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So far, these are almost entirely Irish, but this was not intended to be a limitation. If you know of Scottish sessions, Cape Breton sessions, Welsh sessions, or even Breton sessions (is there such a thing?), label them appropriately and plug 'em in. I suppose there should be some limits though, so I'll draw the line at those things that are "celtic" and decide the specifics on the fly. I doubt I'll be too picky until this list gets big anyway. In general, this list is for people who want to find a place to _play_. This is NOT a concert listing, nor is it a list of places to dance (unless the band lets visitors play on a walk-in basis). Perhaps we need seperate lists for these?

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	--Establishment, (street address), 
	has sessions every third tuesday of the month, starting 
	at 7am and ending around 8am the following wednesday.
	[. . . <insert as much information as 
	                  you can conveniently provide> . . . ]

	Contact: [name] [email_address] [phone_number]
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Lastly, if you happen to be passing through Providence, RI and feel like playing a few tunes, drop me a line or give me a call, and we'll see what we can arrange!




        --The Phoenix, East Row, Civic, Canberra, Australia. Starts
	around 9 until 1130 or later Friday and Sunday nights. Very
        crowded on Friday, less so on Sunday. Mainly Irish and beginners 
        get a fair go at Sunday's session.
	--Leinster Arms, Gold St. Collingwood, has sessions Sundays
	5-6pm till midnight.  They tend to be pretty much straight
	Irish with, at the moment around 15 players.  Quite high
	quality with tendencies to obscure tunes.

	--Carlysle Castle Hotel, Newtown, has informal sessions from
	8:30pm till late.  All musicians and singers welcome.  When
	you see the Red-Haired girl you know you are at the right
	place.  All kinds of music is welcome with the focus on Irish.

	--Kitty O'Shea's Oxford St Paddington has a session from 3.00
	til 6.00 with musicians and singers featuring almost
	exclusively Irish tunes and songs.


BC: ----------------------

Vancouver, BC: 

	--CB Vets Legion, last Friday of the month at Broadway
	and Cambie, contact Kevin Dooley.
 		From: David Dalton <>

	--the W.I.S.E. pub, 254-5858, Sunday jams 5--9 p.m.  usually
	mix of celtic music, acoustic blues and folk, varies.
 		From: David Dalton <>

MANITOBA: --------------------

	--The Irish Club (On Erin St. in Winnepeg's West End) holds
	sessions on the first Tuesday of each month starting around
	9pm in the upstairs pub part of the Club and its a great room
	with great acoustics. I've played there three times and the
	layers vary from intermediate to very very skilled.  There was
	also a good mix of players including a banjo, two accordians,
	three flute players and three fiddlers and about three or four
	whistle players.

	Allan Meltzer <>

	Aaron Newman adds:
	[Sessions at the Irish club] begin 8-ish, with a good-sized
	group of people in attendence(~20).  I'm the guitarist with
	long hair.Say hi.  Also, there's a harper's circle at the same
	location on the last thursday of every month.  I've never been,
	so I can't say much more other than I know some great harpers
	who go.


NEW BRUNSWICK: ---------------------

Saint John:
        -- The Royal Canadian Legion. Charlotte Street . Saint John
        Ref: Stuart B Hook.  506-847-0010

NEWFOUNDLAND: ----------------------

St. John's: 

	--The Blarneystone, on George Street.  This pub also features
	Celtic music most nights of the week - 7 days a week during
	the summer months.However Wednesday nights are more eclectic
	and the Folk Club welcomes any "Folk" who want to sing or
	play.  You may here Celtic, The Blues, Recitations, Classical,
	you name it we've got it!!
	From: "Fergus A. OByrne " <>

	--The Ship Inn, Time 4:30 pm, Saturdays (may move to Sundays)
	Relatively new session hosted by Rob Murphy (flute player with
	Tickle Harbour) Well attended just now!

NOVA SCOTIA: --------------------------


	--Gus,s Pub (902-902-423-7786) ,on the corner of north and
	agricola st. Every monday eve.  usually beginning around 8:30
	lasting until 12:00 or 1:00am.The music is Irish Traditional
	with the usual regional cape breton set as well,but basically
	it is kept within the Irish theme. The music is usually high
	spirited but not at breakneck speed(We are trying to slow
	down) allthough sometimes it can really zip along at a good
	clip.the stronger players usually start it off with myself on
	fiddle Jon goodman and Sean dempsey on flute and whistles rob
	gordon on guitar and Bouzouki and Marc Currie on Bodrhan.  All
	players are welcome both novice and experienced alike,no egos
	that I know of as yet??? It can be imposing at times to new
	players but it only seems like that

                           From: Tino Bonomo
                           Tel. 902-477-8420
                           Gus,s Pub. 902-902-423-7786

ONTARIO: ----------------------


	-- The Irish Folk Music Club holds a mainly traditional
	session each Month on the First Friday, commencing
	approximately 8:00 p.m. and continuing until the hanging of
	the last dog.  The usual venue is the RCHA Club at the corner
	of Ontario and Clarence St. in Kingston.  The venue sometimes
	changes at the last minute so it is sometimes wise to phone in
	advance until one is on the mailing list.  If you plan on
	attending, call me at the numbers below:

	Jack Hickman
	Personally Guided Tours of Historic Kingston, Ontario
	Voice 613 546-7597
	Fax 613 546-3468

     Monday night starting about 8:30   -   Rasputin's 696 Bronson Avenue 
     Tuesday night starting about 9:30  -   Celtic Cross 265 Bank Street 
     Thursday night-Starting about 8:30 -   Cock Robin 56 Byward Market     
     All sessiuns are mainly Irish and Scots but Cape Breton, Ottawa Valley 
     and Quebecios traditions are represented. There is a good variety of 
     chorded instruments, flutes fiddles and even a hammered dulcimer 
     represented at all Ottawa sessiuns.

	Call Allan Meltzer at (613) 565-3635 or 
      		e-mail   for more information.


Hong-Kong: (ok, I know it's not really IN China--yet.  But it's more
	geographically consistent this way)

	--The Hermitage, 42 Kennedy Road, has a mixed tunes session
	every 3rd Thursday of the month, starting at 8pm.  All acoustic
	instruments/types are welcome, but the emphasis tends to be British
	Isles music.
	Update:  The bar is being pulled down in July, and no new home 
	has been found...

	--Delaney's, every Sunday afternoon at 3-ish (3:45 is common).
	It is hosted by what the management likes to call the 'Delaney's
	Boys', young talented Irish musicians brought out on contract.
	Music is mainly Irish.  All players are welcome, but should be
	forewarned that breakneck speed is the norm.

	From: Jon Glusman <>


	--The Man in the Moon on Norfolk St. has Sunday Irish sessions.

	"L." Berman <> adds:
		The sessions here usually start around 9.30pm.
	Variable but fairly formal almost entirely Irish with
	occassional Shetland and Scottish tune.

	--Royal Standard in Mill Road.....Much more give and take at
	this one. Also mainl-Irish but non Irish Tunes are slightly
	more accepted here. Beginners marginally-more welcome than at
	the Sunday session but they need to show respect and
	From: "L." Berman <>

Chesterfield, Derbyshire:

	--The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires has sessions on most
	saturday nights.  These are usually hosted by one of the
	locals and take the form of a singaround or playaround,
	depending on who is in.  Sort of halfway between folk club and
	session I suppose.  Occasionally they have a pipers
	getogether.  A classic, unchanged (Elizabethan?)  pub out on
	the moors.  Fine ales and plenty of local colour...

	--The Greyhound in Pica(?) has a session on the 3rd Sunday of
	each month.  Phone 946 861 235.
	--The Queens Hotel in St Bees has a session on the first
	Sunday of each month.  Phone 946 823 997

	--Old Friends pub, Soutergate, Ulverston, Cumbria,
	LA12.England, has a session from 9pm on.  fiddles, concertina,
	flute, guitar, bodhran (a good one!) - very friendly session,
	people usually travel a fair distance so it's very social.
	Feel free to contact people if you are passing through on
	other days, as it's not out of the question to quickly convene
	is musicians are passing through...

	Contact: Gordon Jones (guitar) e-mail

Durham: --Colpitts Hotel has trad sessions on a Monday night.

	--The Red Lion pub (officially in Little Tingewick but
	no-one's heard of that) every month. Next one is 10th of Feb.

	From:    Dave Gabol <dgabol@LHR-SYS.BRU-RO.DHL.COM>

Butley, Suffolk:
	-- The Oyster Inn, on the B1084, tel. (0394) 450790, it is
	near Woodbridge, between the old RAF Bentwaters and RAF
	Woodbridge bases. Every Sunday evening, beginning at 9pm till
	Contact: bob norway <>

Ipswich, Suffolk: --Lord Nelson on Fore street has sessions every
	tuesday.  Contact <> for info.

	Ed: This is not really a trad session (people play anything
	from music hall stuff to Jethro Tull and REM--with a little
	trad here and there), but I included it anyway... There's not
	enough in this list to be too picky yet.  

