-1-662-4887               email: 
fax +353-1-662-4886
email (Sean Laffey, editor)
Irish Music is now available in the US through Tower Records, Borders, and Barnes & Noble stores.

The Living Tradition

Scottish based bimonthly magazine, covering Scottish and other celtic music, song and dance. The Living Tradition takes over from the Scottish Folk Gazette, which continues as an insert in Scottish subscriptions. 60 pages.
Subscription: Stg24 for two years/12 issues + sampler CD (UK), Stg30 (Europe), Stg 36 (USA/Canada) or Stg42 elsewhere.
The Living Tradition
P.O. Box 1026
Kilmarnock KA2 OLG

Foreign distributors include:
Wodenship Productions,
P.O. Box 126
East Chatam, NY 12060

Glenashdale Music,
P.O. Box 70504
Dundas St. East
Ontario L1N 2L1

14 Starcap Place
Quinns Rock, W.A. 6030

Dirty Linen

Dirty Linen is the best known American folk magazine, covering the range from world music to folk-rock to traditional folk, including a fair helping of celtic music. Many record and concert reviews, and a calendar which is also accessible by modem or internet (see Internet Sources guide for details). ~100 pages, bimonthly.
Subscription: US$20/yr (US and Cananda), elsewhere is $24 (surface) or $30 (airmail). Accept Visa and Mastercard.
Dirty Linen
PO Box 66600
Baltimore, MD 21239-6600
ph. 410-583-7973
fax 410-337-6735

European Distributor:
Blackfriars Music
49 Blackfriars Street
Edinburgh EH1 1NB
ph. 031-557-3090
fax 031-556-2552

Folk Roots

English based folk magazine with plenty of celtic coverage and and good listings of concerts and festivals. Ten issues per year; Jan/Feb and Aug/ Sep are double issues, and include a sampler CD. New subs get three back issues and continuing 2-years subs get a free CD from a selected list.

Rates (in pounds sterling)     1 year      2 years
Europe airmail                   31          62
America, Africa airmail          45          90
Australia, New Zealand,          48          96
Japan, Far East airmail
Surface mail worldwide           31          62

Visa/Mastercard/Access subs are 5% extra.
In the US, Folk Roots is available in retail outlets, including some
Tower records stores and Barnes & Nobles booksellers.

Folk Roots
PO Box 337
London N4 1TW
ph. +44-181-340-9651
fax +44-181-348-5626

Rock 'n' Reel

Quarterly, about 40 pages, in tabloid format. Ranges from traditional to celtic rock.
Subscription: Stg5(UK); elsewhere Stg7(surface) or Stg10 (airmail)
Rock 'n' Reel
8 Dent Place
Cleator Moor
Cumbria CA25 5EE

Hot Press

Biweekly magazine covering all aspects of Irish music and current gossip, including trad and popular trad bands. 50 pages in tabloid layout.
Subscription: IR30 (Ireland), Stg30 (UK), Ir45 (Europe), US$90 (US/Canada), Ir85(elsewhere).
Hot Press
13 Trinity Street
Dublin 2
ph. 01 6795077

US Distributor:
Osnovina Ltd
c/o Stanley Plitt
230 East 44th Street
New York, NY  10017


This quarterly is brought out by Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann (the main body co-ordinating Irish traditional music) for it's members. Subscription is $20 p.a. in North America.


Strassenmusikfestival Leipzig e.V.
Kriemhildstr. 12
04279 Leipzig
German magazine covering folk and celtic music and dance, includes good festivals and workshops listings for all of Europe. Quartely, with four calendar supplements.
Subscription: DM25 (Germany), DM30 (elsewhere)

Bro Nevez

Quarterly, 40-50 pages of photocopied laserprint. Mainly deals with the Breton language, but also has several music reviews and reprints of Breton catalogs, giving the best English-language coverage of Breton music that I know of. Subscription includes membership in the US International Committee for the Defence of the Breton Language.
Subscriptions: $15 (US/Canada); elsewhere $20 (surface) or $25 (airmail)
ICDBL/Bro Nevez
169 Greenwood Avenue, B-4
Jenkintown, PA 19046.

Cape Breton's Magazine

Covers history and culture, including music, of the Cape Breton Region of Nova Scotia. Quarterly? Subscription CDN$15 (Canada), US$19 elsewhere
Cape Breton's Magazine
Wreck Cove
Cape Breton
Nova Scotia B0C 1H0

The Atlantic Celtic Quarterly

Twenty-four page quarterly with interviews, history colum, reviews and events in the Atlanta area.
Subscription: By donation, minimum of $7 is suggested.
The Atlanta Celtic Festival Inc
PO Box 564
Decautur, GA 30031-0564
Editor: John Adcox ( 

Am Bràighe

Gaelic culture in Nova Scotia, Canada. Quarterly, rates are $15 CDN or $13 USD

Magazines dedicated to particular instruments

(details of accordion and harp magazines can be found in the FAQs for those instruments)

Banjo Newsletter

Monthly, subscription: $22/yr
Banjo Newsletter
PO Box 3418
Annapolis, MD  21403
ph. 800-759-7425
email: (Donald Nitchie)

The Mandocrucian's Digest

(quarterly mandolin magazine) Subscription: 12 (US); elsewhere US$16 (surface); US$20 (airmail)
The Mandocrucian's Digest
P.O. Box 3585
Winchester, VA 22604. 

Classical Mandolin Society of America Newsletter

Subscription: $25 (includes membership).
Classical Mandolin Society of America
c/o Norman Levine
P.O. Box 10171
Arlington, VA  22210

Fiddler Magazine

Quarterly magazine, edited by Mary Larsen, first issue had a great interview with Martin Hayes, plus music, reviews, calendar and various features.
Subscription: $14 (US), $18 (Canada/Mexico), $20 (elsewhere)
Fiddler Magazine
PO Box 125
Los Altos, CA 94022

Woodwind Quarterly

Quarterly, ~120 pages in book format, very well produced, covering design, manufacture, repair etc. of all woodwinds. The one issue I have has articles both on the Tin Whistle and the 'Irish' flute (by Hammy Hamilton)
Subscription: $36 (US), $40 (Canada), other ($46), discount for 
multi-year sub.
Woodwind Quarterly
1513 Old CC Road
Colville, WA 99114
ph. 509-935-4875
fax 509-935-6835 (daytime)
Ed. Scott Hirsch

The Reed & Chanter

The Reed & Chanter is a bi-monthly Celtic music publication available for subscription from Gael Force Imports. $14.00 per year (buy 2 and receive a 3rd free) All subscribers receive 12% off all music/books/videos from Gael Force Imports. (about $2.00 off CD's) filled with reviews, interviews, schedules and gaelic language articles.


Online folk/trad magazine in German and English, run by the Mollis. Good source to find out what's happening in mainland Europe.

Other relevant resources

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