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GreanStalk: Dratsville

*Dratsville Picture* If you're interested in hearing how my first bodhran sounded, for $10 you can purchase "Dratsville", an album of traditional music that I recorded as part of the duo "GreanStalk". The album features my good buddy Jim Maxwell on guitar, mandola and vocals and myself on Irish flute, tin whistle, bones and bodhran. Here is what it contains:

1. East at Glendart/The Humours of Corofin (jigs), 2. Tansey's Fancy/Vincent Campbell's (jigs), 3. Blackamutt Jack, 4. Song of the Ghost (lament), 5. The Monaghan Jig, 6. The Night After We Slaughtered Seals, 7. Cooley's Reel/The Tarbolton Lodge, 8. The Flowing Tide/The Morning Star (reels).

Approximate running time: 30 minutes. Currently only available on cassette.

For a sample of "Dratsville" have a listen to this .WAV file (605K)...

If you wish to order any of the above, please write to me at:

Brent Santin
6 Jerome Crescent
Brampton, Ontario
L6S 2H1

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