Faversham, Kent: 
	--The Bear Inn, Market Place.  Session every Thursday 21:00
	onwards. The session is mostly of Irish music
	but nobody gets turned away for playing other sorts.  All
	levels of ability are encouraged.
	Contact: John Drouot <>

	--The Tap and Spile has a Northumbrian session on the last
	tuesday of each month, starting around 8pm.

	--The Ship in Wylam has Border and Scottish Smallpipe sessions
	on the 1st Thursday of each month.

	--The 6 Bells... Friday eves. It was quite cozy when I was
	there, well kept beer, nice crowd response, small, free pints
	(on the whim of the owners, which was quite generous when I
	was there)
		From:    Edward A Beimborn <beimborn@CSD4.CSD.UWM.EDU>

	--Three Mariners, on Wednesday nights. Fiddles and banjoes
	predominate, with the odd whistle and flute.

	--Jolly Miller on Conduit Street, Leicester, England every
	Tuesday. A variety of musicians attend, including two or three
	flutes, two concertina players, and several whistle players.

	--The Tap and Spile has Sunday lunchtime (12-3pm) sessions.


	--The Feathers Inn in Hedley on the Hill in Stocksfield has a
	session on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Phone 661 832614
	for info

	--The Cumberland Arms in Byker has irish sessions on Sunday
	lunchtimes (at least).  Excellent beers, friendly environment
	and (now) a good floor.

	--The Irish Centre near Blackfriars has Friday night sessions.
	Phone 91 232 9422.

	--The Tanners Arms, on New Bridge Street ( at the West end of
	Byker Bridge). Unfortunately, the Rose and Crown was
	demolished to make way for Newcastle's new quayside
	development. Needless to say we did the decent thing and drank
	the place thoroughly dry on the last night. The session is
	still one of the best Northumbrian sessions for miles around
	and it's still on odd mondays of the month i.e. 1st, 3rd and
	5th.  That way you don't have to know whether there was a
	session last week to know if there'll be one this week. (Also,
	it means we sometimes get to have one two weeks running!)

North London: 
beginner/intermediate sessions:

	weds    the Stags Head
	sat.    Charles I
	        Northdown Street
	        Kings Cross
	sunday  The Steeles
	        Haverstock Hill 
	        Belsize Park    
	very advanced sessions:
	sat     The Load of Hay
	        Haverstock Hill 
	        Belsize Park
	sunday  The Powerhouse

Oxford:	Lucy's club in Walton St, on Sunday lunchtimes every 5
	weeks.  Next one is on 10th July.
	--Brittannia Inn in Nottingham, England, also takes place on a
	Thursday, and consists of several fiddle players, an excellent
	banjo player, a concertina player and a couple of flute
	players; with various visiting musicians usually passing

	--The Limelights Bar next to the Playhouse host L'Assemblie
	Francaise on the first wednesday of each month.  Phone 115 941
	8467.  A popular gathering of midlands pipers, hurdy gurdy and
	box players who perform Massif Centrale type music.

	--Behans Bar off Maid Marion way is a nouveau-irish pub in the
	basement of the Forte Crest Hotel which has an irish jam
	session on Wednesday nights anchored by local band Da Dog.
	Dublin Guinness!

	--O'Rourkes off Alfreton Road has an irish session on Monday
	nights.  Several fiddles, mandolins and flute players from the
	local band scene and a nice cosy room make a good atmosphere.
	Good selection of stouts and sympathetic management...

	--Fagan's Pub on Broad Lane.  Tetley's and Guiness too!
	Every day except Thursday(pub quiz!)  8-11pm plus |Sunday
	lunch..Other sessions take place at the Red House, Solley St
	and Dog&Partridge most nights, all Irish pubs.  Manchester has
	a big session scene but I don't have details,


	--The Golden Lion in Sedgefield has a session run by the
	Northumbrian Pipers Soc on the 2nd wednesday of the month.
	Phone 740 20098


	Cafe de la Fontaine, Verlinghem (59 Nord) near Lille
Traditional Irish Music Session on every last thursday of the month 8.00 pm
Run by "Grains de Celtes", fiddles, accordion, guitars, flutes; uillean pipes.

	Quiet Man (The)      (1) 48 04 02 77
    	5 rue Haudriettes  75003
		The best place in PARIS (Sure, I'll get a free
		Session on
    			Tuesday from 8-9 PM until very late
			Wednesday (singing)
			Saturday from 5 PM until very late (not regular)

	Ti Jos               (1) 43 22 57 69
    	30 rue Delambre  75014
	Thursday from 10:30 PM until late (not sure in summer). 
	You can meet members of the Irish association.

	Molly Malone Lounge Bar (1) 47 42 07 77
    	21 r Godot de Mauroy  75009
	Every Monday         

	--Cafe de la Fontaine, Verlinghem (59 Nord) near Lille.
	Traditional Irish Music Session on every last thursday of the
	month 8.00 pm Run by "Grains de Celtes", fiddles, accordion,
	guitars, flutes; uillean pipes 

	Contact: Christophe MARTIN - Phone 20 54 03 90

Lorient: (Brittany, France)
	--Pub The Galway Inn       97 64 50 77
   	18 rue de Belgique  56100 LORIENT 
	Every Wednesday. (Every day but overcrowded 
	during the "Festival interceltique de Lorient")

Quimper: (Brittany, France)
  	Ceili                    98 95 17 61
	4 rue Aristide Briand   29000 QUIMPER 
	Session every month, last Sunday.            
	Most of the sessions are not very regular in summer. I just
	mention the places where I've been. There are some other
	places in Paris (Mulligan's, Johnny's) and a lot of sessions I
	dont know in Brittany.



        -- Distel (=name of pub).  Every third Saturday of the month.
	Reportedly "very good."

Gustavsburg (near the city of Mainz / Rhine):
	-- Gerber's Cafe, Am Gerberhaus 1, has a session the first monday 
	of every month.  There's a some amateur and semi-professional
	musicians (have you ever seen a professional German musician
	playing Irish traditional music?).  It's great crack with
	mandolines, bouzoukies, fiddle, bodhran, guitar etc.



	--Sweeney's White Horse Tavern.  They have a session
	Friday nights at 9:30 that is absolutely out of this
	world. If our experience is any indication, it may
	start slowly but eventually more and more locals will
	join in and the place will be jumping in no
	time. [and yes you can get beer there]. The session
	is downstairs from the main bar [and yes they have a
	downstairs bar as well]. The music is all traditional
	and the age of the musicians varies from 12 to 82! A
	great time overall.

	and from Gavin Burnage:
	This is a Donegal session run by Fermanagh men!
	I think I went to it last August. I was taken to it from
	Derrygonnelly, Co.Fermanagh, by Jim Hoy, the local box and
	fiddle player (nephew of the venerable Mick Hoy who was a
	stalwart for music in Fermanagh down the years). On the way,
	we called into Belleek to collect John Gordon, a great old
	fiddle player. Both these are excellent musicians, and well
	worth a listen. John has a lot of Scottish tunes as well,
	including some of those Scott Skinner "techno" jobbies, but I
	wouldn't describe his music as Donegal style. The same is true
	of Jim Hoy - he has loads of stuff, but is very much a
	Fermanagh man. There was also a young piano accordion player
	there - Lawrence ?MacQuaid (can't remember for sure).

	I joined in and got a pint or two of beer for my trouble. A
	good session indeed, though I was a bit worried by the cellar
	when I first arrived.  It soon warmed up nicely.

Bunbeg: (in the Gweedore area of Northwest Donegal.)

	--Teach Hudi Beags, Mondays... Francie Mooney 
	(no Proinsias O Maonaigh) Last summer there was also Donal
	Lunny and a few weeks later his brother Manus. It's always a
	great session (or even concert) to hear, but - referring to
	Francie's daughter Mairead - other, rather unexperienced
	musicians like me and my friend are just "poor guys" (because
	of the speed!!!)....

Kilcar: John Joe's (15 miles NW of Killybegs on the coast road),
	on the main drag every Friday night.  That session
	features the finest Donegal music from people like James Byrne
	(no relation) and Peter Carr. Everybody who goes through
	Donegal stops there. Tell 'em David and Kim from Indiana sent

	Ed: I was here this past summer.  Great tunes, great fiddle
	playing (of course) and a very friendly environment.  This is
	the real thing, tradition-wise. 
	Ventilation could have been better though.  As a non-smoker I
	found it very uncomfortable after a couple hours...


Doolin: -- O'Connors, and McGann's, every night, one or the other,
	with, among others, Yvonne Casey and Mary & Tola Custy on
	fiddle, Eoin O'Neill and Cyril O'Donoghue on Bouzouki, Jamie
	Storer& Iain Lamb on guitar.  Great nights, begins at 9, ends
	well past 1.



	-- Brogan's on Tuesday night, 
	-- Cruise's (Siobhan Peoples and P.J. King) and May Kearney's on 
	   Wednesday night, and 
	-- Ciaran's on Thursday night (often includes the fellows who
	recorded as 'Fisherstreet').  May Kearney's was most like what
	I am accustomed to in U.S. sessions.  There are many places in
	Ennis that do this, I got a little brochure at the Bord Failte
	office, put out by Guinness, of what places have traditional
	music on what nights.

