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About The Author
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Brent Santin lives in Southern Ontario, Canada, where he works in the museum field and performs traditional music. Brent plays the Irish flute, tin whistle, the bones and the bodhran. He is currently a member of the celtic music duo "GreanStalk" and the band "The Hoolies". Brent can be contacted via e-mail at ''.

1. Introduction
2. Making the Rim - Method One
3. Making the Rim - Method Two
4. Mounting the Skin - Method One
5. Mounting the Skin - Method Two
6. Mounting the Skin - Method Three
7. My reflections on these methods
8. Making A Steam Box
9. Making A Rim Mould
10. Making A Beater
11. Maintaining Your Bodhran
12. Tuning a Non-tuneable Bodhran
13. Sources for pre-cured Skins
14. In Conclusion
15. Also Available
16. Article Distribution

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