Submitting events listings to Ceolas

Ceolas publicises hundreds of celtic music events in North America every month. These are distrubuted by email lists (about 4000 subscribers), Web/FTP servers (another ~4500/month), other internet services (such as MusiCal) and are also published in a set of Irish-American newspapers with a combined circulation of over 140,000.

If you wish to submit an event for inclusion in the Ceolas listings, please include the date, location (city and state/province), name of venue and a contact phone number. We do not list time or address, so the phone number is very important for our readers to verify the gig. If you are submitting multiple events, or expect to be a regular submitter, we ask that you send the dates in the following format:

Mar 1     Olympia, WA             Washington Center               206-753-8585
Mar 6     Palm Springs, CA        Desert Museum                   619-325-7186
Mar 7     Santa Barbara, CA       Univ. of California             805-893-2080
Note that the colums are formed by spaces, not tabs: the easiest way to format like this is to copy the above into your own system, in a monospaced font such as courier, and then lineup your own dates with those. Since this is a voluntary service, and has to deal with hundreds of dates per month, proper formatting is very much appreciated!

Dates should be sent to The databases are updated and the monthly mailings sent out on about the 28th of the month, so it is best to get schedules in shortly before that date: if you expect to be a regular contributor, write and ask to be put on our monthly reminder list (even if you don't have new dates every month, we like to hear from you to be able to verify that all dates listed are current).

If your event is a festival, and you do not have a web page, you may send a longer message, which will be put up on Ceolas as a separate file, referenced from the main events page. ; a brief mention will be included in the appropriate.

If you wish to republish any of these dates on the internet or otherwise, please remember that these schedules are protected by copyright, and maybe even courtesy: please let me know before you republish anything.

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