Feakle: -- with P.J. Hayes (no additional info)


	--Corner House, Coburg Street
	Monday nights: assorted members of the Lee Valley String Band
	Thursday nights: various musicians inc. Mick Daly, uilleann
	piper Denis Brooks and members of the Moynihan Family

	--An Spailpin Fanach, South Main Street Tel.: 021-277949 
	Tunes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday night with Seamus
	Creagh and Friends (inc. Mick Daly, Aidan Coffey, and Eoin

	--The Gables, Douglas Street  Tel.: 021-313076
	Tuesday nights: The Four Star Trio (Con O'Drisceoil, Johnny
	MacCarthy, and Pat Ahern) Sunday nights: Traditional Songs
	with a special guest singer every week.

	--The Lobby (opposite the City Hall)  Tel.: 021-311113
	Mondays: folk and bluegrass
	Tuesdays: Niall Vallely and Gerry McKee
	Fridays:  Derek Hickey and Liz Doherty

	--An Tabhairne Caidrimh, North Main Street
	Saturday and Sunday nights: Padraig Kelleher (flute) and Friends

	--The Pier Head, Blackrock  Tel.: 021-358401
	Thursday nights: Seamus Creagh, Matty Teehan and Friends

	--The Heron's Perch, Glanmire
	Tuesday nights: Tomas O Canainn, Charlie Healy and Friends

	Those who asked about sessions might like to know of a
	great traditional irish session in glanmir village,
	on the outskirts of cork city every tuesday evening.
	We have both singing and playing.
	It begins at 9.30 pm every tuesday evening of the year.
	Glanmire is just under four miles from the centre of
	Cork city. The session is held in the heron's perch pub.
	Beidh failte mhor romhat!
	From:    Tomas_O_Canainn@IRUCCVAX.UCC.IE


   From: Seamus Keleher <>

     The Ferryman        Wednsedays with uilleann    Sir John Rogerson's Quay,
                         piper Mick O'Brien.         Way down the south side
                         A daily session as well.    of the Liffey river

     O'Donoghue's        Every night, 1st and       15 Merrion Road near
                         sometimes the 2nd floor    St. Stephen's Green

     Slattery's          Sunday 11am. Have been     129 Capel Street, 3 blocks
                         on other nights as well    left of O'Connel Street, 2
                                                    north from the Liffey river
						    Don't stray northward!

     Gogarty's           Sunday-Wednesday,          Enter Fleet Street,
                         upstairs                   a few blocks into
                                                    the Templebar area

     The Temple Bar      Sundays, late afternoon    Templebar, see above

   From: Seamus Keleher <>

      	--Hughes's Pub, in Chancery Street (behind the Four Courts, on
	the North side of the Liffey) has at least one session every
	night of the week.  For a few years, it has been a focal point
	for traditional players.


   Flanagan's           intersection Lower Dominick St and Helen St
   Monroe's Tavern  >  Probably every night .. Dominick Street area
   Taylor's Bar         Lr Dominick St
   Waterfront           beside the canal
   The Quays        >  Probably every night .. Quay Street area

   Also the Crane Bar  and  Club A/ras na nGael (45 Dominick Street,
	through the big wooden door) which is hard to find.

     Taafe's             Weekdays at 4:30pm         Quay Street

     The Crane           Sundays 12 noon with       Near Domenick Street
                                                    left at Flanagan's
                                                    on the right

     The Lisheen         Jackie Daly was playing    At Taafe's bear
                         there on Tuesdays (gig)    right, on the left

     U/ras na nGael      Club for Gaelic speakers   45 Dominick Street
                         (open to all, and late!)   Enter through big
                         with impromptu sessions    door to courtyard

  Taylor's Bar, Monroe's Tavern, Busker Brown's, Flanagan's have had
  sessions in the past, unsure about the present..

  From: Seamus Keleher <>
	and Frank Gibbons <> 


	--An Droichead Beag pub--Eoin Duignan plays uillean
	pipes and tin whistle on T, TH, F, Sat beeg. at 9 or 9:30


	-- O'Flaherty's which is the place everyone starts when
	looking for music) and at Maire De Barra's.


     	--Buckley's    Session every night that    College Street I believe
                         I've been there..

  	--Molly Maguire's, on road to (slightly past) Muckross, has
	small ceilis on a weekend night on some regular basis, and
	occasional sessions.


   Westport: Matt Molloy's .. probably every night I would guess.

   From: Seamus Keleher <>


   Kerry: Buckley's .. every night I'd say .. friendly place

   From: Seamus Keleher <>


Tokyo:--Kashiwa Hall, 8-4-17 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku has a ceili
	once a month, with a beginner session from 2-5 just before.
	Email to (Patty) for more info...



       -- Mulligan's, Amstel 100, (020)622 1330.  Session every Sunday
	evening starting around 6 pm or so, unless there is a concert
	that conflicts.  You can check the concert schedule on the Web
	The sessions I visited in July 1995 were small but high-
	quality, with some excellent Irish guests passing through.
	The small size of the pub keeps the crowd size and noise down,
	and offers great acoustics.  Guiness on tap.

       -- O'Reilly's.  One block west of the Dam (west of Madame Tussaud's,
	specifically).  Session every Sunday evening, starts early,
	peters out by 11:00.  Although advertised as a session, the
	atmosphere is more like a gig, with a set personnel of fiddle
	or mandolin, bass guitar, bodhran, and guitar.  Drop-ins are
	welcome, but be ready for a mike to be placed in your vicinity
	and to play some pre-arranged sets.  Guiness on tap.

	--Fiddler's Green, Schildwolde: every 3rd Saturday of the month from 
	21:00 onwards.

	--O'Ceallaigh's, Groningen: every Sunday from 17:00 onwards.

	--Durty Nelly's, Amsterdam: call for info

	--Kroeg van Klaas, Groningen: call for info

	--Toby's Bar, Winsum: call for info
	For up to date information on sessions and concerts, call me or the 
	SO on: +31 5950 2420 and let us know you heard about it on Irtrad. 
	We're also always happy to find a place to stay for visiting 
	 From: Corine M. Nugteren <>


	--Queens Pub, Stenersgate. Tuesdays from 9pm.
	--Dubliner Folk Pub, Raadhusgate 28. Saturdays from 2pm.

	From: (Daniel Winfree Papuga)


Dunblane (Scotland).

	--Stirling Arms Hotel, Dunblane. (Town Centre) has an open
	session, 8:30 to 11:30 every Sunday. Mostly Scottish or Irish,
	but with almost anything thrown in. Fiddlers, Singers,
	Squeeze-boxes, even an electric piano (me). Usually run as a
	round with everyone who wants getting to play or sing: also
	lots of plain session (the whole lot of musicians acting as a
	band to whoever is playing). For fun.

	Contact: Leslie Smith.

	--The Fisherman pub on Fort Street, Broughty Ferry near Dundee
	Scotland, has a regular traditional music session every
	Thursday night. This consists mostly of Irish music, with some
	Scottish.  Instrumentalists include Mike Ward on the fiddle
	(founder ex-member of the Tannahill Weavers). Other instruments
	include several fiddle players, two flute players (including
	me!), a concertina player (also me!), and the occasional
	appearance of Scottish lowland/border pipes.  The session
	starts late (around 10.00 PM) and is usually of a high

	--Sharkey's Pub, (phone: 041-429-3944) located behind the
	Citizens' Theater in The Gorbals, has sessions every Monday
	night.  I made it to the session twice and both times there
	were at least ten musicians in attendance, including Brendan
	McHugh (who runs the session) and his father Jim--both of whom
	are great fiddlers--and Brendan's brother, who, if I remember
	correctly played the bodrhon.  Brendan's mother served
	pints. It was easily the friendliest session I ever attended,
	but since it was in Glasgow, which has the most friendly
	people per capita anywhere, this should not have come as a
	surprise either.  This was an Irish--Sligo-style music, as
	opposed to a Scottish music session.  I assume it is still
	running, but have not corresponded with Brendan since
	then. :-(
	--The Pickwick Arms, every Tuesday


Cape Town: 
	-- McGinty's Pub, Holiday Inn--Garden Court, Main Road,
	Newlands, Cape Town.  tel:(021) 61 1105.
	Sessions are every Wednesday night, from 8:30 until 11:30pm.

	To confirm telephone Dwight Muller at
	(021) 938 1251 during working hours, Mon - Fri
	(021) 26 1282 after working hours.
	personal e-mail:
	foschini e-maqil:

	Recently a number of young ex-classical musicians have joined
	us and are powering away at the tunes, relieved to discover
	after so many years of classical slog that making music can be
	such fun! (Most of them report that they had more or less
	resigned themselves to giving up music altogether). We are
	approx. 12 to 15 musicians nowadays with instruments ranging
	from a predominance of fiddles to flutes, whistle, bouzouki,
	guitar, mandolin and bodhran. We would welcome any trad
	musicians passing through or visiting our beautiful city with
	"ceol agus craic"!!


