Bodhrán Beaters

Bodhrán Beaters


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Bodhrán beaters come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The ones shown here are pretty standard. The most unusual one I've heard of is a shin bone, with the ends wrapped in rawhide or sheepskin.

The first beater below belongs to Brian Nelson; the first set of beaters and bones belong to me and the other set was made by our former assistant editor Kirk Witmer, but he no longer makes tippers.

[Brian Nelson's] [My beaters and bones] [Tippers made by Kirk Witmer]

Lark in the Morning offers a variety of beaters from several makers, turned from various hardwoods. The picture shows the Boreal stick, Caswell stick, Cooperman stick, Kerry stick, brush stick, standard stick, rubber ended stick, boxwood heavy stick, leather capped stick, their long and short models, Hannigan pattern stick, and a slide bar.



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