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This directory points to internet resources for research on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. If you have any comments on the site or wish to add a resource, please send me a note. Questions regarding Drosophila research should be posted to bionet.drosophila. This site is part of the Model Organisms group within the Biosciences area of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library (History).

Gerard Manning

What is Drosophila?

A quick introduction for newcomers, including links for teaching sites, online courses and useful books.


FlyBase is the core Internet resource for Drosophila researchers, with information on stocks, genes, mutants, researchers, publications and much much more. The US site above (in Indiana) is the original, with mirrors ( US - Indiana | Japan | Taiwan ) around the world.

Drosophila Genome Project

Information on the Drosophila genome effort, which includes mapping, sequencing and large scale mutagenesis projects. Now known as the Berkeley Fly Database, it integrates genome project information with the Encyclopedia of Drosophila.
See also an overview of the genome project by Gerry Rubin.

Drosophila Labs on the Web

Over one hundred home pages with research information, stocks, protocols and various blends of Drosophila humour.

The Interactive Fly

An ambitious and extensive hypertext encyclopedia of fly genes and developmental processes, and a great starting point.

Drosophila neurobiology

Fly Stock Centers

Bloomington, Indiana.
The largest of stock centers has a nice website including information on culturing flies and equipment sources.
Szeged, Hungary
Extensive collection of P element lines.
Kyoto, Japan
Ehime, Japan
Drosophila species stock center
In Arizona, USA. Carries stocks of several hundred different Drosophila species.

Other Resources

Excellent learning resource, with extensive pictures and animations of embryonic development.
A graphical atlas of expression patterns of genes and enhancer traps at all stages of development.
DRES (Drosophila-related EST sequences)
A catalog of human cDNA clones that show sequence similarity to Drosophila genes.
GIFTS - Gene Interactions in the Fly
Catalogs gene interactions in Drosophila pattern formation, run by Bernard Jacq's group in Marseille.
Tracheal development
A new resource by the Affolter lab.
A listing of Drosophila genes involved in the immune response.
Malpighian tubule resource
Information for research on the malpighian tubule (insect kidney).
Fly Spermatogenesis Resource
Maintained by the DiNardo Lab, includes a spermatogenesis overview and molecular marker details
Drosophila Cadherin homepage
Reviews and classification of cadherin genes in Drosophila.
A small but growing reference site on the stories behind the fanciful naming of many fly genes.
JFly - Japanese Drosophila resources
Jfly is a Web site mainly in Japanese, with many resources, including archives of the Japanese Drosophila mailing list, and (in English), some protocols, back issues of the Drosophila Information Newsletter and Drosophila references libraries in EndNote format.
Chromosome squashes
GeNet / SegNet
The Gene Networks Database has extensive information on interaction between segmentation genes, including antibody stains, interaction diagrams and categorised interaction classes, including images of gene expression during segmentation and Java viewers.
The Virtual Flylab
This was a free resource allowing students to model fly crosses online and view the outcome. It's now part of the commercial Biology Labs Online


A list of protocols available from the web sites of several Drosophila labs.

Sequence and genome resouces

Commercial Suppliers

Related resouces


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By Gerard Manning
Last update: May 5, 2010