ALASKA: ------------------------
	--The Java Joint, at the corner of Spenard and Benson, has a
	very active Irish Jam Session every Wednesday night at
	8:00p.m.Some of the players are members of Gael Force and
	Nightwind.  Also, every January, Anchorage is host to the
	Anchorage Folk Festival which also features many groups who
	play traditional Irish tunes.

ARIZONA: -----------------------

	--Folk Shop, (2525 N. Campbell Ave.) tel: (520)881-7147. Has a
	"Celtic/Old-Time jam session" on Tuesday nights from 8-11 pm
	(EXCEPT for 2nd Tuesdays -- Beware: 2nd Tuesdays are
	Bluegrass).  This is a very friendly, open group with fluid
	membership and a fairly eclectic selection of tunes.  Usually
	10-20 people show up, with a good mixture of fiddle, mandolin,
	guitar, banjo etc.  Tunes being played depend on who's there,
	but it's roughly half Irish and half American tunes.  For more
	information about the Celtic music scene generally,
	Don Gest remains the best source of information at: (520) -

	For those who want to play on nights when the Folk shop is 
	playing bluegrass:
	Incipient Irish session - once a month - whichever week the
	2nd Tuesday falls in, so usually the 2nd THURSDAY, 8-11 at the
	Harp & Shamrock, 7002 E.  Golf Links Rd.  For more info -
	contact Sharon Goldwasser (520) 298-3014.  Friendly people,
	newcomers welcome.  For now we have mandolin, fiddle, banjo,
	guitar, harp, bodhran, accordion & sometimes whistle/flute.

	For more information: people can contact (me) Sharon
	Goldwasser (520) 298-3014 or c/o my spouse:

CALIFORNIA: ----------------------

	--The Starry Plough, 3101 Shattuck (2 blocks south of Ashby),
	(510)841-2082.  Monday evenings.  A dance-centered activity,
	which runs from 8:00 to 9:00 officially, then some dancers
	remain on the floor while a session forms on the "stage," and
	the dancers dance to whatever happens to come floating off of
	the stage.  Guinness and other ales on tap.  The one night I
	was there I got the impression most musicians were old-time
	oriented, and played Irish on the side.  Good mix of

      artrob@Csa2.LBL.Gov (A Robinson) adds:
	The emphasis in your discription on dancing is correct.  But I 
	believe the current schedule is Irish set dancing lessons (7pm
	to a little before 9 pm).  At 9 pm or thereabouts, there is
	dancing to music provided by whoever is there.  The Irish
	fidders I know do not seem to regard this as a session spot.
	They prefer the Plough and Stars in San Francisco (see next).

	--Freight and Salvage CoffeeHouse (most Tuesday nights)
	Addison off San Pablo in Berkeley
	Telephone (510) 548-1761
	(various, often Celtic, and they feature concerts other nights)


	Every Friday 4-7 pm at Duffy's Tavern (corner of 4th and Main)
	in Chico, CA.  Music is traditional Irish.  Most regular
	players are from the local group Reel Time, but all are
	welcome.  Instruments present usually include banjo, bodhran,
	button accordian, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and whistle.
	Generally a loud, but fun, crowd.  We also have an informal
	session every Tuesday evening at various locations in Chico.
	Inquire on Fridays or email:
San Francisco: 
	--The Plough and Star, Sunday evenings.  Very good, high
	quality, completely traditional	Irish with a good mix of
	instruments.The night I was there, however, they didn't seem
	particularly friendly.  I minded my manners, laid back and kept
	quiet on guitar, and enjoyed myself anyway.  Perhaps I was
	there on a bad night, or maybe they would rather see your face
	a few times before they loosen up.
		From: (Chris Tacker)

      artrob@Csa2.LBL.Gov (A Robinson) adds:
	--The Plough and Stars, 116 Clement Street, San
	Francisco 94118; tel: 415- 751-1122.  I've not been to the
	Plough on a session night, but as noted above, this seems to
	be the main opportunity in the San Francisco area for
	traditional Irish musicians to gather and play together.
	Several Irish fiddlers I know attend regularly.  I believe
	things start around 9 pm.

	Irelands 3a: Geary Blvd. -- ? Night
 	Molly Malones -- Night
	Abbey  - Every other Wednesday
	  The info on these three was from Pat Brack, a keyboard player 
	from San Francisco who stops by our sessiun when she is in town 
	on business. Sorry I didn't get addresses or numbers. Surely 
	someone in the SF area could fill in the details.
		From: (Lawrence E Mallette)

Santa Barbara:
	--Rusty's Pizza Parlor
	I got this one a couple of years ago from a folk music
	journal from SanDiego area - I haven't been myself.
		From: (Lawrence E Mallette)


	-- Aurora (Denver suburb): Sheabeen Irish Pub, East Iliff
	Avenue at Chambers Road [tel: (303) 696-6131] open irish
	session every Tuesday from 8:30 til midnight contact:
	bartender at the above number very informal, everyone welcome,
	lots of fun, and the best Guiness in Denver!
Boulder: (Does this still exist???)
	--Giovanni's Pizza, on Table Mesa Rd.  They play every Tuesday
	from about 9:00PM until closing.  From attending the "Boulder
	Jam", I can tell you that they prefer experienced musicians,
	but appreciate a good audience.

Colorado Springs: 
        --Poor Richard's Restaurant (324 N. Tejon). Open Celtic jam on
        every Thursday. Playing starts around 8pm and goes 'til 10.
	All Celtic styles and experience levels are welcome.
        --Margarita at Pine Creek hosts a local celtic band, Blarney
        Pilgram, on the first Friday of each month. No addmission or
        cover. Starts at 7pm and runs until 10pm or so. Once in a
        while this degenerates into a jam but usually it stays a
        straight gig.
        --Black Forest Community Center - The Black Rose Acoustic
        Music Society meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at
        the Black Forest Community Center on Black Forest Road, just
        Northwest of Shoup road.
        The evening is divided into two parts: 
          7:30-9:30 is reserved for 20-minute mini-concerts - sort
              of an Open Mike Night. 
          9:30 until people give up is made up of jam sessions. There
              have mainly been blurgrass/country sessions but other
              styles are welcomed. There is a small Celtic contingent

D.C.:  ---------------------

	--Nanny O'Briens, 3319 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington 20008;
	tel: 202-686-9189.  When I was in there, they said that
	traditional Irish music sessions are on Mondays at 9 pm or so,
	but it's best to be a little early because it's often crowded.
	Since I was only passing through town, I wasn't able to check
	it out in person.
	From: artrob@Csa2.LBL.Gov (A Robinson) (Lawrence E Mallette) adds: 
	Nanny O'Brien's (3319 Connecticut Avenue NW) (Also near red 
	line Metro station.)  Monday night 9PM. which is the only 
	session	in the DC area; Zan McLeod hangs out at this session, 
	and there were two great uillean pipers as well.

FLORIDA: ----------------------

Delray Beach:
	--The Irish Cottage, 2713 Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL
	407-272-2078.  The session is Sunday evenings from
	8:00pm. Serious musicians are welcome to sit in with the house
	band during the Thursday-Saturday peformances.

	--Session every Wednesday night, at a previously selected
	home, starting at 7:30 P.M. and ending aroung 11:00 P.M.
	Mostly Celtic tunes with a few Old Time thrown in.  All levels
	Contact Kathy Bender
	  ( or 
	KC King (kcking@interramp.comp) via e-mail, 
	or call (407) 679-5338 for more info and directions.


	-- The Warehouse (706 W. Gaines St., 222-6188) has sessions
	every first Saturday night of the month, beginning at 7:30
	p.m. (beginners welcome, especially at that time) and ending
	in the wee hours. Free beer for pickers, and the owner
	sometimes orders pizzas if he's having a good night.  Being a
	provincial capital, we're not loaded down with hot celtic
	players, but it's a nice mix of advanced intermediate,
	beginning intermediate, and beginners (most of whom sit
	obediently behind the more advanced players). We have fun, the
	beer's on the house (even Guiness on tap), and I rarely miss
	it (I'm the "alpha" guitarist). 
	The best way to be sure of a specific date would be to give
	Gordon at Gordon's String Music a call at +1 (904) 386-7784. 

	From: Contact Steve Hodges ( at 904/574-4115.

