Pure Bodhrán - The Definitive Collection


Published by Big Beat Music, 2000
BBM 001
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Performers Listed by Track Number

1Tommy Hayes(Ronan Brown & Meta Costelloe)Simply A1997
Unless you're Tommy Hayes, or one of his students using his unique method of playing, I can't imagine duplicating the intricacies and precision that he displays here.
2Robbie Harris(Peter Brown & Charlie Foley)Jig Jungle2000
It's hard to tell if Robbie Harris is leading the charge or supporting from below because he's so much "in tune" with the other players. "Special effects" is the name of his game in his all too brief solo in the middle of the track.
3Ronan O’Snodaigh(Kila)Feach1995
Ronan O'Snodaigh all but demands your attention with his driving, unbroken rhythm from beginning to end of "Feach".
4Jimmy Higgins(Alan Kelly & Steve Cooney)Beautiful Lake Ainslie1996
Jimmy Higgins must have been late to the recording session that day because he doesn't show up until well into the second half of the track, but when he does arrive he does an admirable job to dispel that old myth about bodhrán players not knowing when to come in.
5Damien Quinn(Cian)Cathal’s Favourite1999
Damien Quinn keeps things on an even keel for the other musicians in this high-speed run, almost as if daring the others to keep up.
6Donnacha Goff(Danu)Humours of Tullagh1997
7Dave Donohoe/Tony Davoren Two Island Swans2000
8Cathy Jordan(Dervish)Lark In the Strand1999
9Brian Fleming(Sean Whelan & Paul Kelly)Phuis Fluich1998
10John Joe Kelly(Flook)Calico1999
1Christy Moore(Nollaig Casey & Arty McGlynn)Cottage In the Grove1989
2Kevin Conneff(Paul McGrattan & Maire Ni Chaoimh)Estonian Waltz1988
Like all the other bodhrán players I know, when the band plays a waltz, it's time for us to sit out and take a break. But Kevin shows us here that we don't have to. His masterful treatment of the waltz rhythm proves that the bodhran can keep time to any beat, when there's talent in the hand that holds the tipper. "Thanks Kevin!"
3John Reynolds(Tom Morrison)Dunmore Lassies1927
4Colm Murphy(Jackie Daly & Seamus Creagh)The Lonesome Polkas1996
5Johnny McDonnagh(Mary Bergin & Alex Finn)Sean Reid’s1979
6Donal Lunny(Arty McGlynn & Nollaif Casey)Mominsko Horo1989
7Gino Lupari(Ron Kavana)The Bodhran Song1999
8Glen Velez(Joannie Madden & Jerry O’Sullivan)Legacy Jig/Tar Road to Sligo1996
9James McNally(AfroCelt)Whirily-Reel-11996

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