Celtic regions - the homes and styles of celtic music

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Where does celtic music come from?

Historically the celtic races covered much of Europe, but their last strongholds were in the west, where their traces still linger in language and other aspects of culture. There are two major groupings. Scotland and Ireland comprise the Gaelic region, with similar languages and some very similar musical styles, while Wales (in the west of Britain), Cornwall (in the southwest of England) and Brittany (the northwest of France) form another grouping. There are also celtic influences in the regions of Galicia and Asturias, in Spain, and perhaps in Portugal as well.

Where did it go to?

Celtic music has travelled far from these starting points. The massive migrations of Irish after the famine, and Scottish after the highland clearances brought the music to the US and Canada. Big cities such as New York, Boston and Chicago have a vibrant traditional music culture. Most famous of all, the island of Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia, was settled by Scots emigrants and kept a very strong musical tradition, so much so that many Scottish musicians are now relearning old styles from their Canadian cousins.

Some more information on the regions

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