GEORGIA: ----------------------

        --Manuel's Tavern, 602 N. Highland Ave., (404) 525-3447
        has a session on the second Sunday of every month.  This is
        a Comhaltas session, led by piano accordion player Bernard Lane.
        Other instruments include harp, fiddle, whistle, flute, guitar,
        bouzouki, bohdran, and voice.  The session starts at 4 pm and
        goes until 6 or later.  It is preceeded by an Irish music
        workshop at 3 pm, with instruction on whistle, flute, fiddle,
        guitar, and bodhran.
        Contact:  Bernard Lane  (404)873-5621

        --Fado Irish Pub, 3035 Peachtree Rd., (404) 841-0066
        Session Monday nights, starts between 8-9 pm until closing.
        Good whistle/flute mix, good number of fiddle players, bodhran,
        guitar, have recently had uillean pipes, mandolin, concertina,
        and bouzouki as well.  High skill level, but willing to work with
        beginners/intermediates during breaks and after session.
        Contact:  Peter Blayney  (404)325-8188
                  Mike Simpson   (770)916-3736

ILLINOIS: ----------------------

Brookfield: (western suburb of Chicago):

	--Irish Times, 8869 Burlington,
	has open sessions every Wednesday night, starting around
	8-9pm.  The attitude here is a less formal than at the
	Abbey.  The people who play here all know each other pretty
	well, as well as each other's tunes.  They don't get too
	many new faces here, since it's not in the "Irish Music
	Central" area of Chicago (up around the Abbey and Rogers
	Park).  This is really too bad, since it's a nice session
	in general.  They have a nice balance of instruments, and
	the people who play them are good.  There is also plenty of
	room for the beginner, should he/she feel like starting a
	tune.  Several of the musicians here also like non-Irish
	tunes, (American, Scottish, Macedonian, Rumanian, etc --
	usually heard off the album of an Irish musician), but
	there isn't usually more than one or two of these played
	per night.  Tempos are quite brisk (occaisionally exceeding
	the limits of what some people consider good taste) and the
	acoustics leave much to be desired (it's often difficult to
	hear one's self).  Still, it's one of the friendlier sessions
	in the area.  

	--Phoney Mahoney's, 1206 N. Market St., 351-5855 An informal
	Celtic jam session welcoming players of all levels--meets
	every first and third Saturday from about 9-12.  Schedule
	subject to change, so call Phoney's or contact Siobhan at

Chicago, IL: 

	--The (Irish) Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace [(312)478-4408], has
	sessions every Sunday night from 8pm on.  This is the "hub" of
	Irish music in Chicago.  In spite of the acoustics, some of
	the best musicians in town play here regularly: Larry Nugent
	(flute-whistle), Brendan McKinney (pipes, flute, whistle),
	Dennis Cahill (guitar), Jim Dewan (guitar), Joseph Sobol
	(cittern), John Williams (accordion, concertina), Liz Carroll
	(when she's not busy doing something else), Marty Fahy (piano
	and accordion), Martin Hayes--before he moved to Seattle, and
	just about anybody else who plays/played in the Broken Pledge
	Ceili Band.  This place has a reputation for technical
	intensity (within the limits of good taste, of course).  It
	also has a reputation for a higher level of seriousness than
	other local sessions, as the people here are interested in
	"real Irish music", as opposed to "Irish-ish music" (An
	example to clarify: Steeleye Span tunes would almost certainly
	*not* be appreciated here).  There is little singing, save for
	the occaisional sean-nos song sung on distinguished invitation.
	(one of the session anchors usually does the inviting...)
	The Abbey can be intimidating for a novice, but is a *great*
	place to go for the serious Irish musician, and a fine place
	to learn new tunes.

	--The Hidden Shamrock (on Halsted, a couple doors south of
	Diversey) has sessions on Sundays starting at around 5:30pm (7pm, 
	if there's a game).  This is one of the best sessions in town,
	with a great mix of common and rare tunes together.  It is
	usually run by either Larry Nugent or John Williams, along
	with a good back-up player (Joe Sobol, Dennis Cahill, or Jim
	Dewan spring to mind).  It can be noisy, but the atmosphere is
	very friendly, and the room is usually comfortable.  There is
	also rarely more than 8 people, so it stays cozy.
	--Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox St
	[(312)282-7035] has sessions on Alternate Sundays around
	2:00pm.  The first couple times it was earlier,but they soon
	thought better of it.  This session is on the off-weekend for
	the Nevin's session, neatly filling in the early-Sunday hole
	when Nevin's isn't happening.  The session is held down by
	Liz, Jimmy Keane, and Pauline Knealley(sp?).  Your milage may
	vary on who shows up, of course.


	--Tommy Nevin's Pub [1450 Sherman -- (708)869-0450] has
	sessiuns every Sunday afternoon at around 2:30pm.  These are
	usually well-represented, with reasonably hard tunes and
	strong musicians.

INDIANA: ---------------------- 

	Bear's Place, on 1316 E. 3rd St. Starting at 8pm on the 1st
	and 3rd sundays of each month.  Typically from 5 to 15
	musicians show up, and from 50 to 120 people come to listen.
	Guinness and Harp are on draft, and Bear's Place is well
	air-conditioned, very necessary in an Indiana summer.  An
	unobtrusive sound system is used to throw more sound out to
	the listeners.

	From:    Rick Gagne <RGAGNE@UCS.INDIANA.EDU>

	--The Wild Beet, 4th and Walnut Streets in Bloomington, has
	sessions every friday, from 6-8pm.  The Wild Beet is a
	non-smoking acoustic music club with excellent food, beer,
	etc.  They are calling this an "Irish Happy Hour".  Each
	Friday an experienced Irish musician will be on hand to lead
	the session.  Grey Larsen will lead on January 5th, 12, and

	--The Spa & Finn McCools: Has some of the best music you will
	find in this area.  David James (of hammered dulcimer fame)
	hosts a show with friends every Thursday night around 8pm.
	Each week, they bring in another musician or two.  Guests that
	have been there when I have have been Jimmy Keane, Larry
	Nugent, John Williams, Bud Kelly, Liz Carroll etc...  If you
	would like to play along, just tell him you're a musician,
	and he'll call you up for a few tunes.  As the night
	progresses, it will become more and more like a regular
	session.  This is only about an hour outside of
	Downtown Chicago.

	PS: If you should happen to go here, mention to David
	    that you heard about it here... 


KANSAS: --------------------------


	--The Artichoke, 811 North Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214,
	316-263-9164 hosts a free, open Celtic jam on the first Monday
	of each month. The session starts around 7:30pm and typically
	goes to around 10pm or so. All normal, acoustic session
	instruments are welcome. All styles and ability levels are
	Contact: (Dean) <>	<316-263-7963>

LOUISIANA: -----------------------

New Orleans:
	Kerry Pub Wednesday Nights This is a new traditional Irish
	session. I was in N.O. at Thanksgiving and heard they had a
	session there, so I went. There were two others there, a
	guitar and a hammer dulcimer player, and it turns out this was
	their first session.  I haven't heard how it is going. The
	Kerry Pub is in the French Quarter, about a block from (and on
	the same street as) the old Jax Brewery (now an indoor mall).
		From: (Lawrence E Mallette)

	I heard it's on Friday evenings, so anyone in the area might
	want to check it out and report on it.  I'm not going to be
	there for a while, so I can't.  


MARYLAND: ------------------------


	--J. Patrick's Restaurant and Tavern, 1371 Andre Street,
	Baltimore (Fort McHenry area); tel: 410-727-9482.  Session
	usually runs from about 9:30 pm until closing time at around
	2.  It is anchored by Peter Fitzgerald, a local resident of
	Irish birth and a fine banjo player.  No singing to speak of
	at this session but a lot of very fine playing and room for
	beginners to hang around the fringes (there are good people to
	listen to even if you are not playing).  Jesse Smith hangs out
	at this session (18-year-old fiddle protege of Brendan
	Mulvihill) and Kieran O'Hare a fine uilleann piper.  I go to
	this session and enjoy it very much

	Contact: "H. Harrison Heath" <>

MASSACHUSETTS: ----------------------

	--Amherst Ale House, on Route 116 in South Amherst.  A little
	mini-mall on the left sode of the road going south, about 2-3
	miles South of the center of Amherst.  Sessions are on the
	1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month.  Playing seems to
	start around 7:30pm, and goes 'till 11pm or later.  A man
	named David Delabar (though I'm not at all sure of the
	spelling of the last name) seems to be one of the organizers
	there, and is one of the best musicians (playing Northumbrian
	pipes and whistles).  As I said, it's fairly low-key, with
	enough decent musicians to make for a good session without
	anyone so overwhelmingly good to intimdate the less
	experienced players.  They made this out-of-towner feel
	welcome!  Great brews there, too.
	   From: "Mr. Paul Wells" <pfwells@KNUTH.MTSU.EDU>
	Contact: William Tiernan <>


	Soon after my last posting of the Boston session scene I of
	the demise of a few more sessions here, including the Green
	Dragon Saturdays cancelled for the summer.  Sarsfield's in
	cancelled both of their sessions (Friday and Saturday)

      4   /   5   /   6   /   7   /   8   /   9   /   10   /   11   /   12 +

MON                                       ( Green Briar -------------------+)

TUE                                       ( Brendan Behan -----------------+)
                                      ( Irish Embassy-Norton ------------ )
                  ( The Druid --------------------)

WED                                       ( Mr. Dooley's ------------------+)
					  ( O'Malley's --------------------+)

THU                                       ( Paddy Burke's -----------------+)

FRI               ( The Druid ------------------------)

SAT               ( Brendan Behan --------------------)
                  ( The Druid ------------------------)

SUN                                       ( O'Leary's ----------------------+)
	( Common Ground	------------------)
                                          ( Irish Embassy pub --------------+)
                  ( The Druid ------------------------)
                                          ( Mr. Dooley's ------------------+)

