Track listings: The Bothy Band

Old Hag You Have Killed Me

Listing compiled by Alan Ng of Irtrad-L (the liner notes are incomplete on at least the Green Linnet issue):
1  Music In The Glen - 3 reels:
      Music In the Glen
      Humours of Scarriff
      Otter's Holt/The Aughdarra

2  Fionnghuala:
      Scots-Gaelic mouth-music song

3  Farewell to Erin - reel

4  Ballintore Fancy - 2 single jigs:
      Kerry Jig (as slow reel)
      Ballintore Fancy (as slow reel)

5  The Maid of Coolmore - Song

6  Michael Gorman's - slip jig,slide,reel,reel
      Michael Gorman's/Bells of Tipperary
      Cunla (similar to 1st 2 parts of Frieze Breeches)
      Road to Lisdoonvarna
      nameless reel

7  16 Come Next Sunday - Song

8  Old Hag You Have Killed Me - 3 jigs:
      Old Hag You Have Killed Me
      Dinny Delaney's. Slide? aka The Hag at the Churn?
      Morrisons' Jig

9  Calum Sgaire

10  The Kid on the Mountain - slide,slide,slip jig
      Rosie Finn's Favourite
      Over the Water to Charlie
      The Kid On the Mountain

11  Tiochfaidh An Samhradh - Song

12  Laurel Tree - 3 reels:
     Billy Bunker/Billy Brocker
         (similar to Kiss the Bride in Bed/Kilfrush)
      The Humours of Loughrea/Tommy Whelan's
      The Laurel Tree/Killavel Reel

The Bothy Band - Live In Concert

(courtesy of Lyle Skinner)
Recorded at the Paris Theatre July 15, 1976 (Peter Brown on pipes)
1  Martin Wynne's/ The Longford Tinker                        2:50
2  Two Jigs/ The Kid On The Mountain                          3:44
3  Patsy Geary's/ Coleman Cross                               3:12
4  Sixteen Come Next Sunday                                   3:39
5  Michael Gorman's/ Road To Lisdonnvarna/ Joe Cooley's       4:21
    (Frieze Britches is also included after Michael Gorman's)
6  Lucy Campbell/ The Laurel Tree                             3:35
7  Fionnghuala                                                1:56
8  Farewell To Erin                                           3:36
9  The Kesh Jig/ Give Us A Drink Of Water/
    The Flower Of The Flock/ Famous Ballymote                 4:54

Recorded at Kilburn National July 24, 1978 (Paddy Keenan on pipes)
10  The Tar Road To Silgo/ Paddy Clancy's                     3:11
11  The Maids Of Mitchelstown                                 3:43
12  I Wish My Love Was A Red Red Rose                         3:00
13  Pipe Solo: Garret Barry's/ The Bucks Of Oranmore          3:11
14  The Morning Star/ The Fishermans Lilt/
     The Druken Landlady                                      4:20
15  Do You Love An Apple?                                     3:32
16  A Jig And Five Reels: Roger Sherlock's/ Around The World/
     Rip The Calico/ Martin Wayne's/ Enchanted Lady/ HolyLand 6:45

Out of the Wind into the Sun

(courtesy of Jesus M. Mendez)
1  The Morning Star
         +The Morning Star - reel -
         +The Fisherman's Lilt (in the key of C) - reel -
         +The Drunken Landlady - reel -
         +The Fisherman's Lilt (in the key of D) - reel -
2  The Maids of Michelstown - this is a slow tune, not a reel -
3  Rip the Calico
         +The Leitrim Fancy - jig -
         +Round the World for Sport (also called Sword in Hand) - reel -
         +Rip the Calico - reel -
         +non-identified reel (this tune is told to be formed by six
          tunes: one jig and five reels, but in the booklet only are
          titled four of the five reels).
         +The Enchanted Lady - reel -
         +The Holy Land - reel -
4  The Streets of Derry (also called Derry Gaol) - song -
5  The Pipe on the Hob
         +The Pipe on the Hob - jig -
         +The Hag at the Churm - jig -
6  The Sailor Boy (also called My Boy Willie) - song -
7  The Blackbird - begins like an air, then like a set dance and
           finishes like a reel - (this is my favourite)
8  The Strayaway Child - six part double jig -
9  The Factory Girl - song -
10 Slides
         +The Priest - slide -
         +Mary Willie's - slide -
         +This is my Love, Do you like Her? - slide -

Copyright (c) 1995-1997 Ceolas.

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