     The Burren          Sundays at 6pm              247 Elm Street, Davis
                         Tommy McCarthy:fiddle       Square, Red Line Stop
                         Louise Costelloe:banjo      Somerville

     The Druid           Tues. & Fri-Sun at 6pm      1357 Cambridge Street
                         Shay Walker:guitar/songs    Inman Square
                         Noel Scott:accordion        Cambridge

     O'Leary's           Sundays at 8:30pm           1010 Beacon Street
                         Jimmy Noonan:flute          St.Mary's (T) Stop
                         Noel Scott:accordion        Green Line C Train
                         Vin Costelloe:guitar/songs  Brookline

     McGann's            Sundays at 4pm              197 Portland Street
                         Roger Burridge:fiddle       Near North Station
                         Patrick Hutchinson:pipes    Boston

     Brendan Behan       Tue: 9pm  Larry Reynolds?   378 Centre Stree
                         Sat: 6pm  Tommy & Louise?   Jamaica Plain

     Green Dragon        Saturdays at 9pm            11 Marshall Street
                         Alan Loughnane:fidle        on Freedom Trail
                         Mike Reynolds:accordion     Boston

     Green Briar         Mondays at 9pm (Comhaltas)  304 Washington Street
                         Larry Reynolds:fiddle       Brighton

     Deeney O'Malley's   Wednesdays at 9pm           110 Dorchester Street
                         Noel Scott:accordion        at corner of Broadway
                         Cillian Vallely:pipes       South Boston

	--Irish Embassy pub, Friend Street, Boston
	Cillian Vallely(uilleann pipes) & John Murphy(fiddle)

	--Paddy Burke's,  Portland Street, Boston.
	 Cillian (uilleann pipes) & Billy Kelly (banjo+guitar)

	--Mr.Dooley's, #77 Broad Street, Boston (take haymarket exit
	southeast expressway) (617) 338-5656 or (800) 560-5655.
        Alan Loughnane (fiddle) & Shay Walker (guitar)

	--Irish Embassy in Norton
	Sheila Falls-Keohane (fiddle) and Tim Keohane (guitar)

Quincy (Suburb of Boston):
	--Malachy's Pub, corner Granite St & President Lane, phone
	number unknown; sessions every Wednesday starting 9:30pm; lots
	of tunes, minimal singing; bright particular stars Aidan Maher
	(Dublin - fiddle), Tommy Kierce (Clare - box), "The Horse"
	(Clare - bodhran & spoons), Bill Black (New York / Cape Cod -
	banjo); other visitors and regulars as well. Nice pub with
	youngish but very respectful crowd. Contact for
	further particulars.

	--Coffee Tea & Melody, (Stow Shopping Plaza, Rt. 117, Stow,
	MA) tel: (508)897-3250.  Sessions on Sundays:4-8pm.
	nice group of players and listeners.  The proprietor (John)
	tries to get trad. musicians in on fridays and saturdays also.

MINNESOTA: ----------------------

	--Kieran's Irish Pub, on Thursdays from
	9-12.  Most of the usual suspects from the Sunday sessions
	show up, Jode Dowling is a regular, as is Martin McHugh.
	Kieran's is at 330 2nd Ave S in downtown Minneapolis.  The
	session is not as solid as Sunday nights at The Well, but you
	know how it is in Minnesota: the colder it gets, the more
	people show up for sessions.  :)
St. Paul:
	--O'Gara's which is at Snelling and Selby.  The Irish Well
	closed in April.  Your description is still apt - I played
	there last Sunday with Laura Mackenzie, Daithi Sproule (just
	done with the Altan tour!) and a couple of the Clumsy Lovers.

	--The Irish Well, on the corner or Prior and University Ave.
	Sessions on Sunday nights starting around 9:30pm.  Sean
	O'Driscoll plays here regularly, and Laura MacKenzie
	and Daithi Sproule have been known to stop by on
	occaision.  Some other regulars include members of the
	local band "The Clumsy Lovers".  Nice place.

NEW JERSEY: --------------------

	-- The Irish bar right in back of the
	meadowlands has a session every sunday night....

	-- The American leigon in Union has a session/ceili the second
	sunday of every month.... (not january)

       sorry, but no phone #'s or addreses.....
              Marty Langer

NEW YORK: ----------------------

        --Eighth Step Coffeehouse, 14 Willet Street, (corner of
	Washington Park) The session is on the third Sunday of every
	month from 4:00 until 8:00. Musicians of all levels are
	welcome.  Playing tends towards fast reels and jigs.  There
	are 14 to 20 regular musicians including a piper, a few flute
	players, some fiddlers, a couple accordion players,as well as
	others playing bouzoukis, banjos, guitars, and whistles.  This
	is the Sean O'Riada Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Erin. The
	person to call is Ann Marie McGlaughlin at (518)370-3700.

        --Buffalo Irish Center, 245 Abbott Road The session is
	on the third Sunday of each month from 4:30 until 9:00. It
	might be held on a different Sunday if the third is on or near
	a holiday.  There are usually from 15 to 25 musicians, step
	and set dancers, and a bit of an audience. The person to call
	is Bob Williams at (716)652-0368. 

	--McCauber's Pub, just off of the corner of Aurora and East
	Seneca on Aurora, also just off of the Northeast corner of the
	Commons The session is on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th(when there is
	one) Sundays of the month from 7:00 until 10:30 or 11:00.
	        Musicians of all levels are welcome.  Playing tends
	towards fast reels, but the group is quite open to any type of
	and more than willing to play at moderate speeds.  There are
	five or so regular musicians playing concertina, accordion,
	fiddle, flute, whistles, and banjo. The person to call is Mark
	at (607)273-2093. 

	--During the summer, there is a "Fiddle and Folk traditional
	music sessiun on the lawn of the Senate House Site in
	Kingston, New York.  12 noon to 1 PM.  All traditional
	musicians are invited to join us for a lunchtime jam
	session. It is held in the museum in case of rain.  This is
	not a performance. We just sit around and play tunes and sing
	songs for an hour.  All traditional instruments are
	welcome. Contact (914) 338-8587

New York City:-----
  Sundays:  --Ryan's Irish Pub   8:30pm+  Fiona Doherty and friends
	    its a bar, no cover, guinness, woodpecker, harp
	    room to dance, but people don't always
	    address 2nd Ave between 9th & 10th Streets , Manhattan, NYC

	    --Irish Rover, Just off Steinway St. on 28th AVe.  in
	    Astoria, Queens.  It starts around 8:00.  All I know about
	    it is that Tom English, the best bodhran player in NYC, is
	    playing there.
	    --Lily's on 4th Ave. in Bayridge, Brooklyn, has a session
	    earlier in the day (5-9pm) run by Tom Dougherty.  Tom is a
	    fabulous accordianist; I expect this session is very

  Mondays   --Paddy Reilly's  2nd Ave. and 31st St. Manhattan, NYC
	    $5 cover charge 11:00pm+  Eileen Ivers and Seamus Egan are the
	    starters, oftern joined by talented folk passing through the city
	    like Jerry O'sullivan   guiness, cider, harp, whatever
	    its a bar  folks will dance  worth the money
	    i'm there every monday
		(Ed: this may not be much of a _Session_, and sounds
		more like a concert to me.)

  	    --Mona's (Avenue B between 13th and 14th Streets)

  Tuesday   Muldoon's 	==> *****GONE*******

	--St. Dymphna's Bar & Restaurant, 118 St. Mark's Place,
	btw. 1st Ave. and Avenue A, in lower Manhattan. Traditional
	Irish music session every Tuesday night from 9:30 p.m. until
	about 1 a.m. For further information, call (212)
	254-6636. FYI, St. Dymphna (sounds like nymph-na) lived in
	Ireland in the seventh century and is the patron saint of
	mental illness and nervous dispositions.
	-- Flannery's 7th Ave. & 14th St Manhattan, NYC (212) 929-9589
	dancing and music 10:00 - 12:00 no cover also a bar, but has a
	dance floor, always 30-50+ people are set dancing that's how i
	started, dance if you know it beg for an experienced dancer to
	lead you through if you don't.  (Ed: According to Joshua
	Mittleman, this is a "ceili session".  Dancing is the main
	focus, musicians are welcome to come and play.

        --The Scratcher (5th Street @ Cooper/Bowery/Third Avenue)

	-- Gloccamorra Bar - 3rd Ave and 23rd St.,Manhattan. Every
	Wednesday - 7:30 This is a friendly session with no
	professional-caliber players. All musicians are welcome,
	especially players just getting started with Irish Traditional

  Thursdays  Paddy Reilly's 2nd Ave & 29th st  Manhattan, NYC
	     @ 11:00pm  no cover, never been to this sessiun, but
	     if they didn't have talent, they wouldn't be at Paddy Reilly's
	     most likely traditional

	     An Bheal Bocht (445 W. 238th St. Riverdale (Bronx),
	     starting around 10:30.  It's not always on, and they have
	     no phone; you have to show up and take your chances.
	     They also have excellent performance Fridays and some

	     --Kate Kearney's, located on 50th Street between Second and
	     Third Avenues.  Brian Conway, one of the greatest fiddlers now
	     playing Irish music, and Don Meade, impressario of the Blarney
	     Star concert series that takes place on Fridays, are the
	     starters, and the sessions are always of high quality.  (If
	     this information sounds familiar, it is because Brian and Don
	     used to run now-defunct Tuesday night sessions at Muldoon's).
	     The sessions start at 8:30 and finish at 12:30 a.m.

  Fridays    Blarney Star, on Church St. in Manhattan, (43 Murray 
	     St. just off Church St.) NYC $10 cover, famous folk from
	     all over, thus the money 2 sets 9:00 & 10:30 never been
	     there, but these are the Friday night concerts that have
	     been happening for years at the Eagle until the lanlord
	     tried to double the rent with the lease renewal, so the
	     Eagle has landed but the flight continues at the Blarney
		(Ed: Denis O'Driscoll pointed out that these are
		strictly concerts, but also mentioned that they used
		to turn into sessions at the Eagle, but was not
		sure whether or not this carried on to the Blarney
	  Contributed by: (Carolyn_Connolly)

	--Kate Kearney's (50th St & 2nd Av) every Saturday. While not
	necessarily an open session, Andy McGann usually alternates
	who plays with him: one week, Gus Murray, a local accordion
	player, and the other week, accordion player John Cronin and
	myself on keyboard. Any musician he knows is in the place will
	usually get called up to do a spot.  (Unfortunately, I'll be
	off for a few weeks to Ireland leaving August 13 so I may miss
	your visit.  Otherwise we could have tried to connect. Maybe
	next time.)  
	--Rochester Brew Pub, 800 Jefferson Road, Henrietta The
	session is on the last Sunday of the month from 4:00 until
	7:00. Musicians of all levels are welcome.  There are usually
	about 20 musicians.  The playing speed is a good one for most,
	not fast, not to slow.  A wide variety of tunes are played and
	visitors are encouraged to throw in their favorites.
        The person to call is Dave Halligan at (716)334-3345
	--McGinnity's, 534 Ridge Rd. West at 9pm. on the 2nd Friday of
	every month in their large back room.  15-25 people, some
	dancers, good overall atmosphere.  Some people arrive at 8:30,
	in order to player slower and learn new tunes. contact: Lou

	--The Rochester Brew Pub on Jefferson Rd. has a session on the
	last Sunday of every month from about 4-7PM. It's a nice,
	relaxed session with a good mix of instruments. Call the Irish
	Events Hotline at (716)234-ERIN for more events and
	From: (Rob)


	--Limerick Pub, (Walton St. between Clinton and Franklin
	Streets), <315/475-1819>, has sessions the first Sunday of the
	month starting at 3 P.M.  The group is so far under 8
	musicians and we play a whole spectrum of styles and
	speeds. The contact person plays flute.  Other instruments
	include fiddle, whistle, guitar.  The club owner is a lover of
	the mucic and all are welcome, players or not.  This is a very
	friendly place.  Email contact is but
	the coordinator is Tom Hourican at 607/749-4223.

	--Slackers Coffee House, 20 Main Street, Yorkville,
	(315)736-1931 The Session is the first Thursday of the month
	from 7: until 10:00. Musicians of all levels are welcome.  We
	play a fairly wide variety of tunes (reels, jigs, polkas, slip
	jigs, hornpipes, O'Carolan tunes). Playing tends towards dance
	speed.  There are usually four to eight regular musicians.  Of
	the better musicians, there is one accordion player, a few
	fiddlers, a bohdran player and a guitarist. We also meet every
	Thursday for most of the year for group practices. This is a
	Chapter of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Erin).  As for the session,
	anyone is welcome, musician or not.  Just call me for the
	location. I can be reached at (315)339-4526 or

NORTH CAROLINA: ----------------------

Charlotte: The Celtic Trader has jams on Thursday nights around 8.
	From : Craig Whitehead (

	The Blind Tiger: Walker Ave. at S. Elam Avenue attracts
	musicians on the last sunday of each month.  Music, ale, and
	craic flow freely from 5 until 8.

OHIO: -------------------------


	--Tara Hall Pub (social hall adjacent to St. Patrick's Church,
	376 E. Naughten St. downtown; just off of Cleveland Ave. near
	Columbus State Community College and the Columbus Convention
	Center). Session is second Friday of the month starting at
	about 8:30PM and ending around MN, 1AM, 2AM, depending on
	who's there.  Ged Foley of the House Band usually leads,
	playing fiddle. Sometimes the adjacent room is cleared for
	step dancers.

OREGON: -----------------------

	--East Avenue Tavern, East Burnside Ave., Monday nights.
	the tavern is owned by Mike Beglan, a Cavan man who plays the
	button box.  He also hosts the session.  The session usually 
	starts around 9 or 10pm.     

	From:    Mick Mulcrone <mulcrone@UOFPORT.EDU>

	--The County Cork Public House, on SE 37th & Hawthorne, has an
	Irish session every Sunday afternoon beginning at 4:30 and
	running until 7:30 or later. It's generally an all-levels
	Contact:  Dan Compton, at 233-9091, 
		  e-mail at

PENNSYLVANIA: -----------------

	--Mermaid Inn 6745 Germantown Ave. (@Mermaid Lane) Phila. PA
	Wednesdays from about 9 PM to closing ( 1 to 2 AM).  A fiddle
	intense, friendly, mainly Irish session. There have been
	nights when the lone tin whistle or banjo has played with a
	string accompaniment of ten fiddles. On the average, seven or
	eight players of fairly reasonable skill play for three or
	four hours.  More an organic session than an organized
	session. New players and out-of-towners are more than welcome,
	even if they are fiddlers .. :=)
	For information call either (215) 247-9797 or Chris Brennan-Hagey
        (215) 233-2077.

		From: Jack Crowley <jcrowley@NETAXS.COM>

	--Irish Center (Commodore Barry Club) Emlen St.@Carpenter Lane
	Philadelphia, PA Fridays from about 9 PM to closing (1 to 2 AM)
	Occasionally a splendid session, just as occasionally a
	washout.  Certain evenings are predictable successes, such as
	the Friday before the Philadelphia Irish Festival, and the
	Friday of the Christmas Ceili. The best evenings are better
	than the Mermaid sessions, with the same level of hospitality.
	It's worth a try, in any event. It is more likely to attract
	the older players, many of whom have jobs that conflict with
	the late Wednesday night timing of the Mermaid session. The
	Philadelphia area has more than its share of excellent
	traditional musicians, many of whom prefer to play in the
	comfort of private house sessions. If they venture out at all,
	it's usually to the Irish Center.
		From: Jack Crowley <jcrowley@NETAXS.COM>

          The Session at the Philadelphia Irish Center (aka Commodore Barry
          Club)  Carpenter Lane and Emlen Lane, in the Mount Airy Section
          of Philadelphia, Currently on Friday nights at 9pm till ?, but
          will be moving to Sundays afternoons at 2pm starting 1/95.  Great
          facility, great music, beginers encouraged, dancers welcome.  For
          Information call (215) 843-8051 or Joan McKenty (215) 887-2574.


	--Mullaney's Harp & Fiddle Irish Pub, 2329 Penn Ave, in the
	Strip District (downtown), phone (412) 642-6622, there's a
	traditional Irish session every first and third Sunday of the
	month, starting around 5pm. Attendance and skill level
	vary--but it's always friendly and open, & usually small (you
	can hear yourself). The pub-restaurant setting is congenial,
	staff are very Irish and support the music and traditions
	(ie-free drinks for musicians).

        --Charlie & Johnny's, 1500 South George St, York, (717)843-1994.
        The session is on the third Sunday of even numbered months from 5:00
        until 8:00.  This is a bimonthly session as of February, 1996.
        Sessions have been held here before, they just were not regular.
        Previously, about ten musicians have shown up.  The person to call 
        is either Jim or Cushla Srour at (717)792-3999.

RHODE ISLAND: -----------------

	"check out AS220; there's a session there once a week. "
	(From, June 1994)
	(Ed: More info on this would be appreciated)
		From: (Lawrence E Mallette)

SOUTH CAROLINA: ---------------


	-- Horse & Cart Cafe, 347 King St., Chareston, SC, (803)
	722-0797 has open Irish jam sessions every Tuesday starting at
	8:30pm and ending around 10:30.  
	Contacts: Bill Stillway, (803) 886-8360, 
	Carol Savage,, 
	Rick Hamrick,


	--Publick House (2307 Devine St.  803.256.2207).  A restraunt
	bar that caters to the college/professional crowd during the
	week, but has a nice session on Sundays at 7pm.  An informal
	mix of music, more like a house party than a typical session.
	A nice feature is that each person playing gets to do a tune
	or song in turn around the circle, so more experienced players
	don't dominate the session.  The turn taking also gives a nice
	mix of tunes from Celtic, old-time, klez, and a few swing
	tunes. Usually attended by various members of two local contra
	bands, with players from Northern GA. and N.C. attending from
	time to time.  Good selection of Beers on tap, the owner and
	the staff love the tunes, and slowly building a listening

TENNESSEE: --------------------

	Davis-Kidd Booksellers has a monthly session, on the 3rd
	Saturday of every month, from 8-10pm.We have a diverse group
	of players ranging from the best Nashville has to offer to
	some pretty raw beginners.  We have a great time every month
	with a very appreciative crowd, and a smoke free environment.
	For more information, contact Andi Wolfe:

TEXAS: ------------------------ 

         --Colorado Street Cafe, 705 Colorado St. *** CLOSED ***

        --Draught Horse Pub. 4112 Medical Parkway, Austin. MONDAY
        nights, 8:30-? Hosted by Austin's own" Crazy Jane & the
        Bishop." Austin's best session venue yet; Irish atmosphere in
        a brew pub w/ more than 30 beers on tap (free for musicians)
        Runs the gauntlet of the Celtic tradition: mostly Irish but also
        Scottish, Welsh, quite a bit of Breton, even Gallician, & sometimes
        Cajun(?!).Contact: Larry Rone (LRONE@HRW.COM) or (512) 443-5225

        --O'Bryan's Pub & Grill. 619 Congress Ave. Austin. WEDNESDAY
        nights from 8:30-? New Irish pub with full menu and bar. Sessions
        just getting started, but looks like a good crowd most nights. Free
        beer for musicians. Several of Austin's Celtic bands represented.
        Tune in later for updates. (512) 476-4764 or (

        --Senor O'Brien's Restaurant.  624 W. 34th St. Austin,
        (512) 451-9555. Every SATURDAY night from 8:00-? Number &
        proficiency of musicians varies widely, but sometimes a
        really great session in which folks from all over show up.

	--Session every Wednesday at George Wesby's Pub, 2713
	Commerce at Crowdus.  (214) 742-8318 The same group that used
	to be at the Tipperary Inn - mostly local musicians and others
	that pass through.  Starts around 9."
 	When I went in mid-January the group was small (7 including
	myself).  Music was varied - mostly Irish, some bluegrassy
	stuff, and a fair number of vocals.

Houston, Texas: 

	-- McGonigle's Mucky Duck Pub, 2425 Norfolk, phone
	713-528-5999, located near the intersection of Kirby and the
	Southwest Freeway (Hwy 59). Go 2 blocks north of Frwy to
	Norfolk, turn right, go about 300 yards east to the pub. This
	is the top acoustic music venue in Houston, with live music 6
	nites a week. Moving the session here gave the owners another
	night when they didn't have to worry about booking traveling
	or local acts (Monday is open mike night), and yet could still
	sell some beer (great Guiness on tap, etc). The Duck is
	actually the top local venue for traditional Irish and
	Scottish music.

	The session is still on Wednesday nites, but now starts right
	at 8 pm and goes until maybe 11 pm to 1 am. The players
	actually sit on stage in a semicircle, with one central mike
	to pick up the sound of all the players. The stage is actually
	only a low riser in one corner, but to someone just coming in
	it looks a bit formal and like a performance. Nevertheless, we
	really do try to keep it very much like a session, and
	visitors are truly welcome. A brief word of introduction will
	surely get you a place in the circle (and a pint), or just get
	out your instrument and make a noise.

	Interestingly, with the change in venue and miking, attendance
	is way up. Now maybe 60 to 80 non-players come by to hear the
	music. Its great to see this level of interest in Irish music.
	From: (Lawrence E Mallette)
		(713.529.6508 for questions)	

UTAH: ---------------------------

Salt Lake City:
	--Crompton's roadside attraction--small canyon restaurant has
	trad sessions usually every saturday night.  Also in SLC,
	there is step dancing every tuesday night at 6pm in the
	basement of the Cathedral of the Madeline.

	-- Gepetto's Restaurant (Holladay), 2340 E. Murray-Holladay
	Road, 272-1061, first, third and fifth Monday of each month,
	7:30 to 10 p.m. Mix of celtic and old-timey, all skill levels
	Mary, 355-9288.

VERMONT: ----------------

        --The Dockside Cafe, 209 Battery St., 802-864-5266.
        Has sessions every Wednesday evening, starting at 7:30pm in the
	winter and 8:30pm in the summer.  This is an extremely friendly
	session in a pleasant atmosphere.
        Contact: Brian Blais

	--The Cafe No No, 143 North Champlain Street, (802) 865-5066
   	Has sessions just about every saturday starting at 1pm and
	ending at around 5pm
	Contact:  Paddy Mckenzie <> (802) 863-9529
	The Cafe has an e-mail address: or

VIRGINIA: -----------------------

	--Tiffany Tavern, King Street, Old Town, - Tuesday Nights (I
	don't know any specific times; probably starts around
	8:30-ish) This just started a few weeks ago, by some folks who
	wanted an alternative to the session at Nanny O'Brien's in
	Washington DC on Monday nights.  I think the plan is to have a
	slow jam to start off with for the less experienced, then on
	to the faster stuff.  Since its a new thing, I don't know if
	any particular format has developed, but I'm sure its mostly
	Irish - with a good dose of Scottish courtesy of the Potomac
	Valley Scottish Fiddle Club (plug plug).  Tiffany Tavern is
	usually a Bluegrass club, so this is a bit of a departure for
	them.  Hope it keeps going.

	--Blue Ridge Ceilidh Club.  Right now were are an intermediate
	seisiun with a twist. We currently meet every Sunday from
	1-5pm in the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in
	Charlottesville, VA. I encourage our people to play music from
	the whole spectrum of Celtic music, although Irish and
	Scottish predominate. We are small now and looking for new
	members. I am currently looking into places to have real
	seisiuns. I will e-mail any changes.  People may reach me thru
	snail at: The Blue Ridge Ceilidh Club c/o Michael Carr HCR 01,
	Box 46A Dyke, VA 22935 or,(804)985-8469 or,

	--White Horse Pub, in Virginia Beach, has a session every Wednesday
	night.  Informal, group-of-friends type thing.
	mail "John C Atkeson@NCG244@noaa" <JCAtkeson@RDC.NOAA.GOV> for info

	--Mill Mountain Coffee in the Market Square Monday nights in
	Roanoke, VA. Starts around 8pm and hosted by Ullian Piper Bert

WASHINGTON: ---------------------

	--Conor Byrne's pub on Ballard Ave. in the Ballard
	district.  Sunday nights.  Byrne, the owner/proprietor, plays
	fiddle with the Suffering Gaels.
	From:    Mick Mulcrone <mulcrone@UOFPORT.EDU>

	William Galloway <> adds:
	On Sunday nights from 9 or 9:30 p.m., there's a session at
	Conor Byrne's pub in the Ballard neighborhood.  I've seen
	Martin Hayes there a couple of times.  The caliber of
	musicianship is high but everyone is welcome.
	--The Old Pequliar 1722 NW Market Street, Seattle (Ballard)
        They have live sessions every Sunday night, and feature other
	live bands on other nights, particularly Fridays and
	Saturdays. This pub seems to be the main hangout for Irish
	immigrants in the Seattle area.  #include <disclaimer.h>
	From: (Jay Mottern)

	--There is a Celtic jam every tuesday night at Cafe Espresso
	Delicioso, N.  706 Monroe st. Running from 8-11pm the session
	welcomes newcomers and players of all experience levels.

WISCONSIN: ----------------------

Delafield (between Milwaukee & Madison):
	--The Carpenter's Pub (location unknown) has sessions on some
	Fridays.  Call the owner, Aelred Gannon for more info.

	--Mickey's Tavern, 1524 Williamson St., (608)251-9964
	Wednesdays, 9:30-close.  A small, rural-looking bar, offering
	cheap beer, free for musicians.  The weekly setting is usually
	noisy, crowded, and smoky, even filling up to standing-room
	capacity, but can occasionally be quiet enough to play
	something besides jigs and reels en masse.  Musicians: several
	regulars of commendable repertoire, plus 5-10 intermediates.
	Friendly, low-pressure, but 95% Irish, 100% traditional.  1
	each of uillean pipes, banjo, bouzouki, flute, then lots of
	fiddles, and sometimes a box or two. 
	From: Alan Ng,, dated 9/95

	--Nash's on (about) 13th and lincoln. South side of town. Every
	weds and sun from about 9 pm till the wee hours. I think that
	some are getting a bit bored with it there (not enough free
	beer) but it goes on.
	From: Edward A Beimborn <beimborn@CSD4.CSD.UWM.EDU>

	--The Nomad World Pub, Just west of the Corner of Brady
	St. and Farwell in Milwaukee's galmorously dingy east side,
	(414) 224-8111 has sessions tuesday night, starting at 9:15pm
	(ish) ending around midnight.
        Contact: Dan Beimborn 
                 (414) 332-9923


Newport, Gwent:

	--Engineers Arms, Near the main railway station. Sessions
	every Wednesday starting at about 9 pm - a mix of
	Welsh,Irish,and English Tunes.

	Contact: (Richard Griffiths)

Cardiff, Glamorgan:

	--The Yellow Kangaroo, Off Newport Road, Opposite Clifton
	Street. Sessions Wednesday 8:30 pm and Sunday 8:00 pm

	Contact: (Richard Griffiths)

That's all folks...